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  1. His NTC kicks in during 2017-2018. Which relates to the point you just mentioned of 7 accrued seasons.
  2. Carolina isn't exactly a great destination for top free agents. Most of the talent we've had has been either through the draft or trades. So I wouldn't count on us being able to replace our high-priced veterans so easily. Just look at Florida. They have had to overpay their free agency players just to hit the salary cap floor. Is that really a better scenario? Our last big free agent signing was Semin and we had to overpay as well. Also any trade that would put the Canes below the salary cap floor would be disallowed by the league. I just don't see what trading Eric or Cam does for us. Most likely a trade involving those two would just bring a different high salary guy to the team. Remember when we traded Tim Gleason? We got Liles back. That didn't exactly benefit us at all.....
  3. I'm not really excited to see an AHL team against an NHL team. Yes, young players are cheap and might be more hungry but they are also not very good. One of our best young players, Riley Nash has 1 assist in his last 10 games. Boychuck scoreless in 12 games. Lindholm 1 assist in last 7 games. Rask 1 goal in last six. Terry scoreless in 11 games. Our lineup is littered with young players who are "incentivized to win." That hasn't worked out so far for us. And you can't just get rid of all the high-priced veterans. There is a salary cap floor in the NHL. We would go under the 51M floor if we traded Eric and Semin alone. I think a News and Observer article mentioned how the canes needed to blow it up. Most sites I've seen put Skinner on the block because he's talented, teams would give picks up to get him, and he's risky for us to keep because of his concussions. I'm a little hesitant to trade talent when we already have a lack of it.
  4. We have the worst record in the league, trade rumors have extended to Skinner and any other piece teams want to poach from us, and if attendance continues at its current rate, this team will be in vegas. I'm praying we get Connor McDavid but we will blow our chances at him somehow. Am I being too pessimistic? Is there something I'm missing?
  5. Well I think we all agree on a couple things at least..... Trade Semin for the best deal you can get Lock up Tlusty/Sekera/Nash...they are all relatively young I wonder when Semin will be given another chance.....
  6. Calgary is in the position its in right now because Jonas Hiller is on a hot streak/good. I would be surprised if they maintain their current level of play with 2 defensemen leading them in points. Good goaltending can hide a lot of flaws, something we didn't have at the beginning of the year. In terms of Eric's salary, yes he is overpaid. If you figure he is a 70 pt guy which he has been 7 out of 9 possible years (lockout shortened season doesn't count) he would be worth Rick Nash money on the open market. (7.5M-8M) So basically he's overpaid by 1.25 million. That is a lot of money, but it wouldn't bring us a great free agent or something. Hopefully now that we have Jordan here, Eric can sign for a smaller figure and we can turn his next contract into a small bargain. Oh and btw I would still call Andrew Ladd a 2nd line player. He's never had more than 59 points in a season which puts him as a 2nd line player on a playoff team. He's only 1st line because its Winnipeg. Also, none of those guys you listed have been consistent performers. Faulk is Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde....he was a -9 after the Edmonton game. I saw 1 game this year where he had 2 turnovers in 5 sec. Tlusty scored 8 less pts in 2013 than in 2012 with 20 more games. Skinner has problems with concussions and has missed significant time the past 3 seasons. Sekera we've had for 1 year and he had a career year with 7 more goals than his career high....I wouldn't expect that again. Lindy is still a 19 year old kid going through growing pains. He might be good but he's not a consistent guy yet and the same goes for Nash unless you count the fact that he's scored at least 7 points a year consistent. I don't consider it a surprise that once Staal comes back, we pretty shortly start winning games. Even if he doesn't score, he is drawing a lot of attention from the opposing team and giving favorable matchups to our other lines. Instead of facing the top pair of defensemen, the Nash line gets to face the 2nd pair. It makes a difference.....though I will say, Eric has never been able to establish chemistry with Skinner. I don't know why....
  7. Well if we do a fire sale....you will have Riley Nash as our 1st line center. That sort of team would have a chance to set records for worst loser. We are stuck in mediocrity and there is no quick fix. And if we trade Eric, we will most likely be a perennial loser for at least another 3-4 years while we bottom out. We desperately need to dump Semin no matter what we decide to do. I'm just glad Peters benched him....all he has done so far this season is collect a paycheck.
  8. You are right. Most of the players I suggested trading are mediocre and are worth a couple of prospects at best. Some of those prospects turn into Drayson Bowmans and some turn into Tlustys. I'm looking at the freed salary mostly, there is no reason to keep high salary, mediocre players. But I disagree with your assessment of Eric. (1) his value is about to be at its career peak (trade deadline) Have you looked at some of the deals suggested in the headlines? They are either for young guys who have ceilings of 2nd-3rd line or lower 1st rd draft picks. The team that trades the star player always gets pennies on the dollar. Just look at Buffalo and Thomas Vanek. Buffalo got 1 guaranteed year of Moulson, and a 1st and 2nd rd pick in 2015 (Most likely just outside top 10). We are expected to get way less than this because the Islanders overpaid. (2) he has failed to lead the team to the playoffs for five straight years, 1 person does not make a team. Besides Staal, who has been a consistent performer for us? (3) he has failed to find magic with any of the parade of wingers that has passed through for all five of those years (except for about three weeks two years ago when his line was the hottest in hockey), and Actually history shows that he usually is pretty good with anybody on his line. Ray Whitney, Erik Cole, Jokinen, Tlusty, Semin(until this year...I blame healthy scratch Semin) (4) he just turned 30? So? Brindamour retired at almost age 40. Hockey players can play a long time. Even if you say he is not in the same shape as Rod, he still has at least 5 good years left in his career. Its not like we have another 1st line center we can slot in there and I doubt we will get one back in a trade. Do you think Riley Nash is a 70 pt guy? I don't. Guys like Eric don't just fall in your lap every draft...we won't be able to replace his production.
