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  1. That was a very memorable ceremony. His speech was great with some funny lines and special things to remember. It was very well worth it and the game was on the edge. I'm glad we won that game. Yes, I'll admit my eyes were starting to water at some points during his speech. I knew they would. And also my girlfriend and I also stood in line to see the cup and get our picture with it. We only missed about 15 minutes of the 2nd period. The line moved fairly well. Here's the pictures from that night: #17 And a few videos:
  2. Oh yeah, I'm glad to have her. I'll be wearing my 17 jersey that night, too.
  3. I'll be at this game thanks to my girlfriend giving me tickets as a Christmas gift
  4. Checkers lost a close one last night and they were eliminated
  5. Checkers won tonight to even the series at 2-2. Next game is tomorrow here in Charlotte.
  6. Checkers lost tonight so they're down 2-1 in the series. Fan base here is kinda average. The two games I went to, I saw a lot of Canes jerseys which I thought was great. They get a little news coverage over here, like about a minute worth of highlights which sucks. Same goes for the Canes by the way. But they've made a commercial which is funny. So they're trying to expose themselves more and I'm hoping with them being the main affiliate for the Canes, the fanbase will grow more.
  7. Thanks TSA, I'm glad you liked them. I have a lot of fun taking pics and videos at Canes games. I always try and take good ones to share with everyone.
  8. 1) How many total points will the Canes end up with for the season? = 84 2) How many total wins will the Canes end the season with? = 37 3) What place in the EC will the Canes end up for the season? = 9th 4) Which Canes player ends up with the most points for the season? = Jussi Jokinen 5) Which Canes player ends up with the best plus/minus stat? = Brian Pothier Tiebreaker: How many points will Jussi Jokinen end the regular season with to stick it to the Team Finland selection committee? 65 1
  9. Hurricanes vs Sabres, 3-21-10: Hurricanes vs. Sabres
  10. canes17


    It's been snowing here in Concord since 4pm. We've got about 4 inches now as of 12am
  11. Thanks! That was so cool. Here are my 3 videos from that game:
  12. As a big Brind'Amour fan, I'm glad that he's handed the C over to Staal and he is a very classy guy. I'll always wear my jersey proudly. He's done so much for the team and I think he will continue to do so.
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