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  1. Phew that's a lot of moolah for a 60 point player...but of course the hope is he develops into a 80+ point player eventually. Either way he is a cornerstone of the franchise!
  2. Luke DeCock ‏@LukeDeCock Geography played key role for Parise/Suter, but Canes have equal or better core players vs. Wild, $7.5m per workable. Canes weren't crazy.
  3. HAHAHAHA DETROIT AND PITTSBURGH FAIL! Quick somebody find and post one of those fail pictures! lol Silly franchises thinking they can buy whatever they want. Must suck to know that you both were passed for the Minnesota Wild...hahahahaha and no worries about that team becoming super good. I think this is great haha.
  4. Darren Dreger ‏@DarrenDreger To trade Bobby Ryan, the Ducks want a few pieces, including a 2nd line center. Let's trade that new guy Staal! haha
  5. Carlo Coloviaco! (misspelled obviously) Are there any other FA D-men left? Or will it have to be a trade?
  6. We just couldn't match all the signing bonuses and all that. Fine by me.
  7. Almost 5 mil for him? Haha and how are those labor negotiations going...?
  8. I always believe things work out in the end, so if Parise/Suter and their gigantic front-loaded/heavy signing bonuses/everything including the kitchen sink contract wishes are too much for us, then fine so be it. J Staal is still a HUGE move for this franchise to take. Automatically makes this summer better than usual.
  9. I would love Rick Nash (what a superstar) but really don't want us giving up so much for one guy. R Murphy I think is a special D prospect that we don't exactly produce too often.
  10. Joe Corvo: "I'm really excited about coming back. Last year was pretty challenging for me. I feel very comfortable here, like an old shoe." That you sometimes outgrow... lol couldn't help myself
  11. Aaron Portzline ‏@Aportzline Confirmed that Carolina is NOT on Rick Nash's list of approved teams. Ottawa also interested and not approved.
  12. Chip Alexander ‏@ice_chip Hearing if Canes' free-agent bid for Parise fails, will further pursue trade for Nash. Apparently offer for Nash has been made.
  13. Chip Alexander ‏@ice_chip Rutherford says Corvo signing means Allen, Spacek will not be re-signed. Wow Corvo over Allen and Muller wants to get bigger??? Head scratcher.... Luke DeCock ‏@LukeDeCock Rutherford cites chemistry with Gleason, need for right-shot D as reasons for Corvo signing.
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