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  1. Sat (12/6) game ags Philly sold, Premier Parking Pass for Sat's game still available for $10 provided you pick up at Cary residence. Call Ken at 434-6620 for directions.
  2. out of town weekend of 12/6-7. Both games for sale
  3. Yes, I sent you a related message.
  4. It's still available, interested?
  5. Residence is in Wimbledon subdivision off Kildaire Farm Rd (midway between Cary Parkway and Tryon Rd).
  6. Yes, we are full season ticket holders, that is why I am able to offer them at such a good value.
  7. Another factor that may need some consideration; has Tommy Brrasso maybe had something to do with Cam's struggles this year? Cam appears to be a sensitive kid at times whose confidence can be shaken, admittedly not a good mindset for a keeper, even if only a seldomly demo'd personal trait. But particularly in his 1-1 foibles (almost a given defeat in shootouts), is there potential that TB might have instilled too much analysis in his assessments/coaching practices? ...rather than being able to just play on feel/instinct/confidence maybe and working on improving those factors rather than the technical sides? Certainly tough to tell for sure from the outside, but I must admit that Cam's levels of inconsistent play and some really horrendous lapses do indeed indicate a glaring demand for some kind of adjustment...
  8. The NHL website has an Officiating site with an email 'contact us' feature. I've used it before and again this morning after that obvious 'fiasco' of officiating last evening. It's at: "http://www.nhlofficials.com/contact.asp" NHL Officials Contact site
  9. Section 324 Balcony Premier Front Row (row C), seats 21 and 22 (just left of the Red Line). INCLUDES Premier Parking Pass Box Office price of $40*2 + 13.50 = $93.50 Will sell to you total package for $60 with PayPal payment and USPS First Class Mailing included. For $55 total if u can meet in Cary or entrance to The Eye at convenient time for exchange. Email me at email with Subject: of "Canes Tix" if interested. Cheap and Good enough??
  10. I'm unfortunately also a survivor of knee injuries and multiple operations on my right knee. I partially tore the ACL playing soccer, but because I apparently had a pretty compact and otherwise strong knee compartment, I elected to bypass reconstructive surgery (this was in the eighties too and no guarantees (or even close) back then). I then completed the tear of the ACL along with significant cartilage 2 years later playing racquetball. I learned a lot since that time about the knee and one thing that was very surprising was that the tears, reconstructions, recovery times can differ dramatically from individual to individual, not to mention that there's always a ton of stuff to consider regarding the extent of other damage that occured beyond the ACL, in Justin's case the medial collateral tear is very possibly more serious than the ACL. For anyone interested in viewing the structure and additional information about the knee joint (...and complex is an understatement!) try the following links, which have pretty good visual representations and explanations: http://www.bigkneepain.com/knee_anatomy.html http://www.arthroscopy.com/sp05001.htm I've always found Clement to be entertaining, but also one of those personalities who holds his own opinions in pretty high esteem and he seemingly likes to say things for effect at times. It's really encouraging to hear the more official reports about both the professional prognosis as well as Justin's attitude. He's most likely got a long and difficult road ahead but the level of treatment he's able to receive and his initial conditioning, natural abilities, and experience with this before are all in his (and ours for sure!) favor. GO Justin, we miss you and want you back strong again soon!!!
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