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  1. Agree with everything you said. My only concern is this: Even though we made the playoffs last year we had an atrocious November through mid December. Now, I know it was new faces and everything but it seems like from many fans this team seems to start well and then fade around November just like last year. Fortunately, they dug themselves out of a hole. Now, the question is this and I'll try to word it in a way to make sense: Is the November-early December struggles this team seems to go through every year some sort of bad karma this franchise has that can not be shaken no matter what or was it due to the team not being as good then as it is now in regards to roster and overall coaching? I mean, we are much deeper and improved in every aspect. Last 50 games (not counting playoffs) Brindamour as coach is 35-13-2 (that's more wins than TB and Boston, for now, in that time frame). So, to me it could be a little of both. Again, I am sticking to my prediction: This team could win 50 games this year IF they stay healthy and avoid the November-Dec issues they've had in years past.
  2. I do give Columbus credit. They played shut down hockey after they grabbed the lead and at times during the game they looked 'faster' than us, which I found odd because we are a fast team. We blitzed the Islanders with our speed. I guess we were a little gassed from the B2B because when I watched the game our players looked slow from the start like they were running on fumes at times, either that or CBJ's defense was just that good the entire game. CBJ had a B2B too with travel so can't really use that as an excuse. Korpisalo played great. CBJ has always given us fits so I was not surprised this game was as close as it was. It could've gone either way. Very evenly matched. Just got to get a win on their ice a week from this Thursday as payback. If we lose, might as well lose a close one rather than getting blown out IMO because when you lose a close game it tells the fans we gave it our best but came up short. Gotta get off to a good start on this road trip. I know it's early, but it's important they get a point, if not a win in LA. Get back on track. This road trip includes another B2B so survive these three games and then recharge the batteries. After Friday don't play again until the following Thursday at CBJ.
  3. LOL. But that is how some fans are on other boards regarding this team after one stinking loss. If I remember correctly, didn't we lose one game last year too? Didn't every team lose 1 game?
  4. It's crazy. If I remember correctly we had a ton of back to backs last year too, most than any other team I believe. I mean look at Arizona, I counted, they only have 13 B2B's this year. 13 and we have what, 17!!
  5. Not panicking at all yet...way too early for that. November seems to always be our worst month. Gotta see how we do that month. I don't see this team tanking like in years past during that time...but time will tell. Starting to get a little worried about Aho not scoring but 1 point thus far.
  6. I'm sure there were quite a few games last year that we didn't have it but there is one in particular that we came out 'flat' in. In that game, at home WPG spanked us 8-1. I'll take a 3-2 loss for a team that came out 'flat' than an 8-1 loss. It just goes to show you this team is miles better than last year. Goaltending might even be the same if not better than last season. This team didn't have it last night and STILL kept the game close and almost escaped with at least a point if not for the turnover. That's pretty remarkable and it's never fun talking about a loss. Yes, it's October and it's a long season. I'd love for us to take at least 4 points on this 3 game trip through California, which includes ANOTHER B2B. Maybe the boys will be extra motivated after there play yesterday to get right back on the saddle and not have a repeat game unless the goalie lays an egg. The only thing I'm starting to panic a little about is Aho. When is he going to get hot? Is he having his usual October slow start, which if that's the case we'll find out when November gets here or is it something else. Nino is closer to breaking out at this point than Aho is. I just find it a little odd that his (Aho) line hasn't gotten in the groove yet (Teuvo is hot though) because that line had chemistry last season once Nino came over.
  7. Amazing. One thing I don't want to happen after a franchise best start is to miss the playoffs. I've not anywhere close to hitting the panic button on this team and only 3 teams have missed the playoffs after having the start Carolina has had and the last was the Canadiens in 2015-2016. Like I said, I do believe we can win 50 games but for that prediction to come to fruition got to see where we are record wise after November, which is around the time we have a yearly collapse. Although with the way this team is built this year I don't see that happening. Only time will tell. We need to have a good road trip. Pick up 4 or 5 points before coming back home for that week break. Ottawa beat Tampa Bay and I'm sure Tampa Bay were heavy favorites in that game, especially now that they have Point back. There defense is not playing up to par right now. Their PK is really struggling. Our PK is better than theirs at the moment. You can have the best team on paper, have to show it on the ice.
