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  1. Tanabe is not any better. He just happens to be one of the coach's favorites. How many times has he turned the puck over to the other team in his own zone, and how many times has he let people just go right by him, I would once like to see him throw a good hit. In fact, I would like to see anyone on the Hurricanes throw a good hit on anyone. Do you ever notice that all the other teams are not afraid to go in the corners with the puck-The reason for this is they now that they will not get touched and that they can just skate around with it.
  2. They don't want to hurt the feelings of Hedican, Wallin, Tanable or Kaberle if they have to be a scratch to make room for him.
  3. You are so right. They need to make some kind of change and Seidenburg playing would be a good move on defense. Hedican and Tanabe when they are paired together are useless and Wallin has been missing in action.
  4. It is Eric's fault because he doesn't hustle but 50% of the time this season, this isn't the kid that had over a 100 points last season. and the name is Staal not Staal!! Eric needs to be benched for a few games, maybe watching from the press box will light a fire. I don't know if he can be sent to Albany without first clearing waivers. The boy needs a wakeup call. What I'm trying to say is that it was not ALL Eric's fault. He came across ice, why did Kaberle not skate back? Why was Eric the only player out of 5 to skate down there? Eric was NOT the only player on the ice and he was the only one that made an effort to get back. Maybe it wasn't the 100% effort you wanted, but atleast he gave 50% effort and not 0% effort like his 4 teammates on the ice. Guess he's just everyone's scapegoat b/c he won't be putting up 100 points again this season. He is on pace for 75 points, and IMO, that's not bad for a 22 year old that is double teamed. Oh and I know how to spell Staal and no where in my post did I spell it Staal. Why am I not hearing anyone complain about Brind'Amour's turnover that got Atlanta the 2nd goal? Lavi said that goal is more to blame for the loss than the first Atlanta goal. Staal was the logical one to go after that puck since he was on the point on that side of the ice during the power play and that is where the puck came out of the zone. Normally, you want all your players on a power play down near the other net not back on the blue line trying to keep the puck in they should be trying to score. It was Staal's job on the point to go after the puck. Ward could have gone after the puck and if he did he would have left a wide open net for Hossa to score. It was Staal's lack of effort to retrieve the puck that caused that goal as well as Ward's lack of reacting to the shot that lhe Thrashers scored.
  5. Let me tell you there are many playmakers that use their body in checking and hitting people, does Sidney Crosby ring a bell to you? What about Alex Ovechkin? Also, sometimes playmakers must use their body in order to obtain the puck.
  6. For starters I would bench Staal for a game. I would reward the players that do try when they are out there. I would not put Vasciek and Tanabe or Hedican on the power play. If they are going to use Staal on the power play, they need to move him from the point. He cannot keep the puck in and he has no desire to go after it when it leaves the zone. I would probably let Ladd, LaRose and Adams play more then he currently lets them. Same thing for Trevor Letowksi. He trys hard and he hustles when he is out there, something that cannot be said for Staal. I would not pair Hedican and Tanabe together on defense. For the most part Tanabe, though I hate to say it, has been the best defenseman on the team. I would also tell the team that hockey is a physical game and I would like to see them use their bodies when they are out there. Every check or hit most of the team throws, you can tell they just don't put what they could into it. Also, ask yourself when was the last time Ray Whitney hit anyone.
  7. You want to know why people leave, I will tell you why. When the team itself doesn't give a damn if they win then why should the fans stay and be subject to watching them turn in a very modest effort that is too little and too late.
  8. It was a fluke goal that was caused by laziness on both Staal's part in not hustling back to retrieve the puck and Ward's part for being a spectator.
  9. The reason he is not playing well is quite simple he is not in the condition he was in last season. The last season was a long one and then they won the cup and all he did was party afterwards instead of conditioning his body for a rigorous schedule.
  10. The puck went in because Ward did not bother to react to the play. Plain and simple he let that one in because he was sleeping on the job. A puck should never get in on an experienced goal tender from that angle.
