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  1. ^ Wouldn't that be the Wellwood diet?
  2. I would not put the possibility of buying out Sammy and/or Cole out. I like them both, but if you replace them with a Boychuk or Tlusty you come out slightly ahead in money (since the buyout is 2/3 of salary with the cap hit spread out over two years), and you free up space to play youngsters. You do lose the services of the bouyout player, but if his service weren't an issue, you wouldn't be buying him out. I don't know if JR will do that. you might be able to move Cole for a low round pick or fringe prospect. Don't think the same for Samsonov, give the 2.8 mil salary...
  3. Sutter was injured last night. I'd imagine Osala will play Saturday if Sutter cannot skate. Cole will be moved to the Staal line and Jokinen will center the second line of Ruutu and LaRose just like last night.
  4. ^ Toronto doesn't have a first round pick this year. They gave it up to Boston in the Phil Kessel trade. Oops...
  5. Sent two defensemen to the minors today, according to the ticker on the NHL Network. Wonder if that is a forerunner to the Wallin deal being finalized.
  6. This is an excellent signing at a good price. 4th line center that can kill penalties and score a little. Good faceoff guy to boot. Kudos, JR.
  7. IMO, Samsonov isn't going anywhere. Teams are not going to want his contract (2 years at 2.5 and 2.8) because of his past struggles with Chicago and Montreal. Guys that are moveable. Babchuk - Can we trade his rights for a draft pick? Or sign and trade? Still only 25. Whitney - Would be a perfect fit for a team looking for a one-year fix at scoring wing. Cullen - Of all the fowards, we might get the most in return for him. Corvo - See cullen, but with the defensemen. Eaves - Overpriced for last years production, but he skates, hits and has scoring potential. All it takes is one team to like him. Kaberle - Don't laugh. We wouldn't get much for him (future considerations), but a team that isn't against the cap (PHX, NYI) and needs a 3rd pairing OD could do a lot worse. Expiring contract makes him more attractive. 2.2 million is overpriced, but is also not going to break the bank either.
  8. I didn't realize there was a salary floor and there were teams flirting with it. Its not like Kabs is worthless, he's an overpaid (not ridiculously overpaid) 3rd line defenseman. If someone does need to add salary to reach the floor, he wouldn't be a bad option to look into. One, he can play a little. Two, his contract is up after this year. That combination might be attractive to some GM... At least that and another player with potential.
  9. 1) Playoffs MVP? (Pick one from all series combined)
  10. - We have some players in the minors that are in the "poop or get off the pot" phase of their careers. If we are going to keep Borer, Carson, Rodney and a few others, we need to bring them up for good, and clear whatever room we need to make it happen. Otherwise, trade them and get something in return to build for the future. - I have a feeling that one of our diminutive forwards will be traded or let go. I would not be surprised in the least if we package Ray Whitney and one of those defensemen mentioned above for a larger top-9 guy. Nothing to base that on other than gut feeling.
  11. All this IMO of course. We need to replace some of our smaller player with bigger more-physical types. Guys that I think could be traded: Ray Whitney - 1 year remaining at 3.5 mil. A team that thinks they are a 2010 contender might take a chance on Whitney as a 1-year rental. I don't think we would get all that much in return, but he's a tradeable asset that would clear up salary space Frank Kaberle - We would have to give up a prospect in addition and receive almost nothing in return, but anythign is possible. Patrick Eaves - Very palatable contract (1.4, 1.7 mil next two years) We have too many of those types already. Joe Corvo - 1 year - 2.75 million. Someone that needs a puck-mover might be interested. Could he be packaged with Whitney to get a decent player in here? Guys we will resign: Toumo Ruutu: Best hitter on the team, top 6 forward. Chad Larose: Top 9 guy, good PK. Guys we might resign: Jussi Jokinen - can play wing or forward. Hinges on whether or not one of the other midgets gets moved Erik Cole - Not the same player he was before, but he does put butts in seats. He'll have to take a significant paycut to stay. Guys we will not resign: Dennis Seidenberg - Time to promote some of the younger guys. Ryan Bayda - see Seidenberg. Anton Babchuk - Great shot, defensive liability.
