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  1. *Waves*

    I'm still occasionally creeping around. 'Sup?

  2. CAPSY!!! I missed you!

  3. Cats lose in regulation 3-1 * Side note: Mike Green has 7 goals in 6 games now.
  4. Crosby would absolutely kill him though.
  5. Not to mention they have players named Semin and Semen. I would gladly take those issues though if it meant being in 2nd place in the eastern conference.
  6. I thought it was absolutely hilarious. Dude is not a fighter but I do give him some props for dropping Staal... well... maybe not. I'd say he hits like a girl but I don't think that's accurate considering most girls could probably beat him up. Mark Staal was playing very well, I thought. He was really frustrating Semin. And I don't envy the person whose job it is to keep Ovechkin and Semin in check.
  7. He's definitely the reason the Caps have the lead with some of the stops he's made.
  8. Buf leading over TB, Atl and the Rangers tied and Caps leading the Bruins 2-1. Bruins have been so good I have faith that they can tie it up very quickly.
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