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  1. Morning everyone. I could not believe that goal and like slapshot said the goalies reaction was priceless. He basically said did he just do that to me, did that just go in? Good news is besides the win is that we have one of our scorers getting hot. Haula has cooled off a bit but Svech is getting hot. Now, we have to get Aho and Nino hot and I know we don't play them again for a while but we have to beat CBJ this season too. Calgary really played us well and I was thinking that we would get shut out tonight and it would be one of those nights and I'd be saying to myself (if we did get shutout), when the last time the Canes got shutout 1-0 on their home ice? Anyway, SO didn't not happen. Mrazek played well again. Calgary looked fast too but it was nice to see us matching them. This was one of the fastest games I've seen the Canes play this year. Both teams had chance after chance in the first period. Carolina got more to their game in the 2nd and third but even if we had lost 1-0 I really enjoyed watching that game. Svech's first goal was the only way to beat Rittich at the time. I knew it would be some fluky goal like that to get us on the scoresheet and Haula's screen on the PP goal was a thing of beauty. Our PP is clicking at like 22.9-23.9 %. Can't say our PP is horrible now like we were this time last year. Our PK came through big when it counted, especially at the end of the game. Got two more games now on this home stand against Detroit and NJ. Very winnable games but Detroit beat us twice last year and NJ beat us twice last year (granted both their wins were in their barn). These teams won't be a cakewalk and I hope Carolina comes prepared to play because it's a B2B. They then go a one game road trip to Philly. I also want to congratulate the team for tying the franchise record for wins (8) and points (17) in the month of October. The last time this happened was the season we won the cup. We were 8-2-1 in October in 2005. Our home and road records are nearly IDENTICAL. That team was 5-0 at home in October and 3-2-1 on the road. This team is 5-1 at home and 3-2-1 on the road. Very interesting. Keep it going Carolina.
  2. My take on the game: Not a good start to the first giving up first goal but GREAT finish to that period scoring 3 unanswered. I liked the first period and for a brief time the team that won 5 in a row to start the season was back. But...the 2nd...this team fell asleep AGAIN. I am sick and tired of this team falling asleep in the 2nd period when they have a lead. DO NOT TAKE YOUR FOOT OF THE GAS. This was a game we were in position to win and we blew it. If this team wants to make the playoffs this year they can't keep lolly gagging it in the 2nd period (it's been their worst period this year). Yes, CBJ made a push that period but Carolina let them by falling asleep on defense. Horrible line changes and turnovers still. If Carolina played the 2nd like they played the first despite CBJ's push I don't think this game goes to OT and I do believe Carolina would've won that game. Maybe this team should go behind 2-0 every game. They seem to play better when they're behind (Carolina). It's pathetic we can not beat CBJ especially when we had the lead in both games this year and lost both games. Yes, we are 6-3-1 and I'll take that for every 10 throughout the season. This team needs to start playing better and now...the last 5 games are a completely different team. We've been horrible. Right now I guess we can say the first five games were won by luck. Also, what is the deal with carrying 7 defenseman if you're not going to play one until the 3rd period. Stop the double shifting and call up another forward. Jordan Staal said the team thought it was going to be easy, which is why they could not finish the game off. I'm sorry, but if this team has that mindset (that every game will be easy to finish off after a lead) than this team is in trouble. They need to get rid of that mindset. NOTHING in the NHL is easy. This team is going downhill fast. Brindamour or somebody needs to start cracking heads to get this team back on track because if we keep playing like we have been the last 5 games we are not playoff bound and of course the dreaded month of November is almost here.
  3. I don't know but here's a thought I was just thinking: What if Justin Williams decides to come back at a time when this team finally is gelling and all lines are finally contributing? I mean there's chemistry and we're scoring better and playing better and winning a lot of games (we found our swagger again that we seemed to have lost these last 4 games). This is ALL lines. Not just one or two. The adage goes if it ain't broke don't fix it. Where would Rod fit him in the lineup when the team is hot? This is of course a WHAT IF scenario. As far as we all know Williams could be getting into playing shape right now. You would think he'd come back after Martinook went down and Brindamour would put the 2nd 'A' on his sweater until Martinook comes back (like Slavin took Staal's replacement as 'A' last season until Staal came back) because he'd add some leadership to that locker room.
