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  1. Hey all. I had a blast posting updates and stuff on Bowman and McCrae this season and look forward to doing the same next season. Maybe there will be another Chiefs to be added to the list. Everyone have a good summer and I'll talk to you later.
  2. Hey all. I had a blast posting updates and stuff on Bowman and McCrae this season and look forward to doing the same next season. Maybe there will be another Chiefs to be added to the list. Everyone have a good summer and I'll talk to you later.
  3. That game between the Bulls and Rangers was just the last round robin game for the tournament. It was a game that needed to be played anyway. The Semi Final on Friday between the Bulls and Rangers will determine who plays the Chiefs on Sun for the Cup. Whoever wins that game will play the Chiefs. The Chiefs went 3-0 in the tournament but knew they were in the Finals on Mon when the Bulls played Gatineau and the Bulls won. It had to do with the tie breaker, the Chiefs would have won the tie breaker aginst the Bulls and Rangers since they had beat both. I don't remember what they said would have happened if Gatineau had beat the Bulls. Standings Chiefs 3-0 (beat Bulls, Rangers, Olympiques) Bulls 2-1 (beat Olympiques, beat Rangers, lost to Chiefs) Rangers 1-2 (best Olympiques, lost to Chiefs, lost to Bulls) Olympiques 0-3 Hope that explains a bit. At least this is what I understand from watching the games.
  4. Bowman, McCrae, and the Chiefs are guarenteed to play in the Memorial Cup Final on Sun. No matter what happens during their game on Tue. Belleville beat Gatinue (sp) which put the Chiefs in the final being 2-0. The Chiefs could end up 2-1 but have the tie breaker against Belleville and Kitchener since they beat both teams. GO CHIEFS GO!!!
  5. From Memorial Cup site. Bowman after scoring his goal today.
  6. Bowman/McCrae and the Chiefs beat Kitchener Rangers (#1 in CHL all year, OHL Champions/MC Host) 2-1 today. Bowman had 1G 1A +1 his goal was the game winner, was named 2nd Star. It's good to see Bows stepping up during the tournament. The Chiefs #1 line, Bowman/Wahl/Bruton, have been clicking in these first two games. McCrae was held pointless but no for lack of effort. Hustle no matter the situation. Chiefs get a nice break and will be back at it on Tue.
  7. Bowman will only be 19 next year. McCrae will be a 20 year old. If I'm correct the only way a player can be in the AHL is to be a 20 year old. Could be wrong. And I think if Bowman would only be able to move up is if he was to stick with the Canes. Again, I could be wrong.
  8. The Spokane Chiefs completed a sweep of the Lethbridge Hurricanes (4-1 win last night) and are the WHL Champs. The will be heading north to Kithchener ON for the Memorial Cup. Fri 5/16 Kitchener vs QMJHL Sat 5/17 Chiefs vs Belleville Sun 5/18 Chiefs vs Kitchener Mon 5/19 Belleville vs QMJHL Tue 5/20 Chiefs vs QMJHL Wed 5/21 Kitchener vs Belleville Thur 5/22 Tie Breaker if needed Fri 5/23 Semi final Sun 5/24 MC Championship Kitchener is the host team and is automatically in. Belleville is the OHL representative. The QMJHL representative has not been decided as of yet. Stats Bowman 4GP 3G 2A +2 (21GP 11G 9A +5 8PIM) McCrea 4GP 2A +2 2PIM (21GP 7A +3 14PIM)
  9. The Spokane Chiefs beat the Tri City Americans last night 4-1 to win Game 7 and the Western Conference. The Chiefs will take on the Lethbridge Hurricans for the WHL title. Game 1 in Spokane Fri 5/2 Game 2 in Spokane Sat 5/3 Game 3 in Lethbridge Tue 5/6 Game 4 in Lethbridge Wed 5/7 Game 5 in Lethbridge Fri 5/9, if needed Game 6 in Spokane Sun 5/11, if needed Game 6 in Spokane Mon 5/12, if needed The Chiefs played the Hurricanes once during the regular season. Bowman had 1A and was -1 McCrae played the Hurricanes while with Saskatoon 3 times. He had 1G and was -5 Stats from the Tri series and the playoff totals: Bowman 7GP 4G 1A -2 2PIM (17GP 8G 7A +3 8PIM) McCrae 7GP 1A 10PIM (17GP 5A +1 12PIM)
  10. I'm not sure if he would be really ready to jump to the AHL. He skates and passes very well. He busts his a## like I said and digs for the pucks everywhere on the ice. Scoring touch isn't quite there but it's not from trying. If he did move up to the AHL next season, I think the 1st year would be an adjustment year and a good time for him to pick up what he would need to move on. I can see him being a very good player for the AHL or even NHL (in a couple years). That's just my opinion though and could differ from other people here. Bowman I think is more ready talent wise for the AHL than McCrae. I just wonder about the non talent part of the game. Basically meaning the total work ethic. He seems to wait around for pucks to be dug out of the corners. But again that's just my opinion. It would be great for the Chiefs to go all the way to the Cup but Tri is a very tough team and I wouldn't be surprised if this series doesn't go the full 7 games. Not completely sure about Lethbridge. I didn't follow them during the season and the Chiefs only played them once. I'm just looking forward to Mon for game 6, one game at a time.
