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  1. lehts is my favorite goalie in the nhl but he is really starting to look injury prone and we can't afford to have our top goalie hurt for a third of each season pavs is playing lights out and he looks like he'll be just as good if not better than lehtonen i hope lehtonen can get on a good team and prove to everyone how good he is but it just seems like it isn't gonna happen in atlanta and i think it is time for both sides to move on
  2. the top two from each team(based on careers) forwards ATL-kovalchuk, little WAS-ovechkin, semin CAR-staal, brind'amour FLA-horton, weiss TB-lecavalier, st.louis defensemen ATL-hainsey, exelby WAS-green, poti CAR-corvo, pitkanen FLA-bouwmeester TB-meszaros, eminger goalies ATL-pavelec WAS-theadore CAR-ward FLA-vokoun TB-smith
  3. i am laughing my *edit* off at mark recchi for those of you that don't know atlanta after giving him a chance when he was waived by pittsburgh tried to resign him in the off season and he declined saying in an interview that he wanted to play for a team where he had a chance to win the cup, then about a week later he signed in tampa well now the thrahsers are .500 and on a 5 game winning streak and the dolts are this pathetic excuse for a team you know when you have an all-star roster for forwards and you are only last in the league in goals per game something is wrong they even improved their goaltending and still suck this ownership has no idea what they are doing
  4. the thrashers may have the best d in the southeast right now too bad our offense is probably the worst in the southeast
  5. i can asure you that all thrashers fans are either just ok with this or despise it and we hope that by not buying them the team will decide to stop wearing them the number on the front is my only problem with it this is not the nba the maroon is supposed to hark back to our original home jerseys before they were replaced by the blue and well...it doesn't and the numbers on the gloves are just particular to the players gear, not the jersey itself there is a non posed picture of our alternate captains in them that makes them look slightly less bad but all in all easily the worst thrasher jersey ever created i wish we would make our away jerseys our home as well
  6. thank god the sabres finally kept a player too bad we started doing that this year instead of last
  7. would you canes fans have any interest in todd white? no. i didn't think so <_< oh well
  8. it's a 1yr, 3mill deal which in my mind says kari=trade bait too bad to cause behind even an average defense he would be allstar
  9. i'm sorry but if you think that you obviously don't know much about us then with better management we would make almost as much money as some of the lesser "hockey market" teams atlanta is a city FULL of northern transplants why do you think we always sell out sabres/penguins games? because we have so many people living in the city that moved from those areas in terms of potential and corporate money atlanta is one of the best in the league unfortunately in terms of owners and management we are dead last our management has cut little phrases like "even though we suck, ticket prices have to rise. deal with it."
  10. that is exactly what we are doing we are going to have at least 3 players playing their first full season this year, possibly more i can also garuntee you that if we are able to get nikilun to come over from russia finally that bogosian will most likely not play for us this year if we add nikilun we will have to demote havelid and enstrom to the second pairing leaving just two spots for valabik, exelby, klee, and bogosian valabik has proven he deserves a shot and there is no way we would be able to move both exelby and klee(much less stomach their prices as a healthy scratch) so i doubt that bogosian will be on the team this year unless it is tword the end of the season or at the very begining
  11. hey everyone i'm from atlanta and just wanted to say a few things i'm not trying to star a fight so i'll try and avoid doing so the thrashers major problem last year was defense we were consistantly allowing 35-40 shots a game and despite this lehtonen had a save percentage of .916 and was in the top five in save percentage after the all star break he had a groin injury last year so he won't have another one until 10-11 season if he stays on schedule(plus he has been conditioning quite a bit) a poster on the thrahser boards posted some numbers this morning that indicated that if kari faced about 8-12 shots fewer per night last year we would have had similar goals against per game as detroit and if we scored about half a goal more per game we would have had the same goals for per game as detroit so if our defense can allow 28-32 shots per night(which really shouldn't be too hard for an nhl defense) we would have a goals against average of around 2.18 which most nhl teams can win with with the additions of ron hainsey and increased playing time for boris valabik, along with possible aditions of bogosian and ilya nikulin and the better puck control system of john anderson who will finally do away with the horrible dump and chase that has become the thrashers trade mark i'm hoping that it wouldn't be too hard for atlanta to give up a less rediculous number of shots and result in fewer goals scored against us add in the fact that we have some promising young players(little, christiansen, armstrong) and we have gotten rid of tyhe millions of dollars of dead weight that was lumberjack holik and zhitnik, and of course kovalchuk and i think that the thrashers could be one of the surprising teams this season and possibly even make the playoffs of course we could also be even worse then last year but i'm a little more on the optomistic side anyway good luck with the upcoming season adn i look forward to watching our teams compete
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