  4. That's good news. Like I said, I'm pretty sure he'd be in the line up Thursday. Fortunately, this 6 days off came at the right time it appears. I guess he passed concussion protocol when he exited the game and I assume they left him out of the game for precautionary reasons (may have had a headache). At least it's not the hip. That hip injury ended his season last year. The team has scored 30 goals this year and he and Hamilton have 1/3 of those goals (12). We need more from Aho, Nino, Staal, Dzingel and everyone. Has to start soon or it's going to be a long season. Haula and Hamilton can't score every game.
  5. Colorado has been lights out this year along with Edmonton and Buffalo. Can anyone stop those teams right now? We've been cooled down, somebody needs to cool them down now..
  6. That is true. It was nice to see Haula get that goal though. Maybe that will wake the PP up a bit. I would say maybe after 15-20 games into the season that's when we'll know how good our PP is because by then teams will know our PP. It went stagnant until Haula scored though. I like Hamilton and Gardiner on the points though because they both have blistering slappers. This lone time off is a good time to work on our PP at practice or watch video of it and for Haula to get better. Any news on him? I misspoke in another post, it was an upper body injury he suffered (at least it's not his hip) and at this point he's day to day and Brindamour wasn't too concerned about it. I'm 99.9 % sure he'll be in the lineup Thursday. It's probably nothing that little ice paks won't fix. If there is one time we need this long layoff it's right now. This team needs to get hot again and Haula needs to heal. I'm not worried at all yet because the next three games this month (2 at home) are winnable, we just have to stop coming out of the gate stagnant.
  7. IMO last night goals 1, 3 and 4 scored by Anaheim should not have happened. All defensive breakdowns. Goal's 3 and 4 were back breakers. Not concerned at this point by our goaltending like some fans are. Mrazek was due for a bad game although I do not fault him for this one. but we can't expect him to be spotless every time out. I mean he's 4-1 now and like what 16-3 in his last 19 starts, which dates back to last season. Right now I'm more concerned by our offense. Besides Haula and Hamilton our offense has been invisible since after the Islander game.
  8. I stayed up to watch the game and I wish I hadn't. That was terrible. From the start of the puck they look disinterested. That SHG should not have happened and Silfverberg's goal should not have happened. A lot of breakdowns. Mrazek was due for a bad game but I blame this more on the team in front of him than him. Nice to see Fleury get his first goal. Unfortunately, the fight had to wake us up a little but good to see we stick up for one another. After the fight we showed life and actually started playing better than Anaheim but it was already too late. The team looked really slow. Brindamour even said the team had no flow and it was 'gross' Anaheim was outskating us and everything. I was really surprised and I was thinking to myself: Is this the Hurricanes, they're slow. When this team is on they can skate with any team. This is exactly what I was afraid of folks. We get off a to a hot start beating everybody, including TB and now we can't score and the team looks completely different. I don't want to scroll back through the posts but I think it was gocanesforever2003 that said what if this team was caught off guard by their quick start and after losing to CBJ of all teams they're starting to lose confidence in each other. I don't think it's that, I think it's just a slump that every team goes through in the regular season. Like I mentioned a while ago, teams will have stretches of poor play and every team is going to have a losing streak. We have one thus far (2 games). The last 4 games including the win in LA we just haven't been playing with a passion or fire like the first five games. A lot of players are pressing: Aho, Nino to name a couple. These two have GOT to get going. I know it's early but I'm getting tired of waiting. Haula and Hamilton can't do it all unless someone clones them to where it's just Haula's and Hamilton clones skating on the ice. Anyway, with their play of late makes me wonder if the November-December collapse is coming causing us to have to dig out of yet another hole like we had to last year. I hope not and they take these 6 days to work on a few things and maybe even tinker the top two lines at practice to see which works best. Of all people McGinn does NOT belong on the top two lines. I'd much rather have Foegele up there. He was great in the playoffs last year and he deserves a shot to get more ice time to see what he can do. According to Brindamour he's optimistic on Haula's injury and that he doesn't think it's that bad. I hope he's right and we see Haula on the ice next Thursday. Also, we only committed two penalties. Hopefully, that's a good sign but it could also mean our overall play was horrible, so bad that we didn't commit any penalties. Hopefully, the team will play better in CBJ, but of course I said this as well vs Anaheim and look what happened. I also agree with Quackattack, the hit on Haula was clean, it's just unfortunate that Haula got injured. It was similar to the hit Clutterbuck gave Van Riemsdyk in the playoffs last year. Fortunately, for us, Haula wasn't holding his shoulder (injury is lower body) and he must've skated off on his own power. I didn't see what happened when he got up because I think it went on a commercial break after the trainer came out so I don't know if he was helped off the ice or skated off on his own power. I did like our teams response to the hit however.
