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  1. Absolutely correct. Great fought play-offs by the Canes! Great job by both teams to come back from 9th and 10th in the east, respectively to end up in the conference finals.
  2. Oh yeah, because that post clearly conveyed how I believing that the Pens are DOMINANT over the Canes and all other teams in the east. You're reading and comprehension skills seem to be a bit lacking in the early morning. I said I believe the team matches up better against the Canes than the Canes match up against the Pens, which I do. And yes, this team was in 10th place going into a game Feb. 15th against the Islanders. Don't forget, since that time, we have added veteran wingers Guerin and Kunitz, have regained the services of one of the top 3 power-play quarterbacks in the league in Gonchar. All of the minor injuries we had (including the ones bothering Crosby) have pretty much healed and we are now better coached and play in a system far more designed for the skill on this team. Which is why we were able to come back and grab home ice in the quarter finals... Like the 'Canes couldn't. I have to say though, some people on here whine as much about how everyone has thrown them under the bus as the 'underdog' in the series as much as Flyers fans whine that the refs are out to get you. Most people would pick the regular season champ of the eastern conference over the 6th seed who made it in by a couple points. I personally didn't. Go to the Pens board and the 'Around the league' forum. Go to the 'Locked in Play-off picks' thread and check my picks. I've had Carolina and Pittsburgh the whole way. Talk about having an un-warranted chip on most of your collective shoulders. And as for the Caps, the goaltending that was seen in the first 5 games of that series is the best the league has seen all season. We, as Pens fans expect to see no better at any point from Cam Ward. Please respond with one liners. I'm dense. And wait until after the series to start spouting about who is going to the conference finals. I said my 'pick' is Pittsburgh in 5. Not that that is the decisive out-come.
  3. Murphys numbers have been inflated like Engelage of the Spitfires. He's a good OHL goaltender playing behind an extremely well coached team, full of very good players.
  4. I used to play for the Plymouth Whalers and have kept strong ties with the team. The player that you should be looking for is Michal Jordan. He is a skilled, speedy defenseman in the Jay Bouwmeester mould. He is 6'1 and about 190, but is only 18 and has a lot of time to add to his frame. He makes a great first pass and can be a force on the power-play. He doesn't have your patented Pronger or Souray cannon, but has a noticeable shot. Chris Terry is a good player, but seems to lack the motivation, and work ethic to go pro. But, he was among the league leaders in the OHL for PPG this season. His line-mates Matt Caria and rookie Tyler Seguin were also among the league leaders in PPG. Seguin is a prime candidate to win the rookie of the year award.
  5. Believe it or not, some hockey fans just like talking hockey with other fans. Only 3 of my buddies who I watch hockey with are Pens fans, and one's a Pittsburgh/Montreal split. And I wasn't a complete waste of time, I'd lol at the Officiating comment.
  6. Actually, I just checked, and Maggie did have NJ over Boston. Anyways, Bob hasn't made a choice yet. His pick is still TBA while everyone else has made their picks. Everyone but James Duthie took Pit. Bob is the only one I really pay attention too, though. In my eyes, he is the most knowledgeable analyst around right now.
  7. I thought she had picked Carolina over New Jersey in the quarters, too. I could be wrong.
  8. I see some consistency here. She's picked all play-offs against the Pens. She's picked all play-offs for the Canes. She has, aside from any hurricane picks, sucked all play-offs. The only person that actually does matter there (And I know you were saying the Maggie counting tongue in cheek) is Bob Mackenzie.
  9. Lol... this is true. Ahem... He is a turn-over machine? And is horrible with the stick!
  10. Well, Ovechkin had 2 'lucky' goals and about 5 secondary assists. He still put the points up, and that's all that matters, but for 4 of the 7 games, they really shut down someone who is usually a far bigger offensive threat.
  11. I actually just woke up and was too lazy to write much. I simply put what I think are the two deciding factors in this series. 1) The Pens had an easier road getting here and are still in very good shape thanks to a) The Flyers all paying too much physical attention to Crosby and B ) The Caps all paying too much physical attention to Crosby and no one else and 2) That Ward is what can turn the tide of this series distinctively in Carolinas favor. Not enough? Your opinion of my opinion not mattering much to you, doesn't matter at all to me. I'm forced to watch more than enough 'Canes hockey as my dad is a Whalers-then Canes fan and whenever I go to his place for a beer, he's usually got a Canes game on. For the best way to beat Cam Ward, see my above post.
  12. Exactly what BobErrey said. That wasn't a knock on Ward. Trust me, I'm pretty sure any hockey fan, if given the choice to ride Ward or Varlamov through a play-off run, would pick Ward. I was simply saying that they are very much the same type of goaltender, and when I said we probably won't see any better from Ward than we did Varlamov, I meant Varlamov was playing to pretty much the highest level a goaltender of that breed can play at for the first 5 games of the series. Unfortunately, the team infront of him sat back on that a bit much, and we peppered him with 40+ shots a night, and by the end of game 5, he had nothing left. Ward and Varlamov are also very much alike in you won't beat them much unless you have them going side to side, something the Pens started doing a lot more after game 2, and it paid off. If we play Ward the way we played Varlamov for most of that series, we should see the same results, I just don't expect Ward to ever drop off that bad in a game 7. And yes, your team is a good balance of players in their prime and veterans, but whenever I see Cole play against Orpik, he seems to do stupid things. Of course, the regular season and the post-season are two totally different things, and I'm sure Cole is fully aware of that.
  13. I can vouch for him. It isn't. Also, I guess I should give my prediction. Pens in 5; This isn't a knock on your team, but having watched almost all the games from the Eastern Conference play-offs, I see Pittsburgh as more fit to win this series. Our secondary scorers (actually, everyone out-side of Sidney Crosby) were barely touched last round. We had an unfortunate miss-hap with the Ovechkin knee-on-knee to Gonchar, but other than that, few players on our team have been targeted and few have had to face the rigors that most of the 'Canes line up has. Even Malkin. I also believe that as a team we match-up better and the extra days rest should do us very well. Because of those factors, the series all comes down the 'Canes goaltending. If Cam Ward can shut the door like he has against the Pens in the past, this could be a Carolina. Although again, I don't expect to see any more from Ward than what we saw out of Varlamov for 5 of the 7 games we just played. How the team reacts to Orpik is a big factor. Getting penalties on him after he delivers hits or clears out the front of the net could be a dagger to your team. It's our hope (as Pens fans) that the grudge is still there. For the Hurricanes sake, the coaching staff better be telling the team that the Eastern Conference Final is nowhere to act upon grudges or even up any old scores.
  14. Most Devils fans are still sitting in their showers, rocking back and forth with pictures of Staal sniping on Brodeur flashing across their minds They won't be back for a while.
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