  8. You know, I've been thinking. What is the best start to a season without a loss for an NHL team?
  9. I'm going to stick by what I've been saying. This team has something to prove this year after what they did last season. All the offseason acquisitions and trades has definitely made this team better. They just have to show it on the ice. Yes, they lost last night and they'll lose again this season. It's a long season and one loss is not the end of the world. Anyway, barring any major injuries to our star players I do think this team will win 50 games and may even set a franchise record for wins in a season (that's franchise record since they moved to Carolina) if they win more than 52. The fact they lost 3-2 by playing a 'stinker' tells you how good this team can be when they're on. Heck, that game could've gone either way. Gotta give Columbus credit too, they played shut down hockey on the road after they got the lead and they've always given us fits. Hopefully, the way they played last night will motivate them to start out better on this trip and get a win in LA. They have another B2B and 3 games in 5 days off in California before they have a week off. The NHL has been really rough on them to start this season (3 B2B's in the first month seems like punishment). To prove last night's game is behind them they really need to have a better start in LA. Aho NEEDS to get going. Again, it could be his usual October slump he's had since he's been in the league but he's making me wonder if he's even worth the contract he signed. He should be performing. He has no pressure on him because the contract is signed. Nino is starting to break out. He doesn't have a goal but he has 3 assists and 3 points in his last 3 games. I do have a feeling he'll pot 1 before Aho gets going. However, being 5-1 with Aho not scoring just goes to show you we don't NEED him to contribute to win, but we do NEED him to get hot because I can only imagine how this team will be when he gets hot. The goals will come. He's too good to be playing like this. I can understand if he was under pressure from waiting for a new contract to sign but it's signed. No more pressure. Just play your game. Maybe Brindy should have a closed door meeting with him. Here's hoping for a very successful west coast trip. Right now it appears the only tough opponent record wise is Anaheim. But any of those teams can beat us. We put our best game on the ice these next three games we have a chance. Let's not let this loss carry over to a losing streak. Pick up the pieces, move on and play a better game Tuesday. I'm looking forward to revenge on the 24th too in CBJ. On a side note: In case Brindy wants to break up the lines or something leave the Dzingel-Haula-Necas line together. That's the one line that is contributing consistently and TT and Nino are starting to get going (Nino has 3 assists). Just get Aho going. Get em Tuesday Carolina. LA is a dangerous team right now. Look what they did to Nashville late in the game.
  10. The good thing about this loss is that it was well played. I think losses like this are easier to take than an 8-1 drubbing (like WPG gave us last season). I just want the team to play hard. If they lose they lose, as long as they play hard and give their best. I don't know if they gave their best because the players said they were flat but they played hard and that's all you can ask for. Korpisalo played well and Reimer continues to play well for us. Rebound vs LA and start another streak. We can't let this loss turn into a losing streak. Yeah, teams will have those and I did mention earlier that with the season being so long I think any losing streaks greater than 5 games put teams in jeopardy of missing the playoffs. On the bright side TB lost to Ottawa (gave Ottawa their 1st win). TB has not been playing all that well this year. Likely still hung over from being swept by CBJ last season. Picking up 5 of 6 points on this three game road trip before week layoff would be real nice. Only two undefeated teams left now in the NHL (Colorado and Edmonton). Buffalo and PHI also do not have a regulation loss but they do have an OT/SO loss. Despite the loss I still think this team will win 50 games. They've already proven what they can do after last year.
  11. Canes weren't the Canes in the first 5 games. Gotta give credit to Columbus though. They played a really good road game and they've given us fits every year. Even I knew we weren't going to win every game, as much as I'd like them too we can't, it's an impossible dream. Regarding Aho, I hope he is having his usual (except last season) October slump because this appears to be more than snake bit, it's like a witch put a spell on him. At times he looks like he's doing too much on the ice. I hope he and Nino get going soon. It's nice being 5-1 and he's not hot yet. I think Nino, with the chances he's getting will get hot before Aho. Now, the test is to see how this team will rebound after a loss. This is there first one and there will be more this season. It's time to see if they can start off on the right foot on this road trip. I do know the Dzingel-Haula-Necas line has some chemistry and Aho's line is getting chances so they're GETTING there, it's just a matter of WHEN that line will get hot. The good thing about last night was we FINALLY had a well played game in regards to penalties. Only had 3. That's more like it. Nothing is good about the loss but sweep it under the rug and move on because no team in NHL history, not even the Edmonton Oilers in the Wayne Gretzky era when they won all those cups went 82-0. I didn't lose any sleep over the loss. I kinda knew it was going to happen. Yeah, it was to a division rival but hey, we can get our revenge on them in two weeks (24th), we're back in Columbus. Nice start to the season and with how we've been playing the last 50 games (when we started playing better), I don't see this team tanking. Only time will tell. I won't be on the boards Tuesday since they're out west. I'll be sleeping but wishing them luck.