  9. I miss that Panther, Islander game (both games scored 5 or more). I know it's hard vs the Ducks. Boston scored 4 on them. I'm not saying we will but it proves that Anaheim's goalies are 'human' and there defense has holes. We just have to find them. Hopefully we'll have a breakout game tonight because our offense has been stagnant since the Islander game after starting off hot. But again, CBJ was the back end of a B2B, the LA game was travel and the San Jose game was B2B. Maybe an off day is what they'll need to get their 'mojo' going again. I keep saying this but I would love for Nino and Aho to get going. I don't know much about them. I know Aho is typically a slow starter (doesn't get going until November) except for last year but is Nino a streaky player offensively?
  10. Every goalie is due for an off night. Hopefully this will be Gibson's/Miller's off night. Whomever is starting for them tonight. I wouldn't call this the old Canes where they fire a lot of shots but get no goals as of yet. Yeah, they fired 38 on Jones but they only had 23 shots in the LA game. To me, I would need to see multiple games in a row of 30 plus shots on goal with 2 goals or less allowed. That's just me though. Hey, at least we haven't given up 50 shots on goal again. That game was Reimer's best of the season to this point. He stood on his head and only won because of him and of course scoring all those goals early. Carolina needs to give it their all on the ice tonight. I mean, play for their playoff lives or like it's a game 7. It's not but my point is they're off for 6 days after this so no excuse for them to not give it their all in this game. I know the 3rd game in 4 nights but I just think they NEED this win and they really need to come out with an urgency tonight. Coming home after a successful CA trip would be awesome. A 7-2 record after 9 games has a nice ring to it. Teams are evenly matched: Our PP is better, theirs is terrible. They're PK is better than ours. We both give up about the same amt of shots per game. Their goalies have a better GA avg their ours do thus far. Looking at that looks to be a good matchup tonight.
  11. I feel that we NEED this win. After the boys effort vs San Jose I expect them to come out extra motivated tonight. Last game on the trip before they're off for a week. The one thing they are committing a lot of at this point (penalties) is fixable. Lets hope they minimize the penalties tonight. The officials seem to be calling more but we still need to minimize them. We also need to get our PP going again. It's in a mini slump right now.
  12. I saw the highlight of that play and I was like 'you've got to be kidding me.' Like to see a bounce back game from Riemer his next start. He obviously wasn't sharp this game but it happens to every goalie. Mrazek hasn't been particularly sharp this season (the TB game was his worst thus far in regards to shots and goals against) until the LA game and Reimer's played 3 great games. Even though he (Riemer) lost the CBJ game he still gave the team a chance to win. I really would like to see Reimer play like McE did for us last season. Mrazek being 4-0 this years scares me...he's due for a loss. I just hope it's not tomorrow. Lets end the CA trip on high note.
  13. That is literally Gretzkyesque. But...McDavid IS human isn't he? He will slow down.
  14. That's what is impressive about this team. All those back to backs and still 6-2. I don't think many times that had 6 of their first 8 games this season B2B would do any better. Just wait until our schedule gets more spaced out and normal (games every two-3 days). This team will likely do even better. Yeah, we still have 13 B2B's left but we don't have any more B2B's until November. Our first month schedule has been brutal. After Friday it finally gets more normalized.
  15. Watched about 20 minutes of the game and in that time Evander Kane scored 2 goals both on the PP and both those goals gave him the hat trick. We need to stop the penalties. I mean this is ridiculous. We have a day off and then we face Anaheim. After that the California trip is over. Our PP is in a slump thus far (0-13) in last 4 games and hopefully that's all it is is a slump. It was horrible all season last season and it was really clicking to start this season. Hopefully our PP can get going again vs Anaheim. It's a long season and every teams PP goes into slumps and ups and downs throughout the season. I'm not worried about the PP at this point because I already know it's better than last years at this point. It would be nice to pick up the win in Anaheim to end the California trip on a high note. We have 6 days off after Friday and right now it appears this team will need it. It would be nice if before too long we get consistent contributions from other players besides Haula and Hamilton. It seems like every game they end up getting a goal or an assist, which is fine but lets have other players add their names consistently to the goal scoring department. Again, long season. Get the win Friday and go from there.
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