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  1. On behalf of retarded monkey everywhere. FU!

  2. I wanna b ur pre-pubescent, lesbian mistress trapped in Shane Endicott's worthless body.

  3. Let me look not at work dont have my laptop ill see if i can find one fast. and ill post it on boards.

  4. Lopsided trade: Markus Naslund for Alek Stojanov. Beat that one
  5. Nobody touched it last season. We lost. In 1990-1991, Mario Lemieux not only touched it, he hoisted it and gave it a skate. Same thing happened in 1991-1992. Won the Cup both years. It's just superstition. Which really doesn't amount to a hill of beans when you figure there are 13 teams of players who have shaved their beards recently. If Pittsburgh loses to Detroit, it will probably have more to do with their excellent ability to dominate in the net presence category than Crosby and the captains touching the Prince of Wales trophy. Next subject, I'm completely overwhelmed by the class your fans are showing in the loss. You guys have a tremendous amount to be proud of. On the ice and off.
  6. Good game by the Canes last night. They never gave up. Game 1 was entertaining. Games 2 and 3 were pretty good in the first, a good battle. Seemed like they were both blown open in the 2nd period and put down in the 3rd. Game 4 was their best showing. Despite giving it everything they had left in their tank, I don't think these guys had the speed to deal with Pittsburgh after those tough series against New Jersey and Boston. I think Pittsburgh would still have won the series even if Carolina wasn't so run down, but it wouldn't have been a sweep. It was nice to have a series playing against a team that we don't have a lot of history/hate with. Carolina seemed to do a pretty good job of containing Crosby and Malkin. Although Crosby ended up with a couple assists, he wasn't able to run rampant against them again. The only problem with spending so many man hours dedicated to stopping 87 and 71 is, it opens up scoring for our other guys. Although, if Ward makes the rainbow save, it's anybody's game. That early goal by Staal seemed to light a fire under Fleury. I don't think he was too happy letting that goal in and his game improved immediately after. Congrats on a great season and playoff run, Canes fan. Who would have though the ECF would be played by Pittsburgh and Carolina? Both teams really pulled it together late in the season and made some fantastic runs. p.s. Carolina, I <3 your hot women folk.
  7. My all time favorite player. Sure, Mario got me into hockey. But Bob Errey was my favorite. We're the same height and weight. I was amazed when I realized there were guys my size playing in the NHL. Then I saw what a great job he did defensively (I started out playing as a winger and was moved to defense... two reasons, my wrist shot was suspect, had a great slapper, and my defensive skills were pretty solid... but I digress) and I was hooked. When he was part of a 4 minute penalty kill that didn't allow a single shot on goal in one of our Cup runs, I was a fan for life. Yeah, he's not the greatest color man in the sport, and he's probably one of the worst homers there is, but he's got pretty good insight and he can be REALLY colorful.
  8. Oh, absolutely true in that respect. When you're confident in your goalie, you're willing to take more chances offensively. When you're NOT confident in your goalie, I've seen a lot of teams shore their defense up REAL quick and play beyond their abilities.
  9. Well, sometimes the team will play better defensively. Like when your backup is playing, and suddenly your blueline looks it's packing 6 Norris candidates. Clearly the series against New Jersey and Boston took it's toll. At full strength and well rested, this series could have gone either way. With Carolina's defense clearly out of gas, they just can't contain Crosby and Malkin w/o ending up in the penalty box all night.
  10. Some absolutely fantastic replies from Penguins fans in this thread. Especially the long one on page 1 that details the Penguins situation through the 90's to present. Excellent stuff. Don't mind the troll, tho. We disowned him.
  11. Okay, the eye roll was a bad idea. I just couldn't help myself from responding in some way. I know the forums are a place where your Canes fans can vent and say whatever they want without fear of people with a differing opinion (see: Penguins fans) disagreeing with them. But... seriously? We took the Red Wings to 6 games in the Finals last season. We were one of the hottest teams going into the playoffs. Our young team got a considerable measure of experience from last year's run. If the above poster hasn't seen anything yet that has impressed him about the Penguins... how about beating Carolina (who knocked off the #1 and #3 seed) twice? How about having the top 2 scorers in the playoffs and 2 of the top 3 in the league? Now this team, who has beaten the Hurricanes twice already... is going to lose to Detroit in 4 games? What does that say about the Canes? Instead of going in to all of that, because clearly the guy is upset, I figured I'd sum up my feelings with an emote, which was dumb. And now I've gone off and responded when I said I wouldn't for the first 12 hours of a loss... *sigh*
  12. K, well, good luck in the series, it was nice sharing opinions with some of you.
  13. If you're honestly that opposed to viewpoints different from your own (and it really seems like the majority of this forum is) that's probably a good idea.
  14. At the same time, we picked up Billy Guerin and Chris Kunitz, some veteran leadership that took some of the leadership stress off Crosby's shoulders. I think it had some to do with Therrien leaving, and some to do with those guys coming in and helping to shoulder the load in the room.
  15. Let it be known that I'm showing a TREMENDOUS amount of restraint at the moment. And I should be commended.
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