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  1. http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/news?slug=ap-blackhawks-ruutu&prov=ap&type=lgns' target="_blank">http://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/news?slug=ap-b...p&type=lgns[/post] FYI, here is that link. I re read the article...'wrong place, wrong time, happens to me all the time'. Wondering if he was talking about his years with the Blackhawks....
  2. Hey Carolina, Chicago guy here. Ok, here is my take on Ruutu; I hated to see him traded. He was one of the hardest working Hawks in my opinion. He is a HUGE physical presence on the ice and I think you fans will fall in love with this guy very quick. He is one who will fight in the corners and dig out the puck. He is a hard forechecker. He finishes his checks HARD which is a rarity these days for a forward. Most of all, he does have some offensive skill. This year he is in a funk. In my opinion, I think it is because of all the injuries and line juggling that has been going on. He couldn't really find his role this year. But hopefully in Carolina he will. You should see some of the highlight goals that he has had in his short career. Granted we didn't see them this year. But look at that goal he scored in the worlds (I'm guessing that is on the youtube link posted above). Hopefully when he becomes a rfa, Hawks will get him back. I was bummed to see him leave. On the lighter side, funny story. This year, Ruutu was arrested for robbery. It so happens the Blackhawks practice facility is not in the best of neighborhoods. After practice, he was jogging in a black hoodie and black track pants. Well police came up behind him and arrested him because he fit the description of someone who robbed a apartment complex earlier. He spent some time in back of the squad car and at the station. When the police realized they made a mistake, he laughed and signed autographs for all the policemen. Then he was interviewed and chalked up the experience as being 'fun' and understood. Kind of a class act. Could you imagine if it was some high profile athlete in another sport. Not prejudice at all, but I could totally see the race card being played....save that for another topic. Anyway...good luck Ruutie. We'll miss you here in chicago!
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