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  1. Hopefully we can get some love from some of the better FAs this off-season and take the next step next year. After all of the years of 'almost' making it, this has been a great surprise. Bruins are a better team than I gave them credit for and they seem to be hitting their stride (at least Rask is anyways). Really hating the goose egg tonight though.
  2. Nice to hear the Caniacs in the barn. No matter how this ends, this ended up a lot better than we expected in December.
  3. The guys need to come out with serious energy - if they don't win tonight, they will have a couple of months to rest. EVERYTHING on the ice for the rest of this game.
  4. "Okay boys, we've got them right where we want them - overconfident and tired. JWilly, you have used up all of your penalties for the series, stay out of the box!! No more than three legit penalties for the whole game for the entire team. Out skate them, out shoot them, make them beg for mercy because they are so tired. We don't have to win the next four tonight, but we WILL win the first one tonight." RBA in the locker room tonight. 😎
  5. We have got to get some production from the PP - maybe all forwards (i.e. Staal as QB).
  6. And now back to the bright side - best game in this series so far. And our better conditioning will show up next game as well and the Bruins will be even more tired because third game in 5 days. Prediction - we win next game.
  7. Stay outta the box in the third. Play HURRICANES hockey the rest of the way.
  8. I hate to be greedy, but let's tie it before intermission.
  9. I would rather the guys outplay the Bs instead of trying to outhit them. We cannot win unless we control the puck in their end - obvious right? Play our game, make them try to keep up. The guys are going every other day from here on out - I think this plays to our guys' superior conditioning. Take advantage of home ice, go back to Boston with the series tied, and beat them there. Always an optimist where our guys are concerned, what can I say?
  10. Put Curtis in for the third and get the rust off. See if he can do better against the bbs than Petr. In theory, starting Tuesday the tempo of the rest of the series should be in our favor - two home games and games every other day for the rest of the series.
  11. I remember years ago when Ray Whitney scored a hat trick in less than two minutes - wouldn't it be sweet if the entire team could score three goals in the next two minutes?? Just saying, it is possible.
  12. If it continues this way, I hope Brindy puts Mac in for the third to get the rust off so he is ready for game 3.
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