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  1. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=270573312032&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT Its on ebay.
  2. I have a game used peters stick sherwood white blue and silver from his 1st few weeks in the ahl. i may get it signed at the rats auto session anyone have any interest in the thing?
  3. Jamie McBain game used signed stick from the River Rats this yr!
  4. Yea it was the game in Albany Nov 4th I think the date was. Thanks Andrwe
  5. Hey did u get any Shots of McBain during the Sens game i got his stick after the game? Thanhks andrew
  6. I have over 50 Sticks, My canes/rats would be. Tim Conboy Signed,Justin Peters Signed by the whole rats team, Unsigned Peters,Keith Aucoin ,Old Mormina Stick,Jamie Johnson. Soon to add a McBain hopefully!
  7. Hey I gota Tim Conboy Signed #5 River Rats 8 x 10 that they put in the Gamedays on game nights. Its a good picture just printed on paper. Let me know what ya think Andrew
  8. Willis. We shoulda signed em. Brought em in and Put em back in Albany he did well down there!
  9. That stinks for John as well as for my Rats. Whats Michael going to do sit the bench? if thats the case i hope they send peters who sucks or someone else! I really wanted Michael to Get the Rats off to a good start o well
  10. Idk how long he is signed for. Some1 must know on here!
  11. Listin to the Rats broadcast 2night, they are sayin Foot. Rowe Just said Boulerice coulda played tonight but is on hold untill the doctor gives him the ok . Could play this weekend vs manchester
  12. Oh thats right im thinking of Peat woops. Yea My bad Boulerice had broken his hand or wrist. He had a Cast on it but i havent seen it on him in ages.
  13. Wow my mess up. Yea he was out with somethin broken like hand or wrist . Idk they said 2night on the radio coulda played 2night but waitin for a doctors ok. Has been cleared to play ANDREW
  14. Well u guys might think hes great but he hasnt worked out the kinks yet. Check out his stats b4 this weekend he was like 2-9 wit a 3.00 + gg avg. Hes not ready to make the jump so dont worry guys. ANDREW
  15. Yea ok thats y there rnt any on there thats y i asked DUH
  16. My bad i 4got to ask any1 have any aucoin pics that could be made into a 8 by 10 or allready have some ? lmk thanks ANdrew
  17. Na i wont be making the trip. But it stinks Isbister is gone but we had to many vets and this will take care of that problem. Isbister had alot of pm's too. O well ANDREW
  18. Kowalski Is down in the ECHL. The Rats Have Wieman whos a Colorado Goalie and Rookie Justin Peters whos a carolina prospect. Peters is like 2-6 he dosent get the goal support when he plays. Wieman has looked a ton better. We will have to see Peters is just a rookie....
  19. Hm oilers and preditors had a scout at the rats phantoms game sat. HM we will have to c wut do u all think bout the deal? Rangers and CAnes deal that is
  20. Hate to say it but the way we lost 4-0 the first game i think the devils will come out firein 4-1. Devils
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