  12. Great win. We're 5-0 and Aho only has 1 point all season and Nino has no goals but he has 3 assists. Nino may be on the verge of breaking out. He had a really good game last night (2 assists and his line was all over the ice last night). Can you imagine how better this team will be when Aho and Nino start getting hot? Wow. Scares me to think about it. Stop the penalties. Our PK is getting work and is a tad better this year than last year at this time and our PP is much better last year. I think overall as the season goes on our PK will be even better than last year (it's only 5 games old). Something about Haula's play this year tells me he's going to be comeback player of the year in the NHL. He's on fire and with his net front on the 2nd PP unit he's going to create a lot of goals on screens and get a lot of garbage goals. Hamilton will likely have 20 goals this year. I like what Brindamour said about the 5-0 start. He said it's irrelevant. We're just trying to win the the day. I love that. Don't even focus on the record. Just focus on each day and trying to win. Now, I know we're not going to win every game but with the way we're playing, I really don't want us to lose a game, but at the same time, when we do get our first loss, how will we respond to that loss next game. Right now we've beaten some really good goalies: Price, Holtby, Bobrovsky, Greiss (whom owns us) and we get at least 3 on each of them. We don't have a game yet of scoring LESS than 3 goals. It shows you how good offensively this team is right now. Don't slack off tonight against Columbus. They may be 1-3 of the year but they've always given us fits. It was nice to finally see us beat Greiss in the regular season. Win tonight and make it a great weekend heading on the road trip. I know it's early but this team is far and away better than last years and it's been fun to watch them play.
  13. Good article. I hope Martinook bounces back without any complications. I still think this team will do fine without him. Time for Gauthier to show what he can do at the NHL level. Not taking anything away from Martinook but at least he plays on the 4th line so he's not one of our top tier players. Yes, like I mentioned earlier he does rally the team in the locker room but I'm sure Brindy will find someone else to fill Marty's void. None of us fans know what goes on in the locker room between periods or during practices. There's bound to be other players whom rally the team. I guess we'll find out soon, maybe tonight or during the road trip. I don't know how long after Staal went down last season that Brindamour gave Slavin the other 'A' until Staal returned.
  14. Source: https://www.espn.com/nhl/story/_/id/27813712/hurricanes-jordan-martinook-set-second-core-muscle-surgery
  15. I know I asked the question but I wouldn't mind it being Aho. I've heard a lot of talk that he may very well be this teams future captain. Why not give him the 'practice' and put an 'A' on his jersey. Martinook will be missed but I'm sure the team will do fine without him. We still have our Captain and one of our alternates (in Staal and Slavin) and when we lost Staal for almost half the season (Martinook won't be out that long), we did fine because we had our captain Williams still in the lineup and the team overall continued to play well. I don't know what goes on in the locker room but besides Marty I'm sure there are other players whom rally the boys together. Injuries are a part of the game. Time to see if we can overcome this one, which I think we will. Not taking anything away from Martinook but he's not an Aho, Teuvo or Staal or Svech, whom are some of our scorers and best players. We lose one or more of them for significant periods I think the outcome will be different. Also, time to see how deep we are. Be nice if Gauthier plays well in Martinooks absense. I've never watched Gauthier play so I know nothing about him, all I know is that he scored a lot of goals last year so he's obviously a goal scorer and he's got 2 goals in 2 games this season in the AHL. I know he had a great training camp and would've made the roster if not for issues with the cap space for the team. I will expect Martinook will be back by Thanksgiving, or knowing how tough he is maybe even before the 6 week time frame. It also makes me wonder when he aggravated it? This is the same muscle he had surgery on during the offseason. Did he aggravate it during the game or when he was sleeping at home? Just makes you wonder.
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