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  1. Man, you might as well give it up. Erik has been everybody's favorite whipping boy since he broke his neck (and even before that for some). I can't explain it. I post on three boards and have pretty much given up defending him, it's a losing cause.
  2. If we get rid of Cole and sign that POS Orpik I might not ever set foot in the RBC center again. No, it was short because Cole isn't a star player.
  3. I love the mentality of people here. When it happens to somebody else, oh well, sucks for them. But that's ok. Everybody just bend over and let the org do what they want. They will continue to do so, and in a few years when there are no more STH's (except for the die-hard GFH apologists that seem to run rampant on this board), maybe they will rethink things. But I doubt it.
  4. Wow, I missed the part about Leighton when I read this earlier. I think it's a huge mistake. I'll hold out hope that we'll sign him and package him as part of a trade but it doesn't look like that is the intention. So we have Cam, 24 years old, who has had pretty s****y numbers the last two seasons, and has proven that he plays like *edit* when he doesn't have somebody pushing him. And now Leighton, 26 years old, 50 games of NHL experience backing him up. Sounds like a plan to me. And we even get to pay him what, 800-900K? A million? With all the FA goalies out there right now that can be had for the same amount? *sigh*
  5. Are you serious? It has gotten to the point where, for some people, it's no longer cost effective to go to games. In case you haven't noticed, the economy is a little different now than it was this time last season. The organization failed to take this into account and even made things worse by raising prices. Perhaps instead of complaining about other people "whining," you would be better served in helping him (and others) by convincing the organization they are going in the wrong direction. That way, maybe the trend of more and more people canceling and reducing their plans each year can be stopped before it leads to something that might make even YOU complain -- the relocation of the team.
  6. Are you serious? If Ronnie is the standard his jersey's going to be the only one up there for the next 20 years.
  7. You're not the only one. Talk about wild speculation. The way some people on here talk it's almost like they're just waiting for bad stuff to happen.
  8. LMAO. "Hello, ticket rep? Yeah, I'm calling about the price of my season tickets going up." "Oh of course! I totally understand your dismay, but it's actually what's best for the team. We need to do this in order to get more revenue sharing next year." "No actually I was calling because I wanted to express my thanks." "Awesome! We'll see you in October!" I'm still laughing. Typical BS from Prairie. Guess what Kyle, I called my ticket rep this morning to complain but I couldn't get through and I never received an answer to my voicemail.
  9. I was so glad to get home and hear this. It would have been crazy to get rid of him.
  10. I love how a lot of people in this thread seem to equate complaining about the price increase with "not supporting the team." Where does that BS come from? I'm lucky that for now, even with the price increase I can still get tix. That might not be the case in a couple years if they keep doing this. I'm pissed off and don't see justification for a price increase considering the underachieving team we've had the past two years. Sorry, but that's fact. This organization sucks sometimes, but I don't cheer for the org -- I cheer for those 25 guys on the ice wearing the sightless eye.
  11. What annoys me about the vouchers is that they assume you were planning on buying extra tix anyway (newsflash: not everyone does), or that you are able to sell your tickets. I have a full plan upstairs and I buy about 6-8 extra tix a year. Here's the kicker - THEY'RE IN THE LOWER BOWL. I buy the "better" tix for the games that I am really excited about. I have no need for extra tix in my section. My seatmates miss games all the time so if I have a friend come, they just take their seat. And I guess it's a good thing I started posting here - I can't wait to come here to sell my extra tix I'll have. I can't tell you how many times my seatmates and I had tickets GO UNUSED because we couldn't find anybody willing to pay $15 for a $30 ticket.
  12. WOW, that is an amazing drawing.
  13. I'd vote for the NJ game. Those of you going, make sure you show up damn early. The last one of these had a bunch of people turned away because the place was packed an hour before the viewing.
  14. I'm a full STH and I think it sucks. There's no justification for raising prices at all for a team that failed to make the playoffs the last two years. But oh boy, I can get an 8x10 or a puck for my "free" gift! I was considering upgrading my seat location this season but there's no way I'm doing that now.
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