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  1. Agree totally. Necas would get thrown around right now. I think he will be good but he would be a total liability at present.. especially how this series has been. I doubt he was even considered. IMHO.
  2. Ovi is a dirty player and a great player. How in the heck can you say he's not dirty? You are like the NBC announcers. Kissing his butt. Towing the NHL party line. That was a classless move. Hitting as Svech is falling back.. to the ice.. how can some of you people think that is "fair" .. I guess maybe if you are in a back alley brawl. Even then not too many people I know get off on fighting kids AND its pretty easy to not fight a kid in the game. Ov is a just a bad human. And you comparing him to Aho.. come on.. man really??. I'll put this in with you making fun of the coach for working out and ..and the skinner conspiracy theories.
  3. Why do I keep hearing this? Sitting close .. it sure did not look at like it Svech wanted to fight tired of taking *edit* sure.. .but . Ovi initiated it and dropped his gloves first .. I think even in the video he clearly drops his gloves and goes after Svech before his gloves are even off.. classless move. I"m sure the league will be about trying to make him look good though. Also hitting him on the way down he is a I know he plays dirty but that was a new low. Glad the team responded by beating them down. Hope they keep doing it and knock them out.
  4. Understand that view completely. I just see Hamilton as costing us games lately.. or at the least making very big mistakes/turnovers/ vs Faulk who has been pretty solid.. IF Hamilton starting scoring.. maybe different story. I would however not say no to Evgeny for sure. Duchene.. not so much but hey he'd be a nice addition too.. really I"m just excited that something positive (I think) has happened and ..maybe more on the way.
  5. I'll join in along with everyone. Great Trade. Can't believe we got anything for Rask. ALL the Call ups have been better .. Time will tell but this seems like a great move for the team. No not the big move we all want but .. it sure seems like the Canes are better after this trade. We will see ! Now Sign Ferland- Trade Hamilton for a nice return.
  6. Nope no finger pointing by you. LOL Seriously .. you seem to have a serious grudge against certain old players. That one had me laughing though. .. "weight room and the bike".. nice one. As far as trades and all that which is I guess what this thread is about... Sad to hear Ferland and the canes have not talked in a month.. and that he's likely to be dealt, last I saw was a report the price is 1st round pick and prospects....no idea how accurate that is. Hamilton.. love that he's scoring a few but his D is bad... really bad. Yikes on that trade! LIndholm and Skinner how much better would the team be if they were still here? Personally I'd Trade Hamilton before anyone else.. but as many have said.. that would make that trade even worse than it is now and probably not likely to happen.
  7. You are of course entitled to your opinion but how is this is not finger pointing " Anyone paying attention knows Rod has not liked Skinner for a very long time, IMO because - much like Eric Staal - Skinner has natural ability as a player that Rod lacked, and therefore didn't have to work as hard off the ice as Rod did, to get results on the ice. I think that bias is why, when BP floated Skinner as C, Rod went to his buddy Ron to make sure it didn't happen. And so, the minute Rod got the bench, it was a foregone conclusion that Skinner would no longer have a place on it." Seems like some finger pointing to me. .. ALL i'm saying is the same stuff keeps getting repeated.. Brindamour, Cole, Williams, buddy this jealous this .. whatever... blah blah blah.. posted more than a few times.. point made all could be possible.. I do agree totally with this: "The problem with the org's management for years has been repeating the same mistakes. " and " Either way, people have a right to vent. If you don't want to read it, don't read it." New Material needed maybe? The same wild speculation keeps coming up over and over.. make up something new at least.
  8. I agree resigned to it 😀. I guess I can skip the conspiracy posts and finger pointing stuff when I look here. They all could be right. I guess just as much as the other. I like skinner too. Still disgusted with how that was handled. I just have a hard time believing it was all ego on the part of some vets that seem to have a track record of strong character that was responsible for him being gone.
  9. For the record. I like everyone here I think was not happy about giving up skinner for very little return. I didn’t think he would be here but in a contract year he might score some goals for us elevate his play like maybe even score 30 goals by mid January or something g 😀. I can tell you he didn’t seem to want to be here. And people used to comment to me about how he was apart from the team and not engaged In practice. Heard many things like this. I get that conspiracy theories are fun but come on , you think Williams wouldn’t want skinner here? when they did get the chance to play on the same line they were great together. IMHO you are way off base with all your speculations. Maybe Jeff just simply said I want out. Maybe he wanted to leave. Tired of being on the wrong line and not having more opportunity to score and wanting to get a plus 8 mill contract and knew he would not have the chance in this team. who knows? But at the least it’s still gut wrenching that the team ir management or whoever didn’t make his situation whatever the real details end up better for the team. Very disappointing. Also a bit scary as we have all the upcoming players to be signed. Facts: we let him go at the wrong time and got very little. Now he is scoring like we knew he could. It sucks. He will get a monster contract because of it. Good for him. Move on.
