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  1. I hate to say it but I thought the Caps played well yesterday. If Ovi did not have that PP goal they'd be shut out again. It wasn't right for him to say that. I don't know if it will light a fire under the team or not but he wasn't much better than the team was yesterday. Just admit it Ovi, Carolina outplayed your team and outworked your team.
  2. I have this feeling that Foegele is going to be targeted by the Caps tomorrow for injuring Oshie. I hope our players and Foegele are prepared for that. To me game 3 definitely was no their best. I thought they brought their best effort yesterday. John and Tripp said they would bring their best. They did but our D and Mrazek shut them down. Now, if we can just steal one tomorrow than we have them by the...you know...don't know if I can say what I want on the board here. I also heard I think from NHL analysts that we're frustrating the Caps. They can't get to their game, which is the transition game because we're a fast team and plug up any gaps and have just dominated 5 on 5 play. It was beautiful to know that. Speed is one thing that never slumps. They tried to yesterday but our D was there and De Haan broke up the pass. I know the Caps have the advantage of home cooking but we've played well on the road as well so I'm confident we can take at least 1 road win this series. We still have the momentum with us. At this point the Caps don't know how to solve our defense. If they can't figure that out (I hope they don't) then we have the series. I think we already do because the fight was the turning point but anything can happen tomorrow.
  3. They didn't do anything on the Ferland match penalty (except rescind it), they didn't do anything on the Hamilton and Ovechin hit in game 2. I know the players that took the hits didn't leave the game but those were far worse plays than Foegele's IMO. Again, Oshie's momentum took him into the boards and made it look worse than it actually was.
  4. Agreed, people need to stop overreacting here. What hit? Foegele just nudged him and Oshie appeared to lose his footing and fell and unfortunately his momentum when he fell carried him into the boards. If Oshie had stayed upright it probably would've been a good old check into the boards like we see all players do. If Oshie didn't hit the boards I guarantee you no call would've been made. It was a WAY late call anyway. If Foegele gets suspended then EVERY player in the league that nudges another player causing that player to lose footing and hit the boards hard will be suspended. He didn't HIT him. He pushed him like all players do when they battle for the puck and things like that. What if Oshie had gotten up and continued playing? Would we be predicting suspensions then? The ref likely wouldn't have called anything if Oshie got up and continued playing. I hope Martinook is okay. When he finally did leave he appeared to be walking off under his own power and wasn't too happy. He might miss game 5 but I would not be surprised to see him back in there though for game 5. Not to take away anything but it's not like he's one of our top forwards like Aho, or Teuvo that is out. Oh, and for the fan whom said Aho is hiding an injury. I disagree. Just because he's not at his best this series (although he has one goal and like 2 assists in the series) does not mean he's injured. Again, I think everyone is overreacting. He's getting his chances, the passes to Foegele in game 3 and Teuvo in game 4 were beauties. He is NOT playing like he's injured. I think Aho has actually been playing better since game 2 when he broke his goal drought. Let's enjoy this win while we can and stop predicting suspensions with nothing happened. Just be happy that we're giving the champs all they can handle right now.
  5. If Mrazek and the team play like they did tonight we will. Pressure is on Washington now. We've beaten them twice in a row AND we proved we can dominate them. They played their best game tonight AND still lost AND they have yet to dominate us. Both times we played them on the road we played them close. I would not be surprised if we finally get a win in DC on Saturday to shift the series back to Raleigh for the clincher. If it does not go 6 it will go 7. I'm hoping it goes 6, with us coming out on top. Regardless, we're giving the champs everything they can handle (we outhit them 34-33 so we're matching their physicality). Hopefully, we'll begin to get respect in this league. Everyone likely thought we'd get swept but it's awesome to see that we are not going down without a fight and against the defending champs of all teams. This has been a GREAT series. Unfortunately, it's a series with home ice advantage (wins have been at home for both teams). Let's be the first to change that on Saturday on the road. Our road record has been great this year so we're bound to get a road win. We still have the momentum and Mrazek single handedly saved the game at the end there. Great win overall and great kill at the end. It's a brand new series now. Goodnight everyone, until Saturday.
  6. Mrazek proving his worth. What some SAVES on Kuznetsov and Backstrom at the end there. Wow. He's been doing it all year. Series all tied up. If we win Saturday I think we have the series. Momentum is still on our side.
  7. Agreed, Tripp was saying that we appear to be the more well conditioned team, but we'll see.
  8. Except for shots (Washington) and score (us) everything is pretty much even. They're outhitting us by one 21-20 so we are matching their physicality.
  9. I don't think we'll run out of gas. Washington had their best period of the series but the 2nd period has always been their best in the regular season so that's really nothing new. Good to see that Teuvo got the goal back with a sweet twisted wrister. We just need to hold the fort down for the final 20 minutes. Mrazek is making the saves when he needs to thus far. On Ovechin's shot he didn't have a chance. Hopefully that goal by Teuvo shifts the momentum back on our side because Washington was still coming after Ovechin scored. You can tell they want to put the stranglehold on this series.
  10. Yes, Teuvo got the goal back. Nice to go in the locker room up a goal again. At least 20 mins to go boys. Finish them off. With exception of the PP by Washington we did a great job keeping them in check. And the PP converted with 8 seconds left so it was ALMOST killed off, but almost does not count in this league.
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