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  1. You can't really lose that bet. Both clubs are named the Tigers. Clemson and LSU. I'm rooting on Clemson do a family member graduating from there years ago.
  2. Hamilton last year is a good example. Some fans were all over him and now he's done a A LOT better this year. It's why I'm not being hard on Gardiner like other fans have on here. Unrelated: Washington has not lost 3 in a row all year. I hope that changes tonight. Hopefully we can get to Samsonov tonight. Incredible he's only lost twice this year but both times have been at home. I think to Colorado and Minnesota.
  3. We need our road swagger back. What is it; two straight losses on the road and the includes an implosion vs Toronto. Hopefully, this three game winning streak we have, include consecutive shut outs will get our goalies going. I know Mrazek will get the start but I would not mind if Brindy goes with Reimer. He deserves it after that 41 save shut out vs LA and he beat the Caps in Washington this year and I think he has a pretty good record vs Caps in his career. This is also a good chance to improve our Metro record of 4-8-1. These next two games are vs WSH and CBJ. Win them and be 6-8-1. Hopefully the win vs Philly and winning 2 of the last 3 against tough metro teams will get the team going record wise vs the Metro. Yes, they were at home but a win is a win.
  4. I tell you to this point this is the best game I've seen Carolina play in a while. They are a complete Jekyll and Hyde. Why can't they play this way against the Metro division?
  5. On a side note our PK has a good streak going. No goals in the last 7 opportunities. That's the way to do it. To this point Carolina is playing like the team that had that great road trip . Let's see if they can finish it off and do the same tomorrow until the end of the season.
  6. Dare I say the team that was on that franchise best road trip is now back...at least to this point. Now, they have to play like this the rest of the season. I'm sure Williams coming back has given them a boost as well.
  7. This is one of the reasons why I think he sits when Williams comes back. And Foegele just scored.
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if Staal shows really good sportsmanship and gives him the 'C' as a show of respect basically saying 'J Will, you lead us through this season.'
  9. Agreed. However, starting tonight I want to see the Canes team from that road trip where they were a franchise best 4-0-1 and were playing great. Since the Toronto game when they imploded as a team they haven't been able to find that style of play that they were successful at. This entire homestand minus the MTL game (MTL has lost 8 in a row though so they're really struggling right now) their defense has stunk and there goaltending has been suspect. Actually, it's stunk since the Toronto game. If we can find that style of play we'll be fine. No more lousy turnouvers, THINK before you release the puck from your stick. THINKING minimizes turnovers. As far as Williams I'm glad he's back. He may be the missing piece in the locker room and on the ice. I have a feeling his first game is going to be the first game after the break (I think that's vs Vegas in Carolina) and as far as whom will be sitting, I think it'll be Nino. Nino has been snake bit all year. I've been rooting for the Nino that we had last year to come back but since the playoffs last year he hasn't dented the score sheet that often. If Williams can come back and contribute it'll be a big plus for this team and for the fans. I also think this team needs to go 5-2 at home to not only keep pace in the race but to keep the teams behind them...behind them. I was also thinking a 5-2 homestand would cause them to gain on teams in front of them but the 'never lose Metro division' is making that impossible. They're also playing at home so there is no excuse for them to NOT do well in front of their fans. As far as the old adage goes good teams 'take care of business at home and play .500 in the road'. They win tonight and tomorrow they would've taken care of business. One game at a time. Don't want to jump ahead to tomorrow night until tonights game concludes. We got lucky vs Philly; almost blew that one (TY Hamilton for giving us the extra point in that game).
  10. Not a well played game by any means. Again, could not hold a two goal lead vs a Metro division team and got fortunate we won in OT because the Flyers had some early chances but hit the post. Reimer looked really shaky last night, but on the bright side so did Elliott. Also, Reimer hasn't played a game in 2 weeks and it's hard for a goalie to be sharp after sitting for so long and our 'D' really needs to tighten up. Philly had a lot of Grade A's last night. Overall though Reimers has played better lately than his record and to me a win is a win but like realmdrakkar said and I'm glad I'm not the only one to have noticed this but Mrazek definitely has not looked like the Mrazek of last year. I've seen several goals scored on him this year that he would've saved last year. He still has made big saves but he just hasn't been the goalie he was last year Reimer IMO overall has played better than Mrazek. I also agree that we need to go back to platooning them. At least that SHOULD happen this weekend since we have a B2B but I do think Reimer should've played the game vs TB or maybe even the 2nd Washington game on the homestand. Instead, Brindy went with Mrazek on both and I was more shocked he went with Mrazek vs TB given that TB has owned Mrazek and they still do. Reimer earned one if not both of those starts given that he played well vs those two teams this year. Had like 36 saves in the victory in TB and his first win as a Cane came in DC. We're also 4-8-1 vs the Metro this season. Have 2 games vs Metro division opponents after this homestand. Need to get that overall record to at least .500 to have good positioning. We're where we are right now in the playoff race strictly due to our play vs non metro opponents. We should win these next two games since it's from teams out west but I'm not underestimating the Coyotes. They look pretty dang good this year and Taylor Hall only makes them better. They will not be a cakewalk on Friday.
  11. CBJ has been playing well lately. I would not be surprised if they squeak in as the final WC when all is said and done. Many, including me, thought they'd fade after losing two of their stars (Bobrovsky and Panarin) but they're not going away quietly. It's why it's important we keep all of them behind us. Let's worry about all the teams in front of us in the division when we face them (still have the Isles 3x, Pens 4x and Capitals 1x).
  12. I'm holding out hope. Maybe we can pull a WSH? They scored 2 in the final minute today.
  13. Some life. We need another one before our goalie is pulled to have a chance but I'll say we need 2 before time runs out given our luck with the extra attacker this season.
  14. Somebody needs to get in a fight. Wake this team up!! No...wake me up when something exciting happens!
  15. And if we lose tonight we'll still hold the 1st WC so we won't lose any ground. We won't gain any either but we won't lose ground although teams chasing us like FL will gain on us if they beat Pitt but we won't lose any ground. A loss is easier to take if you don't lose ground in the playoff race (especially if you're above the cut line). But, we're playing at home and gotta start playing better in front of the home crowd. The crowd has been scary quiet tonight and I can see why.
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