  10. Totally Agree this is blank Show that is worse than last year. From the Owner down .. just trash. Hokey (NOT hoCkey) Sales Job done on all the fans. They have finally burned me once to often no more season tix for me next year. This season is basically over.. and many are finding it hard to even want to go to games. even if they win one.. they will likely lose 2 or 3 after. Now the genius business guy is going to offer all kinds of tricks and deals and gimmicks cheaper tix cheap ticket packs.. deals on concessions, dunking booth in the parking lot? .. Can't wait for the next one! Ack!! anyway I agree but we will not see what we need. These guys running the show are clueless... yet again.. or maybe there is a Carolina Curse? How many years without playoffs before that is a real thing? have we qualified yet????? The players seem to do much better when they leave... hmmmmm.
  11. Lindholm has more points than Ferland and Hamilton combined and Hanifin is not doing too bad. ( I may be wrong but I bet its close) and Faulk.. really he has had a great defensive year. Not sure why people still want to trade him.. I'd Trade Hamilton first. Hamilton plays lazy, turns it over all the time,, many times just when we are offensively getting something generated he flips it right to the other team..and throws half a&& shots that don't seem to have a chance of going in at the goalie or at least in the general direction. (maybe with more traffic in front of the net they might .. or a tip ) He is defensively awful... Ferland has been great though. He is fun to watch and plays hard a great addition to the team. De Haan- has been great. great pickup. The canes sure seem worse than last year.. I mean its pretty clear we just don't have the players to compete. Playoffs are out... I have been a season ticket holder for many, many years.. and I think its time to save my money next year. I would love to be wrong.. Dundon threw a lot of public promises out there said some great things.. but I think its all BS. He is a very successful business man and I am sure very intelligent and savvy but he sure sucks at helping his new hockey team improve...this new "culture" already needs to be blown up. To be fair i'm not sure what we have, that we would be willing to give up, that would even bring in the forwards or goal scorers we need.
  12. Hate this hate to be this guy. But I think they are once again done. Falling out of it. No moves made. Call ups mostly a bust. Same as every year. If we can win 5 in a row 3 in a row. Whatever. Very frustrated. Again. I’ll still go still have fun but reality is no way this is a playoff team. Sux. ☹️ Was hoping things would change with new ownership but other than gimmicks on concessions and tickets and oh yea green apparel story seems just like last year and the year before and the year before that.....
  13. The crowd was better in person it sounds like than what you saw on TV. Was a pretty lively game. Even the NY fans were not as bad as in years past.. maybe the 0-2 record coming in was part of that.
  14. "Depressing atmosphere"..... were you at the game? I guess we have completely different views.. it was pretty crowded compared to last year on a Sunday at 5 .. a good crowd actually. A lot of Rangers fans? sure.. but more Canes fans.. and the Canes fans were loud. They were into the game and how could they not be with all that scoring. I think the crowd also seemed to sense .. when ever the rangers scored .. we were going to match them and overtaking them was near certain. Maybe I read your post more negative that it was meant but.. really The Home crowd was present .. behind the team and I think def a positive factor yesterday. Many stayed after the game for the very fun post game victory Celebration by the players.. they went nuts when they skated down and jumped into the boards... very very fun. The big teams will always have a crowd presence here.. just how it is. But the Canes fans are coming out and they are loud. Defensive breakdowns aside.. it was one heck of a fun game to see live. I agree totally that TVR.. he was really bad.. reminded me of players last year just kind of coasting and not working hard. Everyone else.. man supreme effort.. this is a different team mentally and physically this year. Very fun to watch. Goaltending.. still a concern but.. wow so many people that can score.. all the lines rolling and contributing.. this is a team worth spending the money to go see live. Instead of just few guys working their A%% off everyone almost is.. and Faulk.. has made some mistakes but he is having a better year already. I think he will surprise some people long term. There is a reason why is still here .. and an A.. or maybe I'm just being optimistic.:)
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