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  1. Who needs gut instinct? Haha just listen to the folks on here. Canes fans know nothing will come of either incident. It never does. Even if it was Staal that was taken out, do you think the League would do anything? All that matters is what sweater you're wearing.
  2. Thanks!! Did you find it easy to navigate? One of the things I struggle with is trying to make it look nice without being too complicated. I love working on it though, it's one of the fun advantages to doing it yourself instead of using an online photo site. And anybody can use my pics for any personal use, just keep the watermark in! You can even post them on other sites, as long as you mention where they came from!
  3. Well I guess it's good for you that your players knew who to "look out for," and took them out posthaste. And your D pales in comparison. Guess it all evens out, huh?
  4. Not only did we "not get outplayed" by the Pens, IMO we outplayed them. For all the talk about how unbelievably fast they are and how we would never be able to keep up, we pretty much skated with them the entire game. I do give MAF credit for a few spectacular saves (Cam had a few as well), but he didn't beat us. We had a ton of grade-A chances and just couldn't finish. Too many passes, a couple bad decisions, horrid officiating, and we STILL came within about 2 inches of sending it to OT. Pens fans should be thanking their lucky stars that they survived this one, because the rest of them won't be like this, I'm sure of that.
  5. Anybody willing to take a chance on this guy is crazy. His picture should be in the dictionary next to "locker room cancer." He's proven it how many times now?
  6. Sorry I just have to laugh at this. He's only played a whopping 6 games with us yet he's +1, and has 3 points including a GWG.
  7. You will get them at the locked-in price. I asked my ticket rep this yesterday.
  8. during the last game they had an announcement about it and said "all ages were welcome"
  9. Hahaha brings back memories. I was at that game -- that was the biggest brawl I've ever seen in person. We thought they were going to call the game after that, I'm glad they didn't.
  10. Whitney is one of the few 'skilled' players on this team that actually looks like he's trying. Oh and last I checked, he's leading the team in points.
  11. I would never and have never booed them...but I will defend anybody that chooses to.
  12. To the people that are bashing the fans that say they'll dump their tickets....is it so hard to understand their frustration? Perhaps if you shelled out good $$ every freaking year in advance for a team, then came to every game only to watch the guys mail it in, you would. Or maybe you DO shell out good $$ -- well get this: some people don't like to waste their money. Some people are afraid, that's all. They remember what it was like THE FIRST TIME Mo was here and they do not want a repeat performance. This doesn't mean they are less of a fan than you -- you watch the games on TV and call yourself a fan, so why can't they? Also, it's possible to support a team and NOT the coach or GM. Anybody who pays for a ticket in the RBC center tonight has the right to boo whoever they want. Disliking the coaching move and supporting the team are not mutually exclusive.
  13. Ah, I knew it would come out sooner or later. When all else fails, pull out the "ignorant southern fans" blast. Bravo!
  14. I'm still waiting to see this "quality" you speak of. For a $4M guy he hasn't done much. I love how anybody that disagrees with JR is an "idiot." The guy has been given a chance already. Now he's being given ANOTHER one. And WE are the ones that will end up suffering because of it.
  15. I still can't freaking believe this. I feel like I'm in an alternate reality. This org and JR both are a joke.
  16. Jesus, not Maurice. This is a freaking nightmare
  17. Agreed. I don't skate either and I was pissed at first when they changed the rules last year, but was pleasantly surprised at how it was handled. Be warned though -- bring a friend that skates if you can because in my group last year not all the players came over -- so it's good to have a friend that will go GET them for you.
  18. I have to disagree. "Playing as good as they can" doesn't entail spending the majority of games standing around, waiting for the puck to magically come to you. It also doesn't include weak clears and acting surprised when they get easily knocked off the puck because they don't do anything with any kind of aggressiveness or authority. So who has been mentioned in this thread as playing hard every game? Sutter, LaRose, Bayda, Walker, Ruutu....other than Chad, what do the others have in common?
  19. Usually at 1:00 pm if I remember correctly. I believe this is the first time it's been held during the week though, normally it's on a Sunday. ? I don't really get what you're asking. It says in the article that STH get preference by getting first access to 300 tickets the day before they go on sale to the public. If you're speaking of the tickets themselves, they are all the same (just separated into 3 different color groups). If the limit for STH is 6, I would imagine the limit for the public will be equal or less. I don't remember what it was last year.
  20. Great post! You guys have a class team and org and I wish you the best of luck this season. I hope Erik has a great year for you.
  21. You mean like the skanks they have at Philips arena? Last time I was there I couldn't believe what they were wearing, I think they use 50% less fabric every year. Same thing in Tampa. I have an idea -- continue to let the storm squad writhe against the rails and throw shirts, but why not have the ice-cleaning guys buff up a bit and go shirtless. Half of the fans are women, after all.
  22. I love the new jerseys except for the black/silver eye shoulder patch. I think they should have kept the regular color scheme for the eye, it just looks funny to me. As good as they look, they look 10X better with a name/number on them. I have no favorite on the team any more so unfortunately I won't be buying one anytime soon.
  23. Just echoing what a lot of people already said. These people didn't travel from freaking Detroit. They're from the Triangle. I just wish more of them would show up at the arena and support the local team when Detroit isn't in town.
  24. hyena

    Losing Cole

    Oiler fans are lucky, they got a good one headed their way. Plenty of good memories here to dwell on...to me he'll always be a Hurricane. It wouldn't surprise me to see him tear it up this year, and I hope he does, and then gets the big $ after that. Best of luck to him. Nice to see some good wishes here. I honestly expected to come to this board and see a party thread celebrating his exit from Raleigh.
  25. Where are you getting these numbers from? There's no way on earth Cole makes more than $5M on his next contract unless he puts up insane numbers this year. And do you really think Cole is worth almost as much as Staal? This thread is crazy. He's worthless in one post and overvalued in the next.
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