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  1. oh yea, and those ratings are *edit*, but that is why they give you sliders to fix them!
  2. i downloaded and played the demo it was cool, very excited, especially the after the whistle scrums!!!
  3. i am kind of new to the online play but really dig it, anyone else do this? if so, what is your gamertag? i am turbocotter friend me and let's play!
  4. its great to see he wants to come back, i think he could get more someplace else but has been underwhelmed with the offers. as a blackhawk fan since 1989 and going through some lean years since 97, appreciate that he wants to be here! he knows its a good fit and great organIzation
  5. i was there tonight 5pm, there were LOTS AND LOTS of great seats left. it was pretty cool to see how many seats are not available though comapred to the last few years
  6. i saw chad larose at the goat bat one night after a game. i was hammered and gave him a hug
  7. the dvd is great. the 2005-06 cup dvd that has been on sale i thought was pretty crappy. this one puts it to shame. the 06 finals are covered in much better detail on a game to game basis imo, you still should get both though b/c the 06 cup dvd has game 7 and some things the 10th anniv dvd doesnt
  8. j williams should not be going anywhere, unless his injury was worse then we thought and the canes know he is done in the next couple years or will be doing the forsberg thing, barely playing before he is hurt again. i think that is the only way we move him b/c his contract is too good
  9. Hawk15

    Canes S-A-S

    224 row 1 seats 5-6-7 i believe, but i might have the seats numbers wrong. the corners are awesome
  10. hamilton was a good soldier in the minors. he can score 20 goals, he just had a terrible year. he scored 17 for a terrible hawks team with no offense in like 60 games. hamilton will find a productive spot on some team if its not the canes
  11. This and Boston are the only ones that look good so far.... As long as the Canes jerseys look good, that's all I care about. you guys have not seen the canes jersey yet? check out this website http://onveutlacoupe.blogspot.com/2007/06/presenting-your-2007-2008-nhl-uniforms.html' target="_blank">http://onveutlacoupe.blogspot.com/2007/06/...l-uniforms.html[/post] that hawks jersey is totally photoshop and not real btw
  12. True. Perhaps they told Babchuk to not report, and the 2 players are going to slide across the blue line as free agents. LOL I doubt it. We could still send players to get Forsberg though, with Samsanov as a easy signing right? i spoke with a member of the hurricanes today, not a player but a suit, who told me about this. according to him he babs suspended b/c they did not want to send him to the minors, and this was done b/c a move is about to be made. i didnt understand what they guy meant until i read the press release. believe me or not, i had to post this info b/c i see posts about babchuk that are negative when that is not the case. babchuk has no reason not to report!! this is a shrewd move by the management, and here comes a trade or two!!!!
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