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  1. pepcane, loved your reply, I'm not quoting the whole thing for brevity's sake, but thanks for the great post. It makes me happy to hear that you had such a great time at the event, especially since you are so much farther away than most. The ability of the players/org to do events like this isn't a finite quantity. If they are happy with this event at the size it ended up being, happy with the turnout, etc, then great, keep it in this new format and just add another, smaller event. Dundon has been saying how he wants the players to be more accessible. Fine, then put them out there. What are practices even like now? They never seem to be held on weekends so I haven't attended one in years. I remember back in the olden days of the RecZone, it was easy to chat with the players and get autographs. The practices at the arena, not so much. I remember they used to have a night practice once a year -- ugh that was ages ago. Those always seemed more fun for some reason, I remember almost all the players stopping and signing as they left (in their cars) because there was a big group out there waiting...
  2. Yeah, I left out the select-a-seat. Isn't it really an issue only if you change price levels though? I have the 2nd time slot currently and I have never been able to upgrade my seats to better ones in my section because everyone keeps their seats. If I ever changed price levels and moved, it might come in handy, I guess. I 100% agree with you on interaction with players. The two options you mentioned are kind of on opposite poles - one is kid-centric and the other is about the food/auctions, etc, and costs $$$. There's nothing in between. I don't remember the thing with Brindy, either it wasn't an option for us or like many things they have done during the years, it was during a weekday when most people are at work. I remember when the STH party used to be at like 5pm on a weekday so basically you had to take time off to be able to attend. They've improved that, at least.
  3. Yeah they should get credit. I believe right now the only thing based on "priority" is how much of a discount you get at the Eye. For the last couple years (doesn't seem to be in effect this year), they had that star ratings thing which was basically the opposite, it was based on how much $$ you spent. So a brand new STH that got a 11-game plan downstairs received more benefits than someone that had a full plan upstairs for 15 years.
  4. Of course it's not THE reason, but over the last many lean years, I have considered many times downgrading to a half plan. This event was one of the reasons I didn't. That's all I'm saying.
  5. Of course a bigger number looks better, but they can tell the players it's only a portion of the STH. I mean, it wouldn't be a secret. For example, I'm pretty sure the players don't think the number of people at Casino Night, represents anything about the size of the fanbase. And oh yes, I always make my complaints known And I had several convos about this with people at the event and everyone said they would be contacting people about it, so... *shrug* Thanks for your thoughtful reply.
  6. Don't exaggerate or anything, the event last year was a great size. And, tbh, no, even if if was down to 500 people, so what? Nobody is saying don't have an event for all STH. I'm just saying, don't take away what was basically our last perk. Have this, and then have a smaller event for full STH. If this was the org's idea of "keeping numbers up and enticing people" to get full plans, then they need more help than I thought.
  7. You mean by the org? There wasn't anything like that. No Q&A or anything. It was literally a practice (which you couldn't attend if you wanted autographs), autograph tables, and a walk through the locker room or media lounge (and a few on-ice events like skating or getting a photo on the bench).
  8. Was wondering what people thought that attended the event today. Now called the "Meet the Team Event" instead of STH party, and with the name change came a serious downgrade of experience, IMO. This event was one of the last perks left of being a full plan holder, and now it is open to all season ticket members. As such, the lines were insane. Instead of getting all the players autographs like we have every year, we only managed two tables. Some people only got through one. They also ditched the dessert, and started running out of food (limited options to begin with -- all items that are normally offered at games) before the event ended. But hey, at least we got a (black logo hat) with an STM patch on it!
  9. I see your points and agree that if we just had a winning team, that would change a lot of attitudes. But as far as the fan zone being bad business -- I don't know. I mean, if they came out this week and said they were doing away with it, I'd be done as an STH by necessity. My alternative would be a handful of games a year, and I know I'm not the only one.
  10. Because commitment = $$? Ok. Sorry, but no. How about leaving work early to get to games on time, paying for parking for every game, making plans to get someone to watch the kids/dog whatever for 40 nights a year? People pay what they can afford to pay. Season tickets to a pro team is a luxury item. How much is that season ticket package as a percentage of your income? I go to every game and buy fan zone tickets because it's the only section left I can afford. I'm sorry, but when you're talking about commitment, someone who goes to every game should get more benefits than someone who goes to 12, no matter how much money you're spending.
  11. Is there any way to change the settings so that more than 20 posts per page are displayed? I went to what I would think would be the logical place, "forum settings" and there's no such option. Can this feature be added? I hate having to click on multiple pages for long threads.
  12. ^ agree 100% I wish MLB would go to the NHL's format.
  13. First let me say how amusing it is that every Cole-bashing poster feels the need to preface their comments with "I'm the biggest Cole fan, but..." or "We love him, but..." Now that that's out of the way, let me discuss a few points: This assumes two things -- one, that Cole is finished, and if you believe that, then there's no changing your mind anyway, and two, that JR will actually spend some money on a FA, and we all know how prone JR is to spending $$ on free agents. Why wouldn't he? He'll finally be healthy, and he'll be on a team with a lot of young players that compliment his skillset. It's a great situation for him. The day JR spends big bucks on a "top line winger" is the day I upgrade my seats to the lower bowl. It ain't happening. Again, as much as I'd like to believe we'd get a top six forward or top pairing d-man, it ain't happening. That's not how JR rolls. And also, anyone that feels that way about Cole isn't going to change their mind no matter what I say. He didn't put goals on the board in the playoffs but he's one of the few guys that actually hit people, caused havoc, and wore the other team down with his skating and physicality. He improved as the playoffs went on. Maybe I'm misremembering things, but I seem to recall half our team not producing in the playoffs. Ask Eric Staal if the move was vastly overrated. Ah, I guess you should have lent your crystal ball to JR sometime before March 4. There are other things happening on the ice besides the one player that puts the puck in the net. Cole causes other players to change their game. He makes plays that lead to scoring chances. BTW, he had 76 hits this postseason. That's almost 20 more than the next highest Cane, Gleason, and 4th in the entire playoffs. Yeah, his scoring isn't what it used to be but I don't see anybody here advocating signing him to a "scorer's" contract. If JR can get him for around 2M he'd be stupid not to. He's not going to make the same mistake twice. And those of you mentioning Recchi....and Gerber? Talk about living in the past and trying to recycle garbage. At least Cole is still relatively young.
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