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  1. A little of both. I admit the team was hot during that 10 game streak.
  2. Okay, here's a question. As we all know we're 2-2 in shootouts this season, which is not bad considering the past few years and how bad we were. Anyway, if you were the coach, whom would you send out as the top 3 in shootouts. Here's my top 3: Hamilton McGinn Staal Hamilton is 2/2, McGinn I believe is 1/3 and I don't think Staal has had a chance and don't know his career mark but he seems to always score on breakaways (the goal vs TB was slick). I would not put Aho out there as the top 3 because he doesn't really have any slick moves. I don't think he's ever scored a shootout goal and it's irritating to see him continually shooting 5 hole. Thoughts?
  3. When was the last time Buffalo won a game? It seems they've lost every game this week that we've needed them to win. Fortunately, when they lost to MTL we beat MTL the next night to extend our lead back to three but now thanks to Washington losses and Winnipeg losing last night it's down to 1. BUT we have a game in hand. I'm more worried about Columbus right now than MTL.
  4. If that is true it just goes to show you how bad the Sabres have tanked throughout the year. Hard to believe the same team had a 10 game winning streak in November and were literally on fire.
  5. I hope you're right. I also hope Montreal loses their next three games. TB, Washington and Toronto. Not going to be easy. Toronto may be the easiest of the three because they're kinda struggling right now.
  6. Not only that...we would have also already clinched a playoff berth. All teams out west except the WC teams have clinched. I also agree with everything you said. I would not be surprised if one year it will take 100 points just to get above the cut line. I do believe that year is coming.
  7. I hope so. Time for Columbus to lose. They turned their season around when they beat Vancouver (thanks Vancouver). Maybe Skinner can get a hat trick. Regardless, we MUST win tonight in Pittsburgh. It will be no cake walk to do it and I don't know if it's ever been done where we beat Pittsburgh in their building twice in the same season. I don't even know when Buffalo last won. It seems every game they've played they've lost. A point would be nice tonight but 2 would be huge. I hope the boys come out with some urgency and not like they did their last road game vs Washington.
  8. Last I checked Montreal outshooting Winnipeg by almost X3. 37-13. Not going to win games that way Winnipeg.
  9. I think they've dialed it in this season knowing they've been eliminated. Hard to believe they had a 10 game winning streak in November. Haven't done anything since then.
  10. It's why I don't think we'll clinch until the last day of the season unless MTL loses a game between now and then because I read their remaining schedule is brutal. They have 3 games after tonight and I know TB, Washington and Toronto. No cake walk. If they lost two of their games to clinch you would need 95 points (because they'll get 94). Columbus is scaring me right now. They seem to be getting hot at the right time. If they win it would be their 4th straight. the two losses we had to Washington have killed us Fortunately, we've already taken care of our business this afternoon but we have to do it tomorrow too. Won't be easy beating Pittsburgh again AT home but I don't think they'll have Malkin nor Letang (I think Letang got injured again). They're still dangerous though. Hard to believe how competitive the eastern conference is. Only 4 teams have clinched. TB, Washington, Boston and the Islanders (they'll clinch tonight after beating Buffalo, even though game is not over yet). The western conference all teams except the wild card teams have clinched. Calgary, San Jose, Vegas, St. Louis, Winnipeg and Nashville. Right now Dallas and Colorado are the 2 wildcards but the WC positions are not clinched. The nail biting continues.
  11. The way Hamilton is playing right now I would not be surprised if he hits 20 goals EXACTLY by seasons end. I know it's a stretch but he's 7th on the team right now, Ferland is 6th with 17 goals. He (Ferland) hasn't scored in a while but he does have assists including that beauty to Wallmark vs Minnesota. He's on the third line, which to me is the grit line and that line may work well for him.
  12. In a way that was huge. IF the Canes show their resiliency today and beat Philly despite their two game struggle they'll be facing Pitt on Sunday for a chance to take 3rd in the Metro. With their 2nd set of B2B record being what it is right now I like our chances. We have to beat Philly today though to have a chance of 3rd in Metro on Sunday. I'll be at work but checking in every now and then on the game on my phone. Just win because if we do Philly is eliminated from playoff contention.
  13. I don't think he's injured I just think he's pressing during crunch time like the whole team is. His line was basically the best line on the ice our there last night. He did have an assist last night on Nino's goal. His shooting being off sounds to me like he's gripping the stick too tight. That's what happens when good players don't score for an extended amt of time. His last goal was an EN vs Nashville. Just like last night when he passed the puck and turned it over rather than shooting it on Holtby. Even Tripp said he should've shot the puck there That to me sounds like he's trying to do too much. Just relax and shoot the puck.
  14. Definitely Columbus, because they're in our own division and they don't have a game in hand on us like we have on Montreal. So go Montreal!
  15. Vs their next two opponents Columbus is 0-5 overall with two shutouts (both by the Islanders). They also have yet to beat MTL so they'll likely be gone from the playoff chase by the weekend if we keep taking care of business. These two games are big if we want to have a chance to lock a playoff spot. I don't want to have to wait until the last game of the season.
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