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  1. Ha! Am I the only one who liked that commerical?...
  2. lol I'm going to call them the SCRUU line! You guys can call them whatever you want.
  3. I agree they do not dodge all the blame but to say what some are saying is just rediculious. Let's wiat for the team to get healthy before we trade our #1 goalie.
  4. You honestly think we've been losing because of our goalies?? Yes, they've had some bad games, all goalies do, but the TEAM has not been playing well. Once our team gets it together and this type of game happens, then you might have legitimate concerns.
  5. I'm giving the guy two weeks, for getting chemisrty, play, and rhythem together on the team. Maybe you should give the guy a little chance before you throw him under the bus.
  6. I went to The Eye recently and someone who worked there said they had to send some jerseys back because the symbol on the shoulder was upside-down. That could be the reason why there's not a lot right now.
  7. LOL I'm sorry but to whoever in that article said they hope Grahame will be a decent back-up in the NHL, I say he'll be a decent one when Sean Avery starts handing out flowers...
  8. Don't know if this was said all ready but this is my sugustion to the team. Sit some of our "top" players and maybe bring up some more guys from Albany. They would have more heart and, right now, more talent than our regular guys. And here's another suggustion, for every minus, let's say, Staal gets, take $10,000 off his paycheck. I bet that would get his butt in gear. I know it's not gonna happen though...been stuck with this same problem for two and a half seasons now.
  9. MVPs: 1. Ruutu- shows effort night in and night out. 2. Cam- has been making some incredible saves. 3. Walker- I REALLY missed him when he was out. He's physical and is smart with the puck. Disappointments: 1. Well, it WAS Staal but I guess he redeemed himself last night, as long as he doesn't go back to before. 2. I hate to say Samsonov because he is one of the few players who shows up every night to play with all he's got...but I wish he would score some goals. 3. Corvo- He's been okay I guess but I wish instead of spraying people with ice, he would finish his checks! Honorable mentions: Leighton- MUCH better than you know who. Bayda/Sutter- so happy for those two. They've been playing great. The defense- benn doing a great job this year with checks and blocked shots.
  10. Wow, I did really bad <_< But thanks to Philly and the Sharks for winning. I can't bring myself to pull for anyone in the East now, so I'm pulling for Colorado and San Jose.
  11. East: Pens vs Sens- Sens, HATE Cindy Devils vs Rangers- Devils, they're my second favorite team because of their style and Brodeur Habs vs Bruins- Bruins, do not like the Habs because of their fans... Caps vs Philly- PHILLY!!!, take OV down!!! West: Red Wings vs Nashville- Nashville, the Wings have enough cups! <_< Sharks vs Flames- Sharks, I've just always liked them for some reason Wild vs Avs- Wild, VERY hard decision because I like both so if the Avs win it would be ok Ducks vs Stars- Ducks, although I do not want them to win the SC...don't like repeat champions...unless it's the Canes of course I guess it would be cool to see the Sharks and the Devils in the SC finals. Wouldn't care who wins it all.
  12. That would be so cool...although I never win anything. <_< BUT...if I do, watch me slip and fall right on my butt when I walk out on the ice or get my least favorite player's jersey. I would freak out, though, if I got you know who's jersey...
  13. Ok, thanks. After a while it was giving me a headache too. <_<
  14. Wow what a great game! The defense was just awesome, I really noticed Hedican out there today. Staal was great, 3 assits! And I saw a few good hits from him, too. Congrats to Eaves for his first goal here and to Corvo for his hat-trick. Cam was great when he had to be, didn't lose his focus...and he stopped a few breakaways! Sure Gerber helped us to the playoffs, but once he leaves he's gone IMO. And to top it all off, I got my Cam Ward firgurine!! I have a question about Commodore though. Sorry if it's all ready been discussed but why does whenever he touch the puck, the crowd goes "woop, woop"? Or does anyone know what I'm talking about?
  15. Happy Birthday Cam! Hope you can do something special
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