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  1. pepcane, loved your reply, I'm not quoting the whole thing for brevity's sake, but thanks for the great post.  It makes me happy to hear that you had such a great time at the event, especially since you are so much farther away than most. 


    The ability of the players/org to do events like this isn't a finite quantity.  If they are happy with this event at the size it ended up being, happy with the turnout, etc, then great, keep it in this new format and just add another, smaller event.  Dundon has been saying how he wants the players to be more accessible.  Fine, then put them out there. 


    What are practices even like now?  They never seem to be held on weekends so I haven't attended one in years.  I remember back in the olden days of the RecZone, it was easy to chat with the players and get autographs.  The practices at the arena, not so much.  I remember they used to have a night practice once a year -- ugh that was ages ago.  Those always seemed more fun for some reason, I remember almost all the players stopping and signing as they left (in their cars) because there was a big group out there waiting...

  2. 16 minutes ago, remkin said:

    You do get first shot at select a seat if you want to change seats. To me that's the only one worth keeping my priority anyways. I went to the season ticket event my first year and it was great. I had a nice chat with John Forslund and later Tripp, saw the locker room, etc. But it was a bit of a "been there, done that" after that. What would move the dial for me? Maybe a chance to meet players in a non autograph setting, but they charge for that stuff in Skate with Canes and the Casino night.


    A couple of years ago they had a limited engagement lunch with Brind'Amour for maybe 200-300 people. That was pretty cool. But short of something like that, not much would move me to go full season by itself.


    I currently have tickets in "pure hockey'. My seats are a steal, but I"m not invited, despite being a full STH to any of those events. I'm very good with it. The value is great. 


    Yeah, I left out the select-a-seat.  Isn't it really an issue only if you change price levels though?  I have the 2nd time slot currently and I have never been able to upgrade my seats to better ones in my section because everyone keeps their seats.  If I ever changed price levels and moved, it might come in handy, I guess.


    I 100% agree with you on interaction with players.  The two options you mentioned are kind of on opposite poles - one is kid-centric and the other is about the food/auctions, etc, and costs $$$.  There's nothing in between.  I don't remember the thing with Brindy, either it wasn't an option for us or like many things they have done during the years, it was during a weekday when most people are at work.  I remember when the STH party used to be at like 5pm on a weekday so basically you had to take time off to be able to attend.  They've improved that, at least.



  3. 32 minutes ago, cc said:

    I got another one- If someone had season tickets for 17 years but never had a full season plan for various reasons do they get credit.  I for one don't give a crap.  I am just happy to see NHL games.  Its a blessing.


    Yeah they should get credit.  I believe right now the only thing based on "priority" is how much of a discount you get at the Eye. For the last couple years (doesn't seem to be in effect this year), they had that star ratings thing which was basically the opposite, it was based on how much $$ you spent.  So a brand new STH that got a 11-game plan downstairs received more benefits than someone that had a full plan upstairs for 15 years. 

  4. 21 minutes ago, cc said:

    I went- It was fun. I got to see 1/2 hour of morning skate.  Did one table one with Staal,Slavin McEl,Bishop, PDG.  They were very personable.  This assumes you make eys contact say thank you and talk to them 1st.  I ain't a full season STH as I live  70 miles out and wife has a job that would not accomodate that much attendance.   This even if I did have that much cash I was willing to defer from my preparations for retirement. I don't know what the ratio of Full STH to partials but it is possible they are looking to get as many partials as possible to supplant the full STH. I been both a 26 and an miniplan holder for several years.  IMO and I will probably get blasted for this,If the reason or a significant part of why you attend as a full STH is a couple of meet the team events(i.e perks) that speaks to motivation. But what do I know.  I don't Twit but know how to get a hold of team reps if I need to and have had good response.  Better than in the past.


    Of course it's not THE reason, but over the last many lean years, I have considered many times downgrading to a half plan.  This event was one of the reasons I didn't.  That's all I'm saying.

