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  1. Nearly all the away games are televised, that's not what the big fuss was about here. The fact that the late owner of the team flat out refused to EVER televise the home games is what rubbed so many Chicago fans the wrong way all these years. Only 10 of those roughly 50 televised games this past season were home games, and all of those games were negotiated to be aired after Mr. Wirtz's death. Home TV games in Chicago is a huge deal.
  2. It's about darn time, i say! Sorry to hear the canes don't have all theirs televised, but hopefully you guys won't have to wait 40+ years like we did! Not sure if this part is OK to post or not, so feel free to remove this......... but have any of you guys used Sopcast to watch the games? I was able to watch all the non-televised Hawk games on my computer thanks to the opposing team's broadcast. Sopcast saved my life this season
  3. You beat me to it I'm sad to say nobody here in Chicago Ruuuuu'd for him, though I for one certainly Ruuuuuuuu the day we traded him. Put those tomatoes away folks, that's my only stinker for the day!!!
  4. I hate to be a Negative Nelly here, but can you really list the jerseys as "authentic" when they're actually replicas and not the authentics? Perhaps I'm mistaken here, but to me authentic=fight strap.
  5. Pardon me if this has already been addressed, but does this radio announcer remind anyone else of John Madden? I'm waiting for the "BOOM!"
  6. I don't know about the other guy, but I was looking for a video stream not an audio one. This announcer is brutal...
  7. definitely the best save i've ever seen, that's for sure!
  8. Hey now! I know my Hawks aren't the most consistent team around (or even remotely consistent, for what it's worth) but they completely OWNED the Caps that game. The Hawks had Ovechkin's number the entire 60 minutes. Any team that can limit the NHL's leading goal scorer to only 2 measly shots in a game deserves some respect. It was an awesome game from start to finish (at least as a Hawks fan it was) but the Caps never stood a chance.
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