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  1. Stevens could open a headhunting school. A great player and hall of famer nonetheless, but, not exactly a model citizen on the ice.
  2. Scott Stevens and class don't belong in the same sentence.
  3. If the players want to fight, they'll fight. It was unfortunate for Ladd, because his linesmen had a much better hold on him than the other one did on Avery. At that point in the scrum, Ladd shouldn't have dropped his gloves. Not with a guy already corralled by the refs and going off to the box.
  4. That's my point. Stuff considered a "hockey play" like throwing punches in a fight, or big hits, even when questionable, are looked at much more favorably by the referees and disciplinarians. Stuff that isn't, like swinging a stick like a weapon (Chris Simon), or stepping on someones foot (Chris Simon), or headbutting someone get penalized more severely because they are in no way related to hockey, and are just acts of violence.
  5. The league is a joke to ESPN because of lack of interest from the fans. I'm curious though...fighting is condoned and a part of hockey. Headbutting isn't, the last time I checked. Kinda apples to oranges there.
  6. In Gary Bettman's NHL, the system works backward. A league SHOULD favor the big markets, because that brings in more revenue. However, Gary Bettman over-expanded the league, and he has to "favor" his expansion franchises (Carolina is not one of them, I'm not picking on you) so that he doesn't look foolish. Overall tho, officiating and disciplinary anomalies even out for all the teams throughout the season. Every team feels like they get screwed a few times a season, but they benefit from it too.
  7. Avery's misconduct gets counted toward the three game misconducts = 1 game suspension rule.
  8. If Colin Campbell said it...it's official...since, ya know, he makes those decisions.
  9. John Dellapina (NY Daily News) talked to Colin Campbell.
  10. Who's gloating? I've just posted factual information about the situation...information that was even requested in the other thread. It's no more or less valid just because I don't root for the Hurricanes.
  11. I agree with your post, just the exact opposite.
  12. The thread title asks for info on suspensions (from Orr and Avery). I just gave you the news that there will be none.
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