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  1. Here's the story from newsobserver.com:
  2. Is there anywhere I can get a recap on this? :mrgreen: I'd love to have a copy of it too :twisted: For months, I've been searching the internet in vain for video of this! I thought it would hit YouTube immediately but I've never found it. It was originally on News14Carolina during the playoffs last year. As for MySpace, I seriously doubt that many of the players would have time for it. Why would they need a MySpace to keep in touch with friends and family? There are two wonderful inventions for that - cell phones and e-mail. And as a caution to any of you who are teenagers, there are fake MySpace pages all over and people posting on MySpace and, in fact anywhere on the internet, who are frauds and up to no good. If I had teenagers, they would be forbidden to participate. Really. It can be that dangerous because you never know who you might to talking to and giving your private information to.
  3. I saw a blog from an autograph collector who said he mailed a Commodore card to the Hurricanes and he got it back in a couple of weeks autographed by Commie. So you might want to try that - but be sure to include a self-addressed stamped envelope.
  4. If I were single and he wasn't my son's age, yeah I'd go for him too. I think he's got that undefinable something that is so appealing. His hair is perfect right now just the way it is. I'm not much for the bald head look and by the end of the season, it's pretty unruly but it is just perfect now. I think intelligence and humor are much more important than looks, anyway, and he's pretty funny and quick witted. From what I hear, he's got various hot babes in his Corvette from time to time so I suspect he's doing okay. :mrgreen: As for the teeth, he has a partial he wears when he's not playing.
  5. Too funny! Wonder when it was filmed? It was when he was playing for the Flames so it was sometime during the 2003-2004 season.
  6. Well, if you want to laugh your butt off, go here: http://www.cmt.com/artists/az/brandt_paul/artist.jhtml Click on the video for "Convoy" Yep, that's right. Commie was in a country music video for Paul Brandt's Convoy. He's in the first part in a mug shot, then a couple of minutes later, it shows him driving a truck - complete with fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror and a skull with a snake in it - and then towards the end in the jail.
  7. I can't believe she didn't recognize Commodore. Gosh, I'd recognize him from a mile away - from the back - just by the way he moves - hair or no hair. JWillie is a sweetheart. At the STH party last week, I asked him to sign the Williams 11 jersey we're giving to our daughter in law for Christmas. He personalized his autograph it to her and I know she is going to freak out that he wrote her name! And then he agreed to autograph a second item for me although we were supposed to be limited to one item. He was just the nicest person.
  8. We're STHs but we haven't received one yet so I suspect the subscription just started. We'll probably get our first one on Monday.
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