  5. 38 minutes ago, top-shelf-1 said:

    Well for one thing, as a player, would you rather have 500 people or 2,000 (or whatever) showing they support you? Which scenario conveys more fan support and excitement, in the eyes of the roster, do you think?


    I get that you're unhappy with the event, and I applaud you for letting it be known. But I'm curious, have you told the org directly? It's never been easier, the owner has a Twitter account. If you already have, and have encouraged others who were displeased to do so as well, good on ya. If not, I'm honestly not raising it as a rhetorical question: Why not? Let 'em know! They'd probably love the feedback from a stalwart STM.


    Of course a bigger number looks better, but they can tell the players it's only a portion of the STH. I mean, it wouldn't be a secret.  For example, I'm pretty sure the players don't think the number of people at Casino Night, represents anything about the size of the fanbase. 


    And oh yes, I always make my complaints known ;)  And I had several convos about this with people at the event and everyone said they would be contacting people about it, so... *shrug*   Thanks for your thoughtful reply.

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  6. 38 minutes ago, top-shelf-1 said:

    Could it be that the org figured an event for 20 people - my ballpark estimate of the remaining full STMs, after PK's years of spending on everything but TALENT (well, and an NHL-grade practice facility) - would be more embarrassing than exclusive?


    Or maybe that TD sees including partial season tix holders for a year or two as a great marketing tool for enticing them to pony up for full plans?


    Just spitballing of course, but let's not pretend the Canes' past eight years haven't cost them STMs. What I find surprising, quite frankly, is that the crack marketing team under PK didn't try this about five years ago to help keep the numbers up.


    Don't exaggerate or anything, the event last year was a great size.  And, tbh, no, even if if was down to 500 people, so what? 


    Nobody is saying don't have an event for all STH.  I'm just saying, don't take away what was basically our last perk.  Have this, and then have a smaller event for full STH.  If this was the org's idea of "keeping numbers up and enticing people" to get full plans, then they need more help than I thought. 



  7. 1 hour ago, gocanes0506 said:

    Anything said at the event that was monumental?

     You mean by the org?  There wasn't anything like that.  No Q&A or anything.  It was literally a practice (which you couldn't attend if you wanted autographs), autograph tables, and a walk through the locker room or media lounge (and a few on-ice events like skating or getting a photo on the bench). 

  8. Was wondering what people thought that attended the event today.  Now called the "Meet the Team Event" instead of STH party, and with the name change came a serious downgrade of experience, IMO.  This event was one of the last perks left of being a full plan holder, and now it is open to all season ticket members.  As such, the lines were insane.  Instead of getting all the players autographs like we have every year, we only managed two tables.  Some people only got through one.  They also ditched the dessert, and started running out of food (limited options to begin with -- all items that are normally offered at games) before the event ended.  But hey, at least we got a (black logo hat) with an STM patch on it!





  9. get why people are upset. Price increases and loss of benefits for anything sucks. I personally think the "Fan Zone" is bad for business. It creates a entry point for a professional sports team that is to low and creates secondary market of "cheap" tickets which isn't good for the Canes. I also think Rutherford steered the Canes way off course on and off the ice for the last 10 years. The effect is now is Waddell is trying to clean up the mess in one big swoop. I think everyone agrees this could have been a phased in approach with a pre-warning going to those affected plans/ ticket holders to set expectations and it would have been received a lot better.

    • 2015-2016 - cut back vouchers, preferred seat location and STH perks for mini plans. (keep ticket prices the same)
    • 2016-2017 - move to Gold, Silver, Bronze format. (increase ticket prices accordingly)

    At least this way it's not one big cost increase and loss of benefits all at once and mini plan holders know what to expect. I do think though the Canes need pull back the benefits. Partial plan holders get almost zero benefits with other teams. The benefit is the cheaper cost. 


    Compare cost and benefits the Canes offer now for partial plans vs other teams and they align a lot better. If that means the Canes can't sustain a fanbase here then they will be moved at the end of 2024 or if someone buyouts the PNC Center lease agreement before that.


