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  1. kinda agree, if we had someone who had the toughness of avery, and the presence that he has, it would be great. but i think he carries along too much drama with him. most teams/players hate him, he's often involved in borderline legal hits, i just wouldnt feel proud about having him on our team. i mean look at scott stevens, he would be able to beat the snot out of any player he wanted to, but he had class.
    Scott Stevens and class don't belong in the same sentence.

  2. In most fights in hockey games that I've seen players being held back from fighting by the refs usually try to fight despite being held. In this case Avery was successful at getting off some punches
    If the players want to fight, they'll fight.

    It was unfortunate for Ladd, because his linesmen had a much better hold on him than the other one did on Avery. At that point in the scrum, Ladd shouldn't have dropped his gloves. Not with a guy already corralled by the refs and going off to the box.

  3. The headbutt in itself was worthy of a suspension no matter when it happened. Not because the refs had intervened.

    That's my point.

    Stuff considered a "hockey play" like throwing punches in a fight, or big hits, even when questionable, are looked at much more favorably by the referees and disciplinarians. Stuff that isn't, like swinging a stick like a weapon (Chris Simon), or stepping on someones foot (Chris Simon), or headbutting someone get penalized more severely because they are in no way related to hockey, and are just acts of violence.

  4. I've watched the Orr hit multiple times and although it was a dangerous hit it was a clean hit. Bill Clement said it best on XM, the hit was late and dangerous, but clean and was deserved of the 5 min interference. Even though Cullen got hurt, I understand Orr not gettng suspended.

    Now on to Avery. Colin Campbell just slapped his refs in the face. Cardinal Rule #1: You Do NOT under any circumstances thrown punches once the refs/linesman have intervened. That is total disrepectful to the refs and should/has been an automatic suspension.

    I mean they gave Walker a 1 game suspension for head butting Fisher after the refs intervened. Avery should atleast get the same.

    Its really no wonder this league is a joke to ESPN and others.

    The league is a joke to ESPN because of lack of interest from the fans.

    I'm curious though...fighting is condoned and a part of hockey. Headbutting isn't, the last time I checked. Kinda apples to oranges there.

  5. If a Carolina player had done the same thing to a Ranger player the NHL would have thrown the book at him. There is a two tier system in the NHL, one for the franchises that generate the most revenue ie:The Rangers and one for the other teams ie: The Hurricanes. I have lost alot of respect for the NHL today.

    In Gary Bettman's NHL, the system works backward.

    A league SHOULD favor the big markets, because that brings in more revenue. However, Gary Bettman over-expanded the league, and he has to "favor" his expansion franchises (Carolina is not one of them, I'm not picking on you) so that he doesn't look foolish.

    Overall tho, officiating and disciplinary anomalies even out for all the teams throughout the season. Every team feels like they get screwed a few times a season, but they benefit from it too.

  6. NHL wouldn't wait 3 days to suspend anyone; it has to be done in an appropriate amount of time after the incident. It's obvious that they think Orr's hit was legal, and that Avery's actions just deserve a warning and not something more severe. If ANYTHING, I'm hoping Avery gets a game for the misconduct penalty.

    Avery's misconduct gets counted toward the three game misconducts = 1 game suspension rule.

  7. please go back to the rangers board and gloat on there with your board-mates. this is not your board and all you are doing is causing problems.....i dont understand why you continue to think everything you say is correct.
    Who's gloating? I've just posted factual information about the situation...information that was even requested in the other thread. It's no more or less valid just because I don't root for the Hurricanes.

  8. Once again, I'll reference the cuts to Orr's face, sustained from the hit. I'll also mention that Shanahan said in the post-game that when he walked away from his discussion with the referees, he was under the impression there wasn't going to be a penalty. They only decided on the call after discussing it further. There was no penalty, at all, called initially.

    I'm pretty sure there is no personal attack in that post. If there is, I'm truly sorry.

  9. Wow... it didn't take long for the NYR fans on here to run out their welcome...

    Seriously, you're not gonna get us to agree with you. Just go back to your own board and have yourselves a 'oh we are so great for injuring players on dirty hits' orgy and leave the actual hockey discussion to us. Just don't come crying to us when one of the Flyers takes a run at one of your players and knocks him out for a long time because of a "clean" hit to the head

    Well, here's the thing. A few of us have brought nothing but pure hockey discussion. So, let's keep discussing. I'll pass on the orgy, tho.

  10. Never mind the actual contact... why is Orr following thru with his right forearm? If he's not hitting - or at least TRYING to hit - with his forearm, then what is he doing? Is he trying to loosen his sleeve up so he can check his watch?
    You are aware how fast players are moving on the ice right? Both players going ~15-20MPH, hitting face to face, and you don't expect either of them to move? Every hit or collision has follow through. Happens a lot with elbows. It looks nasty because of the follow through, but a lot of the time the hit is arm, shoulder, or body.

  11. Or how bout your goons not suckerpunch players while they're being wrapped up by the refs

    and for your insult of the Canes... piss off, we can do that enough on our own, we don't need you to come in here and trash talk us for talking about our own team on our own forum

    I appreciate a post that contained only factual and non-biased information was deleted because I'm a big bad Ranger fan.

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