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  1. i agree, the only thing that is saving the coaches skin, is Skinner.
  2. ruutu jokinen samsonov, sure looked good to me.
  3. 1 injury resulted in 3 different line combinations. little chemistry. effort is still definetly there. GO CANES !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. judging by the officiating, it is clear the NHL favors a boston vs. pittsburgh match-up.
  5. "YUGO" JUssi JOkinen. you go jussi jokinen!!!!!!!!!
  6. cole, rutuu and staal, hurricane hockey. CRASHH LINE.
  7. unfortunately sergei was guy carbonneau's orignal whipping boy. an easy target for carbo. a smaller, skilled european. obviuosly hockey media would side with their contemporary whom they all respected as player. in the end carbo loved the attention when things were going good, but dished out BLAME when things were not. truth is sergei is a real good player except in montreal and canadian media.
  8. if a team wanted sergei, i think it would be a team destined for the playoffs. he provided a nice spark to the oilers. and could do the same now.
  9. usually when staal rushes into the defensive zone, the defense is already in position. lots of turnovers.
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