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  1. I need to get to these boards more often. Just wanted to say this is exciting news, and I will be driving from Columbia to watch some games this season.
  2. So I have seen folks mention that JR is going to use trade to get up to the cap floor? Does anybody know how much this team is looking to spend this year? Hemsky would be a good addition, and with the direction Edmonton is heading right now, they may look to offload him. I'm just trying to go through my head and see who might be available now because of cap issues.
  3. I think this could be a good thing for Carolina, and being a former thrashers fan this is even better for me personally. I do not think he is a first or second line winger, but he could fit in nicely with the 3rd line. And you can't complain about the price either.
  4. We must try and move forward my friend. At least we have found a new home.
  5. Thanks for all the warm welcomes. Perhaps the Canes can take out the Winnipeg Beavers from even making the playoffs this upcoming season.
  6. I love it actually, thank you. I look forward to talking hockey with everybody on these boards. I think its great how fans of Carolina have reached out. We should all plan on meeting at a weekend game sometime next season.
  7. I'm J.C. from Georgia. I grew up on Hartwell Lake, and lived in Atlanta for 8 years, and now I have recently relocated to Columbia. I was a pretty hardcore Thrashers fan, but I always respected Carolina. They have a well built team for the circumstances, and I will be behind them from here on out. I follow Boston as well because my cousin dates David Krejci. I'll probably be spending a good bit of time on these boards. I'm excited to see what Jeff Skinner can do in his sophmore season.
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