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  1. CBS Sportsline has a thread on this where their writer says this is the white flag from the Canes. Sens fans seem pretty stoked about Stillman, but they're also thinking they got Commodore to be a stay at home defenseman. Joke's on them, unless they like stupid penalties. I agree with the previous post that called out #22 for regressing since 2006. ...As for Ladd: he's about 22 years old, guys. Calm down.
  2. Good for the Checkers--though I have to say, I haven't been inclined to go to any games since they moved downtown. I hate that arena. The old one on Independence was so much better. But it's nice to know that hockey should stay viable in the Queen City for the foreseeable future.
  3. Samsonov continues to impress--I'm against bringing him back next year because lightning doesn't often strike twice and he apparently has to be desperate to play well. But it's giving me cause to reconsider. What a goal! The physical stuff is their game, not ours. We played better with Gleason gone, in my opinion. We ought to dress 6 D every night...that way everyone knows he has to peform. Ward was way better than just solid tonight--that last 15 seconds was as good as he's been all year. Hopefully he can remember what that feels like when we get Toronto, which lost a real close game to St. Louis tonight when the ref waved off a goal late in the 3rd. They're mad and they will play physical like the Rangers but with more edge because of that loss, I think. The good news for us is they won't get the lame calls they got up in Toronto from refs I still think were Leafs players in disguise.
  4. Maybe we can "loan" them Ron Francis again. And then, he can trade us all the talent, retire, and come back to Raleigh. Wait...what talent?? Oh yeah...
  5. The NYI announcers went back and replayed the Commodore "cross-check" and found it to be legal. According to them, he had a right to be there and establish position...and, he didn't push Fedotenko very hard. Brind'Amour got taken by surprise by Sutton--one minute, he's alone in front, and then Sutton skates up and whacks him from behind. Totally unexpected and therefore dangerous. Also, for my money (remember the SCF between TB and Calgary?) Fedotenko, like LaRose, loses his balance a lot when hit, so refs may not pay as much attention? LaRose can at least point to his size as a reason, Fedotenko just falls over a lot.
  6. The Detroit Red Wings. Go ask them if they mind being in a stillborn division. The difference is, they win the division by a mile and get to rest the final month of the season. And then they choke in the playoffs (because of rust?), whereas we take up to the final week to get in/be eliminated.
  7. Actually, Staal got up so slowly from that hit that I thought he might be woozy. Good to see him back out there, but I'll be looking today to see if he's feeling any effects. Definitely not a dive. Plus, on CenterIce they had the NYI feed and both announcers played it back and basically came to the conclusion that it was a rough, where the Isles' player got both hands up into Staal's head and drove it into the boards. Stupid play by an undisciplined team (shorthanded 8th-most often in the NHL this season).
  8. LaRose was on a line with Walker...and somebody. I'm jacked about the win and can't remember. Anyway, I dispute the assertion that this was a "stolen" win for the Canes: if not for an idiot installing the stanchions to give wacky bounces, Hilbert never would have had that goal. Like the "live" end boards in Buffalo, the glass in Nassau is ridiculous and needs to be looked at by the league. Overall, I thought we showed two bad tendencies: fiddling aroudnwith the puck too much, looking for that "perfect" shot that is never going to be there (see esp. the PP that ran over into OT); and playing too often behind the net and along the boards. Does anyone think we should be sending the puck to the front of the net more? I'm going to cruise by the Blackhawks board and be a fly on the wall for the wailing over Samsonov's latest good game!
  9. My silly conspiracy theory is that the Blackhawks want him and we're giving them Grahame in a Samsonov-esque deal. Then, at the deadline, the Hawks waive their whole team and we claim everyone. Seriously, the way we are BFFs with Chicago lately, this could happen!
  10. Despite their recent hot streak, this likely will bring Pittsburgh back down to where it should be. The team has no defense, and its forwards are a spotty bunch, except for Malkin. They were a trendy pick for the Cup before the season began and that was based solely on Crosby and the hype machine around him. Now I think we'll see what a shallow team that really is.
  11. Add me to the new Samsonov fans. I thought he could potentially be good on a top line, like Eric Belanger was when we let him go...eventually...to Atlanta by way of (Nashville?). Like some on this very board, the BHawks message board is awash in teeth-gnashing and howling about letting Sammy go and now he's producing. There's real anger over there, but they don't seem to realize that he never would have gotten this opportunity with the Hawks. By the way, March 12 y'all should make the trip up here for the Canes-Hawks team reunion. It'll be nice to see the Adams Family together again (if Kevyn can get healed).
  12. I also don't think the Caps would part with Green unless absolutely unavoidable. I watched the game yesterday between Washington and Philly, and the announcers couldn't say enough about Green. They love him, and the coaches do, too. No way he leaves for less than the moon in return for the Caps.
  13. I've always hated the "low bridge" crap. I think it's unnecessarily dangerous. Plus, the guy using his butt to upend another player has little to no risk to himself; it's all on the player about to go face-first into the ice. Should be illegal.
  14. Well, the bug had to bite OTT eventually. Too bad for Spezza; don't care about Heatley particularly. This gives us a chance against them, maybe.
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