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  1. I don't get excited over the thought of Rick Nash coming here mainly because he isn't but he also wouldn't be a great fit on the current roster. Nash and Staal on the same line is two guys that are of a score first mentality with no set up play creating skills. With the addition of Nash this team would either need to move Staal to wing and get a playmaking center or add another top line player on the wing and thats not happening. We miss Whitney, Stillman, Samsonov, and Pitkanen for this very reason and adding more scoring ability but no ability for them to be able to score doesn't make sense. Our single greatest need is a playmaking forward to go in any position on the top line. Add Henrik Sedin in between Staal and Nash and now we're talking a dream come true situation and in our dreams or the All Star game is the only time you'll see that line.
  2. I have to go with undecided right now but the potential is there for this to be a disaster or be really successful. If Poni and Stewart contribute nothing and don't work out then we've seriously cut into offensive production. Same goes if Skinner doesn't have another crazy year. The defense in front of Cam Ward last year was terrible and its not any better with the addition of Kaberle, but its not worse either. If the powerplay can get rolling and our new acquisitions can score like we hope then even with the defense staying the same scoring should go up. IF we end up not being able to score and our defense isn't any better then it will be a catastrophic failure of a season. We could finish as well as 4-6 in the East. We could finish as poorly as 10-12. Averaging that out has us fighting for one of the last playoff spots as usual. I hope that things click and work out but right now I'm not so sure.
  3. Sounds to me like a d-man will be moved as part of a trade for a Cole replacement? Makes no sense for Rutherford to say we are done and now he pull this. Guessing McBain and a pick for a Top 6 forward will be coming later on.
  4. Yeah I'd be shocked if Carson doesn't get claimed. With all the D injuries around the league someones sure to claim him. Don't know if it was attempted or not but I'd almost think he could have been traded for a late round pick.
  5. We're definitely stacking picks to make a bigger move.
  6. Could also be stacking picks and prospects to go after a top d-man or winger. I heard 3rd round pick, that would be a little disappointing.
  7. Id like to have Frazer McLaren. Just my personal want though.
  8. Sounds more to me like someone pulled the plug on the deal. Now its ohh nothings close we're just checking things out letting him sit etc etc.
  9. Bob McKenzie on TSN says he will be traded at some point but he hasn't been as of this moment.
  10. If its a trade then its a close in proximity to NJ trade if they can make it by tonights game. Then you look at Boston whos been active and ex Carolina players and say hmmm Seidenberg again? Don't think Boston would get rid of him though. Could be something, could be nothing. Fun to speculate though.
  11. msgtcody


    I take him on re-entry waivers at 1.75 million after I have a heart to heart with him and see if he is still interested in playing hockey and not money. At that point he goes to Charlotte on a conditioning stint and we worry about him seeing the lineup after the All Star break. By then its trade deadline time and we start fielding offers depending on where we are in the standings. Depending on how the roster shook down he would then have a spot in the lineup. As of now though we don't really have a way to replace anyone in the lineup for Commodore nor would I want to based on how he has played since he left here. Lots of unknowns in this situation that only JR can answer, we'll see what his answer is.
  12. Jay Harrison is on this team because hes a guy that can fight that can also play a little. Hes here to go to the penalty box instead of Tim Gleason because you want Gleason on the ice not serving 2-5-10 like he got against Atlanta. The Atlanta game the other night is just a preview of things to come this year when it comes to teams getting physical against us. Most the teams in the East are stacked this year with physicality and enforcers and its not a good thing to have a team full of young kids with nobody to protect them. If the real issue at hand would be addressed and an enforcer would be brought in to play on nights when needed then Carson or Sanguinetti could take Harrisons spot. Until then, or at least I hope so Harrison needs to stay just to be the punching bag and keep Gleason on the ice.
  13. Carolina, Buffalo, & Phoenix interested in Tomas Kaberle. He must be dealt by midnight before his NTC kicks in.
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