  9. It's time to blow it up, sir. I can already see whats going to happen. We are going to continue to be horrible until we get somewhat healthy and we get everyone slotted on their normal lines. When we regain some health, we will play .500 hockey or slightly above average and miss the playoffs again resulting in a mid-level 1st rd draft pick. We need to follow the penguins rebuild when they got Crosby, Malkin, etc. Now I'm not advocating a fire sale...but there are some key moves we need to make. Priority #1 - Trade Semin When the going gets tough, Semin disappears. I feel he would be a contributor on a playoff team however, so we should dump his salary and get some young prospects back. He's on pace to earn $304,000 per point for us (23 pts). Priority #2 - Sign Eric to an extension right now. Eric's value is at an all-time low right now. He's coming off a down year last year and is hurt again to start this year. But he's only 30 years old and has at least 5 years left in him. Sign him to a deal that lowers his cap hit into the $4-6M range once his current deal expires. Priority #3 - Do not rush Jordan back. His recovery period was deemed to be 3-4 months. I'd let him rest till March. That would leave us 21 games or so left and hopefully we have a good lead on worst record by then. 21 games is enough time for Jordan to knock the rust off and prepare for next season. Priority #4 - Make every player available who is making $1M+ except Eric, Jordan, Skinner, Khudobin, and Faulk (I guess). This means if somebody wants Cam, Gerbe, Hainsey, or Liles, you look up the quickest flight. Tlusty and Sekera are our best trade pieces, so if you can't get them to sign reasonable extensions, move them. They are UFA's anyways. We need to create the Carolina Checkers for 4-5 months. If we can dump Semin ($7M), Cam ($6.3M cap hit) and Liles (3.9M cap hit) alone, we would approach the cap floor. Now obviously, the tricky part is finding trade partners with cap space but there will be some surprise teams out there who could use a 1st line winger or an extra defensemen. I would try to trade for injured/high salary guys who will be UFA's soon with some prospects thrown in. This should be our team for the next 4-5 months. (prospect or extended Tlusty)-Eric-Lindholm Skinner-Nash-(prospect or dwyer) Terry-Mclement-Boychuck Malone-Rask-Brown (extended Sekera or prospect) - Faulk Gleason-Harrison Bellemore-Murphy Khudobin minor league goaltender This lineup means we have traded Semin, Cam, Gerbe, Hainsey, and Liles and extended Sekera/Tlusty. The only guys with NTC's are Cam, Hainsey and Liles. Only Cam's is a full NTC. If Cam refuses a trade, you waive him to the AHL. It's a tough decision but Cam has been well compensated the past 5 years, we don't owe him anything more for his Stanley Cup performance. What do you guys think? Any changes or other suggestions?
  10. 1 playoff season in 7 years. At what point is Rutherford held responsible for the product on the ice? I would fire both of Muller's buddies. Our powerplay and penalty kill were anemic for how many skill guys we have....and you can't blame training camp because it didn't improve over the course of the year to an acceptable level. Honestly, if Laviolette ever gets fired. I hope Muller can pack quick.
  11. Well Nashville and TB blow their games. We are picking 5th or 6th. Stupid Canes.
  12. I wouldn't be shocked if TB and Nashville win tonight, only for us to get an OTL and move into the 7th spot. Then a team like Philadelphia wins the lottery and we move into 8th.
  13. When I say play to lose....I mean sit the good players and call up AHL'ers. Semin got a concussion recently. Skinner had a nasty hit recently. I wouldn't have even played them the last 5 games. Everyone knows that Ellis is gone next year and Peters will be in the AHL hopefully, why not bring Mike Murphy up for 5 games? We should be evaluating all of our prospects for next year. We should have brought Boychuck, Brett Sutter, etc. up. We could see what they've got while diminishing our chances of victory. But do we do that? Nope. We decide to get 8 points in our last 7 games and go from the 3rd spot to 6th or 7th spot. And with some bad luck we could be picking 8th. Just dumb.
  14. We should have been playing to lose 10 games ago. This team is beyond stupid. I'm sure Nurse or whatever guy we get in the 6 or 7 spot will be a decent player, but they aren't going to be of the same talent level as Mackinnon, Drouin, or Jones. Those are the can't miss guys and we blow our opportunity to grab one again.
  15. If we can get into the 3rd spot, then we have a 58% chance of keeping that top 3 pick. I don't like Nischuskin(?) because I don't think he's leaving Russia. Drafting him is a huge risk when there are plenty of other good players.
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