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  1. The way this team is playing right now, the Hurricanes should be offering rebates for all tickets purchased this year.
  2. Time to officially tank the season and go for the highest possible draft pick. The team has now lost the equivalent of 10 in a row for a normal season - 1/8th of the entire season in a single losing streak.
  3. Last night, during the game I looked at the standings and broke down the standings as "Good" (everybody in the top 8 spots) or "Bad (everybody in 9-16 spots). Then I looked at the team's achievement against each group. When the Hurricanes played the "Good" teams, the team record was 7 wins against 4 losses (winning 64% of the games). When the Candy Canes played the "Bad" teams, the team record was 8 wins against 10 losses (after last night) for a win % of 44%. If the Candy Canes had been able to play as well against the "Bad" teams as the Hurricanes played against the "Good" teams (i.e. 64%), the team would have 37 points in the standings right now instead of 32. If the Candy Canes could have improved on the Hurricanes performance (say 75%), the team would have 42 points already (the Panthers have eight wins so far and two of those have been against the Canes). The way the team has played lately, I am not sure if the Canes could win against the Checkers. I love this team, but some nights it feels like I am making more of an effort than they are.
  4. Step 1 - Sign Semin. Step 2 - Assign Gleason to adjust, correct, recalibrate, tune up, or otherwise influence any attitudes that might be unconstructive, as often as necessary. If we signed Semin, would that make us more interesting to Shane Doan?
  5. Personally, I would prefer that we use the "A"s kind of as a player of the week type thing. Not to disrespect Gleason or J Staal, but it would give the players a chance to recognize their teammates that are really getting the job done.
  6. Not interested in that trade. I would like to get M. Staal down here, but basically the trade would be McBain, Murphy, and a 1st rounder for Staal while at the same time losing 10 pts per year by trading Jussi for Dubinsky. M. Staal is an UFA in 2015, but if he wants to come down here also maybe we can make some sort of trade for him. For the immediate moment, I say we go after Semin and Doan (both UFAs so we don't give up anything but cash) which would give us three impressive lines and probably puts us in the top three in the East. Right now we are still below cap floor.
  7. Almost, we also threw in that he gets to live in Raleigh and play on the same team as his brother. I think it would have been disrespectful if we did not at least match what the Pens offered.
  8. I know that Tlusty had the best year of his career last year (17 goals) and he is 4 years younger than Nash. My point is that if I were making the decisions, I would keep Tlusty on the same line as E. Staal and go after Semin and get rid of somebody lower on our depth chart. Maybe we end up with: Ruutu, E.Staal, Tlusty (59 goals, 140 pts last year) Skinner, J. Staal, Semin (66 goals, 148 pts last year) Jussi, Brent/Welsh,...
  9. I was at the draft party when this happened. It was like a roller coaster ride. The first shoe dropped that we had traded for J. Staal and the crowd went absolutely crazy - it was like we had scored a game winning goal against Buffalo in Game 7 of the Conference Finals. THEN, the other shoe dropped and they announced that we had traded Brandon to get Jordan - you could have heard a pin drop. More than a couple of people had tears in their eyes when it sunk in. Brandon, what I appreciated the most about you was that you put your personal stats on hold to perform the job which was asked of you. I have no doubt in my mind that you could score 30 goals, but you were asked to prevent the other teams best from scoring, and you were excellent at it. I cannot tell you how many times, when we were on the PK, that I would be able to relax as soon as you hit the ice. I KNEW that they were not going to score while you were out there. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for what you did for this team and I hope you do not sign any extensions there so you can come back home soon.
  10. I felt Staal was too young when he got it - I would have given it to Whitney, and Skinner is certainly not ready.
  11. Yeah, CLEARLY. Perhaps he is the shutdown guy because that is what he has been asked to do. He OBVIOUSLY has offensive talent but maybe if he was the center with Staal on the wing it would let Staal concentrate on his offense and let Sutter deal with the defensive aspects - because right now, Staal is -11 compared to Sutter with the same number of points. Not sure why it matters how much Sutter is making. And this discussion is in progress because apparently not everybody agrees that Staal is the best center on the Canes.
  12. And at what point do you worry about the size of the hole that has been dug. 9th in East last year, watching other teams play in May. 11th place in the East in 2009-2010, watching other teams play in May.
  13. I am thinking Staal - Sutter - Jokinen Ruutu - Skinner - Poni (to have a big guy out there with Skinner)
  14. EVERY televised game in HD is awesome. I, for one, will not complain that it is ONLY 65. Most of the games that aren't, are local (i.e. trying to get some people in the loudest barn in the NHL).
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