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  1. Just wanted to give out my best wishes to anyone in FL or with family there. Stay safe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JC18NUOLah0
  2. Wow the canes vision highlights were much better then what I could see in the feed (hey its better than nothing right?) 71 shots in two games sounds like Hurricanes hockey alright, glad to see the matching results
  3. Caught a good part of the first and second period, not sure if I could pick up too much from that but overall looked good. Hope Fleury is ok.
  4. Pretty cool to finally be able to watch this live!
  5. Thanks guys, it's good to be back! Glad to see a lot of the regulars still around as well
  6. Greetings gang, Sorry for vanishing into the wind... I was having rough time working multiple jobs/hours and all around decided to avoid every means of communicating with people outside of my family in an attempt to simplify my life at the time. Purged most social media from my life and honestly it was for the best. However I am slowly coming back to an abbreviated and culled experience socially, and I really missed my interactions here and felt bad for just going AWOL. Hope everyone here is good if you remember me or are new in the past year or so Hello as well! -Ichi
  7. A couple of gems from the Rus/Fin game... Putin having a great time at the game: Kovy being a jerk:
  8. I think I have had enough of winter this year. It took mrs. ichi three hours to do her 15 min. commute home yesterday. Im glad it rained a bit today to clear things up.
  9. The main site rarely has any news on the checkers, we don't really have any big name prospects there to check in on, and the team has been struggling this year. Not too surprising. I don't know what our base on local checkers fans are here either, we don't seem to have many people in the Charlotte area here, or at least ones that provide regular updates.
  10. You are a member! Welcome! Once you get to 25 post you can then make your own topic on the board, this is to prevent spam. Not the meat, the internet kind, mostly Russian territories.
  11. Welcome, we do have a few other Canadians here that follow the canes, so you have some company
  12. Certainly earned the 1st star of the month on our team, glad he is getting some recognition. Gears are probably blowing smoke from grinding in the GM's office trying to figure out what to do with our goalies.
  13. Ichigo-1

    NFL Thread 2013

    Having a safety on your first snap of the game doesn't set up a good tone I guess for the rest of the game. Then after half-time they had a chance to re-group and let the hawks run back the opening 2nd half kick for a TD. Game was over after that. I did like the half time show for once, though it would have been good to see the chili peppers for more then 30 seconds.
  14. Ichigo-1

    NFL Thread 2013

    That might have been one of the worst superbowl games I have ever seen in my life, and I saw the bills lose four superbowls.
  15. Re: Cam Ward's move, I think this is a good move overall, make sure he is good to go first before costing us points.
  16. After a scary ride home last night the main roads are great. Could be much worse, our friends in ATL had a rough go with it.
  17. I could see a good game at carter-finley, since it is right there and all. I don' think we would have any issues with tickets (see all-star week turnout). It's one thing to turn out for a tuesday game against calgary but a once in a decade+ event is different. Few other cool options would be in Charlotte (would be a good marketing development for the team there). A game in the OBX would be boss. I can't think of a single place suitable for it though
  18. Looks like a storms brewing this week. Canes will be in MTL so don't think there will be a chance of yet another delay (assuming they will be leaving tonight). The part that concerns me is each forecast I see has us getting more and more snow (and ice along the totally unable to prepare coastal towns). Weather channel was saying on its last update some areas could get a foot of snow. Stay safe and warm, and stay off the roads if you can (I know I will not be driving anywhere if its as bad as they say it is).
  19. I agree that ship has probably sailed for Peters trade, but it takes two to tango, I think it's just as likely no one wanted him at that time.
  20. It's pure gold though, as crazy and wrong as it is, I love torts purely for entertainment reasons.
  21. here is torts in the tunnel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XCeuJPhrt8E
  22. Video of incident in question: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o31HeB2DCO0
  23. Ichigo-1

    NFL Thread 2013

    Tom Brady this morning: I am sure he will be fine in the end
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