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  1. Matt is the only players number I have ever put on the back of a 'canes jersey, so it is obvious that I am sad to see him go. Business is business, but I just hope to see him in a Hurricanes jersey again before his time in the NHL is over. Great all around player, Ottawa should be thrilled. Best of wish in the future Matt.
  2. If the C had gone to Gleason, how many people would have said "but what about staal?" Answer: none. Gleason works his butt off night in and night out and never gets any respect for it...but I never hear anything in the media about Staal's poor performance night in and night out. Not only has he not earned the C in my opinion, I can think of at least 3 more people ahead of him that deserve it more (Gleason, Whitney, Ruutu, with honorable mentions to Walker, Cullen, LaRose). Everyone can realize that Brindy's time was up, but everyone can also agree that he needs to be treated with the utmost respect for what he has done for our team. Stripping him of the C at this point in the season was disrespectful in my opinion, regardless of what his stats are. Did they do this to Francis when his time came? Of course not. I don't care what place we are in this year, Brind'amour is our captain, and if that doesn't satisfy JR, well then the next worthy person in line should get the C...and that should have been Gleason.
  3. I am currently debating on whether or not I should break out the giant red afro and bath robe for this years playoffs...it turned out pretty well in '06...except then we had mike commodore. Any thoughts?
  4. I know who isn't going to be traded: Matt Cullen. Best player on the team right now? I think so.
  5. I must reiterate, if Cullen and Larose go, there will be blood. and I will drink your milkshake.
  6. I sware if we let matt cullen go again, I will fight someone. he doesn't get the respect he deserves IMO. If we tank after this year and Brindy does retire/leave, he and Chad deserve a letter. Probably not the C though, that one goes to Ruutu. I tend to think that the guys who work the hardest are the ones who deserve the rewards, but the world is a cruel place to deserving people sometimes.
  7. I am just hoping that Boston feels sympathy towards the Hurricanes and decides that we need Tim Thomas and Chara more than they do. On a realistic note though, I would like to see the canes get a legit goalie to help cam. Every year it seems that we get a new goalie to possibly "split time" with Cam, but they always end up being a disappointment. If we could get a two goalie tandem goin, like Minnesota did a few years ago, as well as the red wings, then I think it would help our team. I haven't heard Theodores name called in a while, where is he now? Raycroft maybe? Toskala? Nedimaki (sp?) Someone that I would be happy to get on our team, not just some goalie who every year I go "oh yeah, I have heard of him" (I am talking to you John Grahme.) Realisitically, we have more pressing matters than a tandem goalie system though, but being a goalie myself it bothers me. Goalies do tend to determine how good a team plays, and the Hurricanes are no different. Mediocre play from Cam and Leighton result in mediocre play from the rest of the team. I am not saying they are the whole problem, but winning games starts in the crease. I love you Tim Thomas.
  8. Okay, so that song I was talking about is called "Alive and Amplified" by the Mooney Suzuki. I think alot of people said it was featured in that movie Grandma's Boy. Thank the media guy at the canes for that one, me contacting him was the only way I could get the songs name.
  9. I have heard this song recently at the games before the team comes out, but I have no idea what it is called, even though I have heard it many times before. It is a pretty heavy song, and has some guy during the chorus say aye aye (sounds like eye) alot. The song is one I have heard before, but I have no idea who sings it or the name, and google had managed to not be remotely helpful in finding the song. Does anyone by any chance know what song I'm talking about? And as far as songs that we have played over the years, 2006 Stanley Cup Finals- The Rising by the Boss 2007(?) Stronger by Trust Company Greensboro days- Mind by Lokomotiv (this one may be fairly hard to find, the weren't a very big band, and broke up not long after doing the album that this song was on. They did however do a promotion with the cane's and I have one of the original cassette tapes that they gave away, complete with a picture of the band in hurricane jerseys, and stormy).
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