    Granted none of my opinions account for how bad the on ice product has been. I quit getting upset when they lose and see the games more as a chance to watch NHL caliber hockey with my wife (or son) at a price that's cheaper than almost all the other 30 teams. We went to the Canes/ Hawks game in Chicago last year. The Hurricanes got me the tickets (so I didn't have to scalp at crazy prices). To sit in the exact location I do at PNC in the United Center cost me $380 just for two tickets. My price here is $110. This is the same when I got to Canes/ Caps games in DC. My same seats there are $188 for two at their STH rate. I realize both those teams on ice product is much better but it's hasn't always been that way. Plus it makes it easier to justify (at least in my head) what I spend knowing other teams charge way more.


    I see your points and agree that if we just had a winning team, that would change a lot of attitudes.  But as far as the fan zone being bad business -- I don't know.  I mean, if they came out this week and said they were doing away with it, I'd be done as an STH by necessity.  My alternative would be a handful of games a year, and I know I'm not the only one.

  10. Well I doubt this earns me any friends (luckily I’m not taking applications for them right now) but here’s my opinion on what’s happening.

    What has happened that would justify a 43% price increase? 

    I think the obvious answer here is nothing.

    In my opinion the Hurricanes organization is trying to make it more appealing to full STH and less appealing (and closer to what other teams do) for smaller ticket plans. It will also allow the Canes to get a fair market value for what they have here in Raleigh.


    Are there any teams offering what the Canes did/do at the same or less price for half or partial seasons?

    ·         Unused Ticket Exchange?

    ·         Vouchers (half only)?

    ·         Opportunity to give guidance where you want to sit?


    Out of Toronto, Columbus, Arizona, Edmonton and Buffalo I would think only maybe Arizona or Columbus even come close but I still think Canes are cheaper. In Edmonton and Buffalo you have to pay just to be on a season ticket waiting list.


    I think the biggest mistake the Canes have made over the years is treating all the STH’s the same as far as benefits. I’ve bought single tickets (using the 20 different discounts the Canes offer each year), 12 game, 26 game and full season tickets over the last 7 years. The benefits should be based on the commitment (money spent) from the purchaser. I don’t see how someone spending $645 on a full season in the upper deck should get the same benefits as someone spending $2064 in the lower level. It’s a completely different level of commitment financially. I think the Canes have started that approach and went with ticket # commitment instead of overall $ amount.

    My questions now are:

    ·         Is there a team that offers a lower cost and more benefits for 2015-2016 than the Canes?

    ·         Are all season ticket holders mad or just 26 and 12 game plan holders?

    ·         Will any partial plan holders join up with others to do a full season and split the tickets/benefits? (This is my personal plan)


    Good luck to those that are unhappy. I don’t see the Canes changing packages at this point but they have been flexible in the past.


    On a side note, I did two full seasons just buying them with the various discounts/ Craigslist and I was able to pay less than a full STH price. It just required a ton of work but I guess it’s all what you put into it…


    Because commitment = $$?  Ok. 


    Sorry, but no.  How about leaving work early to get to games on time, paying for parking for every game, making plans to get someone to watch the kids/dog whatever for 40 nights a year?  People pay what they can afford to pay.  Season tickets to a pro team is a luxury item.  How much is that season ticket package as a percentage of your income? 


    I go to every game and buy fan zone tickets because it's the only section left I can afford.  I'm sorry, but when you're talking about commitment, someone who goes to every game should get more benefits than someone who goes to 12, no matter how much money you're spending.

  11. I can't find the flight on FlightAware specifically, but there is one due in from Nova Scotia at about 4:20 ack emma. Otherwise nothing between one and six, the one at 1 is from Atlanta and the one at six is from LA. Apparently they will go through customs and take the shuttles around to their cars. Is anyone else going? I'm going to feel a little silly out there by myself ;)

    The flight thru Nova Scotia is the correct one.