  12. ^ I think Olli Jokinen takes that prize. Holik is a distant second...
  13. If we can get LaRose for 1.5 mil or less, we should keep him. It will be an interesting offseason. The cap will not go up and there might be a lot of cap strapped teams which will stifle FA movement. Might just work in our favor. Getting Rosey for 3 years 1.5 a season and Cole for 3 mil a year for a few would be a dream scenario...
  14. Just remember that Jokinen, Ruutu, and Babs are all RFAs. If we tender them high enough, we will be getting first round picks back if the sign elsewhere. Do we have matching rights to their contracts as well? If someone throws a lot of money at Babs and we get 1st round picks in exchange, you let him go. Remember, we do have defensive depth in the minors with Borer, Carson, and co... I would love to keep Cole and LaRose, but don't know if we will be able to keep both. Seidenberg will not be back. We also clear 900K off the books next season from Tanabe...
  15. I was happy when he came back at the beginning of the year. young people do stupid things all the time. He has worked hard and earned back the respect of his teammates. Plus, he's got a bomb from the blue line. We have 5 FA's that, money aside, I would resign: Cole (UFA) LaRose (UFA) Ruutu (RFA) Babchuk (RFA) Jokinen (RFA) I would love to keep them all, but doubt we will be able to. Staal's exntension kicks in next year, we have a laundry list of players that have escalating salaries (Gleason, Pitkanen, Samsonov). We are not going to be able to sign them all. We're I JR, I would do whatever it takes to resign Cole and Ruutu. That gives us a bonafide top line. I love Rosie, but if he asks for more than 1.2 a year or so, we need to let him go. My guess is that JR will tender the RFA's above 800K to ensure 1st round pick compensation, try and resign Cole and let Rosie walk (if he asks for too much money).
  16. Right now, we are a Rangers loss away from controlling our own destiny (1 point back, 1 game in hand). lets keep winning guys!
  17. Conboy can also play defense in a pinch. That, his grit, and fighting ability make him more valuable than Bayda.
  18. the reason cole was traded was because we needed a first-pairing defeseman in the worst way. he was the only tradeable asset we had that would get us that person. Nothing more, nothing less. This is a business. Glad we got him back, we need more physciality up front. Our first line is going to be physically tough to handle now.
  19. I like both players equally so I don't really have a dog in the fight from a favorite standpoint. I really like the move because... 1. Williams is very injury prone and his contract runs for two more years after this one at 3.5M per. We now have some payroll flexibility. 2. At the moment Cole is healthy, Williams is in the press box. 3. Cole is exactly the type of player we needed to acquire. Strong, fast, physical and can score some too. Provides us with a desparately needed power upgrade. 4. He's playing for his next contract. Do not underestimate this effect. I think he's going to be bringing it every night from here on out. Our chances of making the playoffs went up because of this move. There is a risk that we lose Cole and Williams reverts back to 30-goal form. Still I think the risk is worth the reward we are getting.
  20. Despite my disdain for him, Jokinen is a good hockey player. Makes our game with the Flames that much more difficult. Still can beat them though...
  21. There is zero chance that anyone wants Rod Brind'Amour given the years left on his contract and the cost. Other than his stellar faceoff percentage, he brings nothing to the table. That pains me to say, BTW. I'm a big Brindy fan.
  22. I though Jovanovski was more of a defensive defensemen. At 6 mil per year, he could be both and we aren't trading for him.
  23. Bill Guerin on the move today. We are listed as one of his possible destinations. http://sports.espn.go.com/espn/blog/index?...e=lebrun_pierre
  24. Hurricanes: Tuomo Ruutu - He always hits hard. Rest of NHL: Dion Phaneuf or Georges Laraque - both guys can really hit.
  25. This was a hedge move for another center to replace Brind'Amour. I know he's not the second coming, but we got a 25 year old 3rd line RFA center/winger who still has potential for a 4th round pick and two guys that have no upside. I LOVE this deal. My only concern is dropping the gloves now, though its tough to drop the gloves in the press box. I wonder if there will be another minor deal with one of our potential UFAs for a goon. Either way, this trade makes us better today, than we were yesterday.
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