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  1. blacked out perhaps? A pre-season game??? I re-ordered the TWC sports package this afternoon in anticipation of Caps-Canes game tonight.
  2. Remkin, I have the 22-game pack and we are given (just got mine today) a time to log in online to choose our seats. I can do the same seat every game (if available) or pick a different seat for every game and everything in between. If I want a low-down seat for a gold game I'll pay more so may go upper deck for one of the 3 gold games to even out payments. I could see that full-season do the actual butt-in-the-seat choice; that's a perk for the full STHs. I have my doubts as to how the server is going to handle all this traffic and how long it will take to choose which seats if our regular ones aren't open.
  3. I was told by my ticket rep that "Select-a-Seat" is being revamped and will be done on line. So why are there tags on seats?? I just called the ticket reps and was told SAS will be online and take place mid July (a week from now) with an email gong out today with appt times. Maybe the tags are there for fans coming to Summerfest?
  4. OH YEAH!! dog barking like nuts = FedEx truck!! Anybody know (before I bother my ticket rep) if there are preseason tkts included in STH packs? I don't see anything mentioned on the tickets webpage.
  5. There was a deadline to get a 10% credit; after that it is 7%.
  6. Enjoyed seeing/hearing Malhotra's story. I think the Canes organization would be smart to do a lot more of this kind of thing (like the Skinner/Lindholm/Murphy diner bit) to keep fans connected in the long off seasons. Let us see them as family guys who have lives not all that different than ours (yeah, yeah, I know) but share their human side off the ice. Make us care about our team after the dismal season.
  7. Stripes and more stripes. As others have said, too much red in the home. Away jersey will grow on me, but missing the warning flag design. "Hanger design" ? Yeah, like the guys really compliment each other on how it looks in the locker room on a hanger.
  8. In the words of my husband, "Jeff Skinner just made himself a VERY eligible bachelor." Kidding aside, I love the lock-in by top, skilled players. Who knows, maybe Semin will have found his niche, too.
  9. murphy just tweeted that he's going back to Kitchener.
  10. Ok. Just figured Full STH are for the most part keeping their seats. But I guess it has to be 'official'. I can't complain, we've been able to stay in the same general area for the past half dozen seasons. Just anxious :-) .
  11. I was notified awhile ago, too, but was given a July 20 date. I've had 26-game plan for about 8 or 9 years, so this seems late if you guys are going on the 18th and 19th.
  12. When Skins enters the Vegas casino, since he's a minor does he have to walk down the middle of the carpet with all the other kids? Who is his chaperone? I guess he can watch sit in the coffee shop while his teammates hit the tables.
  13. I didn't mean to complain, guess I came off harsh. I am VERY happy that I have two seats in a great lower bowl position. Yes, only wanted 3 if the extra could have been down low.
  14. We have 2 26-game plan tickets and were allotted 2 All-star package tickets. Had requested 1 extra, but evidently a no go. So I better not hear there are any extras available. Happy with the seats, though. Usually am in 117J and am in 114F.
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