  12. Question for those who were at the RBC - how heavy was the Pens fan presence?

    Pretty heavy...most likely the typical transplants that don't set foot in the RBC until the Pens come to town. And by looking at their gear you'd wonder if the Pens had any players on their team other than Malkin and Crosby. *eyeroll* It was a pretty sparse crowd anyway, so that didn't help matters much -- I'd estimate maybe 25% Pens fans? Although I will say there was an amusing fellow in the section next to us wearing a penguin costume complete with a Stanley Cup on his head.

    Great game, the more I watch Cam this year the more impressed I am with him. That save on Guerin was unbelievable. I was really pleased with how hard the guys came out in the first -- the intensity was certainly there although it seemed to wane a bit in the middle 20. One point is better than zero though.

  13. First let me say how amusing it is that every Cole-bashing poster feels the need to preface their comments with "I'm the biggest Cole fan, but..." or "We love him, but..."

    Now that that's out of the way, let me discuss a few points:

    in reality the money would clearly be better spent elsewhere so that Staal can get some help from someone who will actually produce.

    This assumes two things -- one, that Cole is finished, and if you believe that, then there's no changing your mind anyway, and two, that JR will actually spend some money on a FA, and we all know how prone JR is to spending $$ on free agents.

    BTW: I bet Williams has a great year with LA.

    Why wouldn't he? He'll finally be healthy, and he'll be on a team with a lot of young players that compliment his skillset. It's a great situation for him.

    We could go back and forth all day about Cole needing to be re-signed or not, but the fact is.... if he is re-signed, everyone can give up hope of getting a top line winger.

    The day JR spends big bucks on a "top line winger" is the day I upgrade my seats to the lower bowl. It ain't happening.

    My feeling is that the best possible move is to not sign Cole and to use that money saved to get a bonafide top six forward (or shut down defensiveman). I really don't understand what logic (other than sentimental reasons) that we bring Cole back under any circumstances.

    Again, as much as I'd like to believe we'd get a top six forward or top pairing d-man, it ain't happening. That's not how JR rolls.

    And also, anyone that feels that way about Cole isn't going to change their mind no matter what I say. He didn't put goals on the board in the playoffs but he's one of the few guys that actually hit people, caused havoc, and wore the other team down with his skating and physicality. He improved as the playoffs went on.

    a couple goals and assists with his buddy Staal and then dropped off the face of the earth and was invisible in the playoffs.

    and his performance in the playoffs does not appear to have been a fluke

    Maybe I'm misremembering things, but I seem to recall half our team not producing in the playoffs.

    The move to bring Eric Cole back was VASTLY overated. I was disappointed by that move when it occured

    Ask Eric Staal if the move was vastly overrated.

    Still, we could have added any number of decent rental wingers and gotten a similar response and maybe more in the playoffs.

    Ah, I guess you should have lent your crystal ball to JR sometime before March 4.

    Cole still looks good at times, even great, but he is the ultimate "almost" player, who looks really good and "almost" but not quite, produces points.

    There are other things happening on the ice besides the one player that puts the puck in the net. Cole causes other players to change their game. He makes plays that lead to scoring chances. BTW, he had 76 hits this postseason. That's almost 20 more than the next highest Cane, Gleason, and 4th in the entire playoffs.

    Yeah, his scoring isn't what it used to be but I don't see anybody here advocating signing him to a "scorer's" contract. If JR can get him for around 2M he'd be stupid not to. He's not going to make the same mistake twice.

    And those of you mentioning Recchi....and Gerber? Talk about living in the past and trying to recycle garbage. At least Cole is still relatively young.

  14. - I have a feeling that one of our diminutive forwards will be traded or let go. I would not be surprised in the least if we package Ray Whitney and one of those defensemen mentioned above for a larger top-9 guy. Nothing to base that on other than gut feeling.

    Doubt that Ray is going anywhere, he seems to be the most vocal leader we have on this team.

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