  11. It is Eric's fault because he doesn't hustle but 50% of the time this season, this isn't the kid that had over a 100 points last season. and the name is Staal not Staal!! Eric needs to be benched for a few games, maybe watching from the press box will light a fire. I don't know if he can be sent to Albany without first clearing waivers. The boy needs a wakeup call. I agree with you. He should be benched. As I said in my previous post to another comment about Staal, Laviolette rewarded him after that goal by letting him continue to stay out there and play on the 5 on 3.
  12. It was his fault on that first goal because he was the player that did not keep the puck in the zone and he also did not hustle back to try and get the puck or play the man.
  13. I could not agree more. It was his fault that goal scored. You can see that he did not even try to get back to get the puck. In fact for most of this season he is totally burned out, it seems he partied too much after winning the Stanley Cup. Laviolette also made the mistake with him last night, after he was the direct result of that goal scoring, he puts him right back out on the 5 on 3 power play. We needed someone out there that had the desire to want to score. Staal's performance this season has been less than spectacular.
  14. I agree. Ice time is based on merit, period. Especially if you are fighting for a playoff spot and need every point. Seidenberg started out fast and actually exceeded expectations with his play both even strength on the PP. He was a nice shot in the arm at a time the D was depleted. He then slipped quite a bit and made countless costly positional mistakes and plunged down the depth chart. He was bad his last few games and is where he should be given the current d-corps of healthy guys. Please remember to see who he was partnered with when goals were scored when he was out on the ice. Remember there are 2 defensemen on the ice and usually it will be both you become minus players when they are scored upon.
  15. I could not agree with you more. They need to make Hedican a scratch and give Seidenburg a chance again. You are right in that Hedican does make bonehead plays and stupid penalities.
  16. Well from what i have seen from Big Joe so far, he has not changed at all. Still the slowest one on the ice and afraid to throw his body around.
  17. I couldn't agree with you more. Just watch him tonight. He is in slow motion all the time and he has yet to learn to use his body to its best advantage.
  18. Well I will tell you what. If he proves me wrong consistently then I will admit it. If he proves to be his old self, you will admit that I was right and he is a waste of space. Also, what does watching a football game have to do with him trying. Last I remember, it takes no effort to watch a football game on TV. I do not dispute he has the size, but he does not know how to use it. Nashville figured him out and they were smart enough to unload him back to us.
  19. What ever you are smoking I would like some. Vasicek is a waste of a slot on the roster. NO HE ISNT!!!!! Only time will tell what Big Joe will do. I think he is a big wimp that has talent but is afraid to use his size and ability. It is like having a little old lady out there on skates when he is out.
  20. What ever you are smoking I would like some. Vasicek is a waste of a slot on the roster.
  21. I agree. They just seemed to be going through the functions and not to successfully I might add. Judging by this game and the last game with Toronto the other teams have got our number. They realize that we are not going to throw any hits or punish any of their players. We were banged around pretty good the last few games and our players do nothing. No body on this team has the desire to hit anyone and if they keep this up they will be watching the playoffs and not in them.
  22. Well than apparently we are overpaying quite a few of the players on the team. How many goals have been scored in the past 3 games by those high priced players. Chad LaRose brings something to the ice every time he is out there. I wish the same could be said about some of our high priced players. If the high priced players were to be paid on how many goals they scored each game, they would be starving right now.
  23. I agree with you. I have been a fan since they were in Greensboro and some nights there were very few people in the stands and I was one of them. I have been in the RBC Center for games when there was very few people there.
  24. I agree wholeheartedly. If they played their best and lost that is fine, but when they don't even try to play they deserve to be booed.
  25. With the amount these guys are getting paid to play they should be able to handle booing. They have been so lackluster that it is a disgrace. These guys make more in one year than most people will make in their life and I am supposed to spare them their feelings. What they need is a little motivation and if the fans voice their displeasure maybe that will motivate them. They should have been embarrassed with the way they played the last 3 games. In fact, for the most part this season their performance has been subpar. This team needs to get back its heart! They also need to learn to finish a check and pass accurately.
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