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  1. CBJ has been playing well lately. I would not be surprised if they squeak in as the final WC when all is said and done. Many, including me, thought they'd fade after losing two of their stars (Bobrovsky and Panarin) but they're not going away quietly. It's why it's important we keep all of them behind us. Let's worry about all the teams in front of us in the division when we face them (still have the Isles 3x, Pens 4x and Capitals 1x).
  2. Agreed. If my math is correct, we're 3-7-1 vs our own division and that includes 0-3 against the Rags, 0-2 vs the Flyers and 0-1-1 vs CBJ. All teams below us in the division. I guess the positive about this is that we're 2-1 vs Washington and 1-0 vs Islanders. Both are above us. We have yet to face the Pens. At this point it seems we fare well against the better teams and struggle against the worse teams. We need that to even out. We have Philly on Tuesday, and WSH and CBJ on the road after this homestand so we have a chance to improve our division record coming up. If we can end up with a .500 record vs the division and keep our dominant play going against non divisional opponents throughout the season that should boost our positioning in the playoff race. Right now we're above the cut line strictly due to our play vs non divisional opponents (Atlantic) and the teams in the Western Conference. Imagine how much better we'd be if we improve or start to improve our divisional play. If we were 6-6-1 or .500 vs our own division right now we'd be sitting in 2nd place behind Washington.
  3. I don't know about anybody else but I'm not focusing on catching the Pens at this point. I'm worried about keeping Philly and everyone else behind us and if we win tonight we'll be 1 point behind the Islanders for third and 3 points ahead of the Flyers (whom occupy the last WC spot at this point BUT are actually struggling; maybe they're coming back down to earth? I don't think anyone expected them to be this good this season) when we face them on Tuesday for another big game. One game at a time.
  4. At this point this is all I care about. Despite our D issues we're on a 100 point pace folks. 2nd most points in franchise history. Always room for improvement but this is what I care about; we're still winning. Who knows, we may pick up more D during the trade deadline this season. I don't think we need any more skilled forwards at this point.
  5. I'm surprised Aho's not going and like someone said, I'm surprised Svech is not going. Heck, I'm surprised Hamilton got the only all-star nod (Teuvo last man in).
  6. Agreed. Especially all the B2B'ers in March. That will be a killer.
  7. I assume you're talking about Pittsburgh right? If so that is beyond bizarre. I don't recall that ever happening, but what are the odds of playing WSH at home twice in a week (during this next homestand). That to me is weird. I can see playing them twice in a week in a home and home.
  8. I don't know but here's a thought I was just thinking: What if Justin Williams decides to come back at a time when this team finally is gelling and all lines are finally contributing? I mean there's chemistry and we're scoring better and playing better and winning a lot of games (we found our swagger again that we seemed to have lost these last 4 games). This is ALL lines. Not just one or two. The adage goes if it ain't broke don't fix it. Where would Rod fit him in the lineup when the team is hot? This is of course a WHAT IF scenario. As far as we all know Williams could be getting into playing shape right now. You would think he'd come back after Martinook went down and Brindamour would put the 2nd 'A' on his sweater until Martinook comes back (like Slavin took Staal's replacement as 'A' last season until Staal came back) because he'd add some leadership to that locker room.
  9. That's good news. Like I said, I'm pretty sure he'd be in the line up Thursday. Fortunately, this 6 days off came at the right time it appears. I guess he passed concussion protocol when he exited the game and I assume they left him out of the game for precautionary reasons (may have had a headache). At least it's not the hip. That hip injury ended his season last year. The team has scored 30 goals this year and he and Hamilton have 1/3 of those goals (12). We need more from Aho, Nino, Staal, Dzingel and everyone. Has to start soon or it's going to be a long season. Haula and Hamilton can't score every game.
  10. Colorado has been lights out this year along with Edmonton and Buffalo. Can anyone stop those teams right now? We've been cooled down, somebody needs to cool them down now..
  11. That is true. It was nice to see Haula get that goal though. Maybe that will wake the PP up a bit. I would say maybe after 15-20 games into the season that's when we'll know how good our PP is because by then teams will know our PP. It went stagnant until Haula scored though. I like Hamilton and Gardiner on the points though because they both have blistering slappers. This lone time off is a good time to work on our PP at practice or watch video of it and for Haula to get better. Any news on him? I misspoke in another post, it was an upper body injury he suffered (at least it's not his hip) and at this point he's day to day and Brindamour wasn't too concerned about it. I'm 99.9 % sure he'll be in the lineup Thursday. It's probably nothing that little ice paks won't fix. If there is one time we need this long layoff it's right now. This team needs to get hot again and Haula needs to heal. I'm not worried at all yet because the next three games this month (2 at home) are winnable, we just have to stop coming out of the gate stagnant.
  12. That is literally Gretzkyesque. But...McDavid IS human isn't he? He will slow down.
  13. That's what is impressive about this team. All those back to backs and still 6-2. I don't think many times that had 6 of their first 8 games this season B2B would do any better. Just wait until our schedule gets more spaced out and normal (games every two-3 days). This team will likely do even better. Yeah, we still have 13 B2B's left but we don't have any more B2B's until November. Our first month schedule has been brutal. After Friday it finally gets more normalized.
  14. An Avalanche is happening in DC right now (4-0 Avs). Holtby gave up 4 goals on 5 shots and has been pulled. Not even out of the first period yet. I am surprised by the Sabres start as well. Don't know if they can sustain it though. I'm more surprised about the Stars though. Edmonton plays later tonight and they're 5-0 (one of only 2 undefeated teams left in the NHL; Colorado being the other). Edmonton has been a surprise too and James Neal has resurrected his career there to this point. Can they continue their success? Lots of unanswered questions to this point.
  15. Maybe get in a fight.😉 You never know, a fight may be the spark he needs to get on a roll. I know it sounds bizarre but it may take something bizarre to shake the hex he's in right now.
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