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  1. The NHL players would be stupid to change too much of the current CBA. They've made out like bandits, even despite the 24% rollback. I think a lockout is less likely, but it still could occur. The smaller markets are really feeling the pressure of even going up to the salary floor these days.
  2. I would say the British Columbia thing would only come into play for the games they play against Vancouver, beyond that...why would you go to Seattle to watch a game if they're not playing the Canucks. If they're really depending on British Columbians to make up the difference to make Seattle viable then I think they need to have their head examined. I wouldn't want to deal with the border crossing there. Its not like the old days anymore where you just wave at the guy in the booth and drive across. You would have one helluva log jam. I think the idea sounds good on the surface but when you get down to it, its not a real feasible business model IMO. Either way, most of the money teams have come from ticket sales and concessions. Merchandise, just a pittance. I know Forbes has a percentage of revenues per team which tracks just how much the proportion of a team's total revenues is from tickets. I know for the Wild its 47%, but for other clubs its almost 55% while others its as low as 40% so you have some significant variation there. Certain markets are far more dependent upon it. Here's the Forbes article...click on any team and get their revenue specifics (or at least's Forbes' estimates of that) Forbes Team Valuation link
  3. Unless the team moves back to Hartford I will never be sporting an #11 Jordan Staal jersey.
  4. I am 100% certain its about tickets sold as opposed to people coming through the turnstiles. You're right, those fans that are not actually there don't spend any money. Yet'd I'd point out those concessions are not NHL revenues, they go to the respective team owners. NHL merchandise though, most of that $$ goes to the league.
  5. IMO, the only viable market ready for an NHL franchise is Quebec. They are building a new arena, and they have a fanbase waiting for it. Kansas City has the arena but I am not convinced they have much of a fanbase waiting for that chance. Seattle, meh...they'd need an arena and while they have supported junior hockey ok that's not nearly the same price point as you'd see for an NHL game. Hamilton?!?! I don't think Toronto will let that happen. I don't think we'll see contraction. But I think relocation is a very real and distinct possibility. The success of Winnipeg is certainly something the players wouldn't mind seeing repeated with markets that may be struggling in the U.S. The players will want this because it will give them a better chance to receive the escrow portion of their paychecks if that part of the CBA is maintained. Markets in trouble? Phoenix, Columbus, NY Islanders
  6. Edited: We don't allow 3rd party advertising here on an NHL.com sponsored website.
  7. Malkin's often injured? Not last year. The year before, sure. But Malkin and James Neal, not Staal were the workhorses last year. The Penguins can still win without Crosby. They've proven that. Could the Hurricanes still win without Eric Staal or perhaps Jordan Staal? I'm not seeing it. I could care less what the Rangers do. They're not in 'my' division. As I said earlier, worry only about the Southeast because the Hurricanes will have to battle to have a chance to win that let alone trump the top 3 teams in the Atlantic. Just sayin'...
  8. Possible areas of compromise... This is an article I wrote a few weeks ago about the CBA negotiations. I think there are places both sides can give and take yet the fundamental issue of revenue distribution will be a tough issue to overcome. Check it out!
  9. Greetings, from Minnesota. It seems to be a bit quiet around here so I thought I should make my presence felt. Age: 34 Favorite Hockey Teams (NHL): Minnesota Wild, Nashville Predators (2nd), Minnesota North Stars (RIP) Favorite College Teams: Minnesota Golden Gophers, North Dakota Fighting Sioux Most Hated Teams (NHL): Vancouver Canucks, Dallas Stars, Detroit Red Wings Blogger: www.stateofhockeynews.com Favorite Players (All Time): Wayne Gretzky, Scott Stevens, Ray Bourque, Mike Bossy, Dino Ciccarelli Favorite Players (currently): Milan Lucic, Dustin Byfuglien, Zach Parise, Cal Clutterbuck, Dustin Brown Hockey Jerseys: Toronto Maple Leafs (white) Nashville Predators (white) Calgary Flames (white) New York Islanders (blue) Buffalo Sabres (blue) Pittsburgh Penguins (black) Edmonton Oilers (white) Detroit Red Wings (white) Philadelphia Flyers (white) Boston Bruins (white) New Jersey Devils (white) Phoenix Coyotes Practice (white) Minnesota Wild Practice (Green) Milwaukee Admirals Practice (Black) Minnesota Wild (Green Alternate) Minnesota Wild #24 Antti Laaksonen (White) Minnesota Wild #26 Christoph Brandner (Red) Minnesota Wild #96 Pierre-Marc Bouchard (Red) Chicago Blackhawks #28 Mark Bell (Red) Montreal Canadiens #25 Jacques Lemaire (white) Boston Bruins #17 Milan Lucic (Black) Winnipeg Jets #33 Dustin Byfuglien (Blue) Winnipeg Jets - 1993 Version (Blue) Quebec Nordiques - 1994 Version (Blue) Hartford Whalers - 1978 Version (Green) Toronto St. Pats - 1919 Version (Green) Los Angeles Kings - 1978 Version (Gold) Calgary Flames - 1997 Version (Red) Ottawa Senators - 1992 Vintage (Black) Minnesota North Stars - 1991 Version (Green) Minnesota North Stars - 1981 Version (White) Team Hungary - White Spartak Moscow - 1997 Version (Maroon) St. Cloud State Huskies (Red) North Dakota Fighting Sioux (Green) Vancouver Giants (White) Quebec Remparts (White) Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds (Red) Baie-Comeau Drakkar (Red) Portland Winterhawks #17 Robin Big Snake (Red) Rimouski Oceanic #87 Sidney Crosby (Blue)
  10. If the Carolina Hurricanes want to make a trade for a defenseman they should talk to Minnesota. They probably have a few extra pieces in that regard. Either way, I think Carolina could've done better than Joe Corvo. If the team really wanted to advance its place it should've looked to add a defenseman, Vancouver would be another team that would probably invite a trade. You would've been better off signing Greg Zanon.
  11. Corvo and the team's defense does have something to do with this trade. You dealt a decent defensive prospect in Brian Dumolin and while you may gain a bit offensively by adding Jordan Staal if your defense sucks you won't get very far. The Thrashers / Jets are terrific proof of that. Score all the goals you want, but if you struggle to stop them what's the point? The Carolina Hurricanes now have two scoring lines, ok, what else? So if injuries happen to your top 6 who fills in?
  12. Ok, if he was so great why did you let him go...twice before? You are familiar with the definition of insanity, right?
  13. I wouldn't really worry about the Atlantic or the Northeast. Just worry about your own division, because that's the only one you have to win.
  14. Nevermind, I read it wrong. Well Pittsburgh has something to be excited about, while your stuck with Joe Corvo.
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