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  1. Well that's a bummer.....worked hard last 2 games but nothing to show for it.
  2. Backbreaker.....Must be nice to have a good PP.
  3. Well that's not going to help the cause with more ice time....
  4. Really? Seems like an odd reward for scoring the game-tying goal. HCRB really rides his veterans doesn't he or he doesn't trust the youngsters yet.
  5. He's getting a shot tonight. Not sure if he was in the doghouse or what but not many can do something with under 5 minutes. We need at least a point tonight with this effort.
  6. Bojangles is going to have to switch their deal to 3+ shots on the PP instead, otherwise they are going to lose out on the advertising.
  7. I wouldn't really say its a critical microscope. I used to like him because he was the only thing propping up an anemic power play. But those days are over. His playing style is of an offensive defenseman. Which is great when they are scoring, not so great when they aren't. I evaluate offensive D by taking their +/- and then factoring in how many power play points they were a part of since those numbers aren't included in totals. If you look at Faulk this way, he hasn't had a good season since 2014-2015 when he was a -19 but accounted for 20 PP goals. His past couple years: 15-16 -5 16-17 -5 17-18 -7 That's 3 straight years where he gives up more than he contributes. Haydn doesn't have nearly as much offensive talent but he's a former 1st rd pick and I'll go with the unknown versus the known negative commodity of Faulk. Who knows, maybe he'll prove me wrong this year but its frustrating to watch him.
  8. Long time no post, but I've been waiting for the canes to be relevant and hopefully this is the year as I move back into the area. I have to say one thing though. Faulk frustrates me to no end. I wish he was gone years ago. His only value I can see is getting pucks through to the net on the PP, everything else is bad including his salary. There is a reason we can't offload him, nobody wants him. Just look at the replay for the 2-0 breakaway save that Mrazek made. If you look at the start of that play, Faulk, a defenseman, just drifts down into open ice near the left of the goal leaving Laine wide open near the blue line. His defensive partner is stuck trying to cover 2 guys and a stretch pass gets through him leading to a 2 on 0 breakaway. That should have been a goal and another minus play for a defenseman who specializes in negative plus/minus. Even a solid defenseman like De Haan can't cover for Faulk's mistakes. We can't chalk it up to youth anymore, Faulk is just bad. The guy has averaged a -21 plus/minus the past 4 years....It's horrific even if you subtract the PP points from those totals. Is there a fan of his on here that can justify him playing over Fleury?
  9. His NTC kicks in during 2017-2018. Which relates to the point you just mentioned of 7 accrued seasons.
  10. Carolina isn't exactly a great destination for top free agents. Most of the talent we've had has been either through the draft or trades. So I wouldn't count on us being able to replace our high-priced veterans so easily. Just look at Florida. They have had to overpay their free agency players just to hit the salary cap floor. Is that really a better scenario? Our last big free agent signing was Semin and we had to overpay as well. Also any trade that would put the Canes below the salary cap floor would be disallowed by the league. I just don't see what trading Eric or Cam does for us. Most likely a trade involving those two would just bring a different high salary guy to the team. Remember when we traded Tim Gleason? We got Liles back. That didn't exactly benefit us at all.....
  11. I'm not really excited to see an AHL team against an NHL team. Yes, young players are cheap and might be more hungry but they are also not very good. One of our best young players, Riley Nash has 1 assist in his last 10 games. Boychuck scoreless in 12 games. Lindholm 1 assist in last 7 games. Rask 1 goal in last six. Terry scoreless in 11 games. Our lineup is littered with young players who are "incentivized to win." That hasn't worked out so far for us. And you can't just get rid of all the high-priced veterans. There is a salary cap floor in the NHL. We would go under the 51M floor if we traded Eric and Semin alone. I think a News and Observer article mentioned how the canes needed to blow it up. Most sites I've seen put Skinner on the block because he's talented, teams would give picks up to get him, and he's risky for us to keep because of his concussions. I'm a little hesitant to trade talent when we already have a lack of it.
  12. We have the worst record in the league, trade rumors have extended to Skinner and any other piece teams want to poach from us, and if attendance continues at its current rate, this team will be in vegas. I'm praying we get Connor McDavid but we will blow our chances at him somehow. Am I being too pessimistic? Is there something I'm missing?
  13. Well I think we all agree on a couple things at least..... Trade Semin for the best deal you can get Lock up Tlusty/Sekera/Nash...they are all relatively young I wonder when Semin will be given another chance.....
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