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  1. They probably won't do anything major until Dobey or Ward is back for several games. The passing does indeed suck. The PP only looks good now because we can rarely sustain a forecheck of any kind, so when we establish possession on the PP, it looks freaking awesome. Our PP is still #21 in the league. Imagine being abandoned in the woods for 2 days with no food. Suddenly, McDonald's looks like a 5 star meal. Semin has been rough on the offensive blueline at times but he is backchecking and I see hustle out of him. Not sure why he's getting called out as much as I've seen/heard the last week. If Eric was hustling like Semin has, I wouldn't be calling for Eric to be scratched.
  2. Agreed. I think it essentially was assault. Holtby made it pretty obvious he wasn't willing to fight. I think it's ridiculous Murphy got the maximum fine but the kid's got so much character I don't think it'll faze him. I thought it was borderline, but he got the guy above the knees despite the other guy jumping.
  3. Wrong - I'm saying there are 12 forwards in the organization who are not the Captain of this team. Of course he doesn't get all of the blame for this team's problems, but how can you blame the other 12 forwards without first blaming the supposed Captain and leader? When you make a screwup at work, does your boss's boss's boss come yell at you first? I'll concede taking the C away is probably counter-productive, but Eric is not as untouchable as he might think and I'm surprised how many here apparently think he is even if they won't say it. He needs to act like a leader instead of needing one to lead him all the time. He's a grown man making several million dollars a year and he's capable of leading this team. He did a fine job all of last year including when we sucked. All I'm suggesting is we hold him accountable.
  4. IMO it doesn't matter. Put Lindholm there. The point isn't to win a game or two without him, the point is to hold Eric accountable. Like I said, if he responds (like I would expect), then great. If not, then trading him isn't off the table. At least then Eric isn't "hands off" and is free to continue coasting around racking up penalties. Semin and several of the young guys have been showing more leadership than the captain has.
  5. I don't think JR has to take that drastic of a measure to shake up the team. I think Eric either needs to be scratched, or needs to have his captaincy revoked. He is NOT leading this team. Eric Staal did not show up until 5:30 remaining in the 3rd period. Prior to that, the only thing he did was coast around the ice, turn the puck over 4 times in one shift, and rack up 4 PIM. He has been lazy, unmotivated, and uninspiring, all qualities of one of thirty NHL captains? I think not. We see this from Eric year in and year out and he has had more than long enough to stop pouting with his play. The Canes pay this guy several millions to LEAD this team and he is NOT doing his job. I don't care about his numbers, I care about his work ethic and leadership more and there has been very little of either. Scratch him for a game. If he comes back and remembers how to lead, and plays with some intensity, great. If he throws a hissy fit when he returns, strip him of the C. He is the leader of this team. He needs to be held accountable. How the heck should we know if it's a systems or coaching problem if your captain isn't even showing up? I've had it with this kid. It's time for him to be a MAN.
  6. Ouch what's with the Ron the Ref hate? He does his job just fine. A little hard to understand sometimes but I'm honestly not paying attention to much other than the game.
  7. I can see the irony, but I wouldn't call Cam overpaid, especially considering the source (a disgruntled Devils fan). In the not so distant past we were crusing to a SE div title with a healthy Cam. He's so-so on breakaways and terrible in the post-game skills competition, but he gives us a chance to win far more often than not.
  8. There are periods and commas on your keyboard. Please use them because it is hard to read some of those... sentences. I just hope it isn't Ward's same knee and Skins doesn't have another concussion. His career is at risk if he does. We need the kid healthy and he's had a much better start this year despite the naysayers.
  9. I did some quick math in Excel for "fun". Based on the 22 skaters so far this season, and calculating their +/- per minute TOI, the team average +/- is a -2.59 so Jordan is right there at the average. However, considering his line is often matched up against the other team's top line, I'd say that's not a bad number for him and his two regular wingers. Plus/minus always has to be put into context to be at all useful. Gerbs and Patty are also a -3. That line was put together not because they were going to blow the doors off the goaltender, but because they had such good chemistry. Gerbs has overperformed early with 4G and 3A, and Dwyer has 1A. Jordan and Patty are our best up front PK'ers and they've done a respectable job. I'm not going to defend his point total. His scoring numbers are identical to Harrison's. He needs to produce more, but his brother, the captain of this team is sitting at a -8 and if it weren't for a Harrison fighting major, Eric would lead the team in PIM by 4 minutes. Semin has been a turnover machine at the offensive blueline, Tlusty got off to a slow start, and Ruutu is ice cold and who knows if he'll ever return to form. These guys have some answering to do as well when it comes to production. The guy I was most concerned about to start the year, Skinner, has been great. Half the PIM of Eric, 1 more assist, and has a team-leading PLUS 5. And he's done it from the 3rd line and the PP. Oh, and he's injured. Bottom line we're a .400 team until we get Ward or Dobey back (no offense to Peters). I don't think the team will start putting more goals in the net until they are able to stop worrying about who is in net. edit: oh, and our 3 goaltenders are a combined 0.891%.
  10. I want a healthy Dobey to push Cam too, but Cam was on his game in Toronto.
  11. :like: Will keep this in mind next game
  12. They bounced back in a solid way Saturday night. Khobodin was 4 minutes away from his own shutout and the Canes were difficult to play against. Four games in four nights is no small feat. Yes yes, it wasn't the same 21 man roster every night, for sure, but that's a truly bizarre experience for them, surely. To put together a win on the 4th night after suffering a terrible loss the night before speaks to the character of the team. This experience before the season even starts is invaluable. I'm reserving my judgement till the first 10 games of the regular season. Preseason is experimentation time. I'm not worried yet. Though I am legitimately worried about Cam. Waivers? Dunno. I doubt Westgarth will go first. He played really well at the end of last season. I think Boychuk is done. Dalpe's chances are almost gone too. Bowman is working really hard and he looked good last night.
  13. Eric, we are all praying and wishing for a speedy and full recovery for you. Obviously, we're thankful that it is not as bad as it easily could've been, but it'll still be a tough road to recovery: stay positive! Looking forward to October and seeing a revitalized and refreshed Captain ready to lead the way and kick some tail!
  14. Thank God the injury apparently isn't as bad as it certainly could have been. Wishing Eric a speedy and full recovery. The finger biter is Burrows, not Bieksa. Lucic taunting Burrows after the finger biting incident: http://gifsoup.com/view/2960103/lucic-fingers-burrows.html
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