  11. The Chiefs beat the Americans last night in 2OT 4-3. Bowman had two goals and misse a penalty shot that would have given him a hat trick and won the game in OT. Chiefs now lead series 3-2 with game 6 in Spokane on Mon. Game 7 if needed will be Tue in Tri. McCrae has been busting his a## but hasn't scored. He's come real close a couple times but the puck isn't bouncing his way.
  12. The Chiefs beat the Americans tonight 1-0 49 seconds into OT 2. Bowman and McCrae were both pointless tonight. Here's the rest of the schedule Game 2 Sun 4/20 @ Tri Game 3 Mon 4/21 @ Spokane Game 4 Tue 4/22 @ Spokane Game 5 Sat 4/26 @ Tri if necessary Game 6 Mon 4/28 @ Spokane if necessary Game 7 Tue 4/29 @ Tri if necessary
  13. The Spokane Chiefs won tonight 3-1 and beat the Vancouver Giants 4 games to 2 and now move onto the Western Conference Finals against the Tri City Americans. Game 1 on Fri 4/18 and Game 2 on Sun 4/20, both games in Tri. The rest of the schedule has yet to come out. Bowman finished the series with 6GP 1G 4A +1 2PIM (Playoff totals 10GP 4G 6A +5 6PIM) McCrae finished the series with 6GP 2A +2 (playoff totals 10GP 4A +1 2PIM) Should be a good 3rd round.
  14. The Spokane Chiefs are up 2-1 in their series with the Vancouver Giants. Game 4 is on Fri 4/11 and Game 5 is on Sat 4/12, both in Vancouver. Game 5 on Mon 4/14 and Game 6 on Tue 5/15 will be back here in Spokane if needed. Bowman looked absent a bit during the 1st game with the Giants but has since stepped it up. He's not scoring the goals like during the regular season but he's at least out there on the ice trying. McCrae has been steady like during the regular season but has been kept off the score sheet for not of the games. He's still hustling and trying. Stats so far: Bowman 4GP 3G 2A +4 4PIM during the 1st Round against Everett Silvertips 3GP 2A -1 2PIM during the 2nd Round against Vancouver Giants McCrae 4GP 1A -2 during the 1st Round against Everrett 3GP 1A +1 during the 2nd Round against Vancouver
  15. The Spokane Chiefs just beat the Everett Silvertips in game 4 of the 1st round playoff series, winning 4 games to none. The Chiefs will play the Vancouver Giants in the 2nd round, below is the schedule. Game 1, Fri 4/4 in Spokane Game 2, Sun 4/6 in Spokane Game 3, Wed 4/9 in Vancouver Game 4, Fri 4/11 in Vancouver Game 5, if necessary, Sat 4/12 in Vancouver Game 6, if necessary, Mon 4/14 in Spokane Game 7, if necessary, Tue 4/15 in Spokane Bowman finised the 1st round: 4GP 3G 1A +3 4PIM (4PIM was tonight for highsticking) McCrae finished the 1st round: 4GP 1A -2 More from the 2nd round.
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