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  1. Hi guys! I'm from Finland and i'm so excited about this, i gotta get tickets to both games as soon as they're available. I can also help you with some questions if you have any, about Finland? Helsinki(i live here)? Hartwall arena? anything at all?
  2. Hi, i just want to bring up a few of my thoughts.. 1. Captain. Brind'amour should not be wearing the "C", I don't know what he's doing in the locker room, but a captain should also be able to lead by example on the ice, Brind'amour is not able to do that anymore, seems like his time is gone. Staal is not, what i've heard, a very good leader either. I can't give a straight answer who should be the captain, but i'd like to see Tuomo with an "A", he's playing hard and stays positive even when the team is struggling. 2. A team full of second and third liners, even Staal who is a first liner but not elite, should try to play as a team, and most importantly play team D. From what 'ive noticed here on the boards, you all seem to agree on the fact that the team is missing a pure sniper, a goal scorer who can make things happen.. This all leads to the team management, coaching staff and even the captaincy that i already mentioned, the trade deadline i coming and some radical moves should be made, this season is already done for the team. (by the way sorry for my english, i'm a finn) ->which also means that i know what a team can do if they can really play as a team(Finnish national team) Finnish goaltending is good, but we've only got second and third line players, except Mikko Koivu. But anyway, the canes seem to have poor leadership and poor coaching/managemet. Last year the Hurricanes had a good run, but last year you also had a TEAM.
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