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  1. I saw him this morning at the rink, he's been practicing with the Sabres and the other NHL players that are in the area right now before all the official camps start. Got a puck signed, he was very nice - but then again I suppose he pretty much has to be right now
  2. Ok I'll be Quince. I don't know if it's considered "trashing" the organization but if I remember correctly he did say something about being uncertain of the future of the team and being worried about whether the players were going to stay together. That 2006 offseason the Sabres had tons of RFAs and a few key UFA's, and many players had filed for arbitration. At the time Grier signed with San Jose there were many players still not under contract and the only UFA they had resigned was Teppo Numminen, so you can definitely see where he was coming from. Apparantly he was also unhappy that the Sabres did not resign Jay McKee (who signed a ridiculous deal with the Blues for 4 years/16 million, and was bought out this summer). The Sabres did end up resigning almost every one else that summer, they reached deals with most players before their hearings, with the exceptions of Briere (who was rewarded a $5 million contract) and Dumont, who they chose to walk away from, most likely because Briere's reward was so high. I think a lot of fans blew his comments out of proportion, mostly because I feel they were somewhat valid at the present time. It is amusing to me though that now he is saying that he talked to Craig Rivet and he feels the organization is going in a good direction. hahaha....
  3. There have been some interesting things coming out about the cab driver lately, apparently he had no valid license at the time of the incident and had a DUI in 1999: http://www.buffalonews.com/home/story/760115.html And this part is interesting: Kane's attorney said he's found information that will exonerate his client and disputed the cab driver's claims of injuries. "I know he said that, but it's not my client who committed any crimes against him," Cambria said. "When all of the facts and circumstances come out concerning the incident, then the public will have a better idea of what exactly happened and whether or not there is any criminal activity there." Asked to elaborate, Cambria said he was not implying James Kane committed a crime, but said was speaking only on behalf of his client. James Kane's attorney, Dan Barry Jr., did not return a call to comment. "When all this is put into perspective," Cambria said, "it's going to appear vastly different than the first impression." Hmmmmmmm. The story lately is that the cabbie locked the doors and wouldn't let them leave until they payed their fare. He dropped them off near Canisius College, and according to the cabbie, sometimes the college kids he drops off just bolt without paying the fare, so it sounds like he was trying to make sure he got his money. It seems as though both sides overreacted and it escalated into something more than it should have. I would just like to finally hear what Pat has to say himself.
  4. I wouldn't be worried about the NHLPA considering other AHL teams play "away" home games like this. The Rats actually played a game in Buffalo last year against the Sabres affiliate the Portland Pirates. And this season the Pirates are playing two games in Buffalo.
  5. My quick two cents as a fan of another team: Don't feel ashamed! This happens everywhere to varying degrees, and not just in "the south." I mean, watch a Sens game, you'll see blue and white jerseys everywhere!! It's one thing to be mad about the large number of Pens fans, I would be too, but unless you are a STH who blatantly sells your seats to the opposing fan because you know you can make a quick buck, I would say you should not have to feel "ashamed" for it.
  6. I grew up in Clarence, my house is just a few minutes away, we heard the sirens and everything and were trying to figure out what was going on. My mom heard there was a plane crash in Clarence Center but everyone at that point thought it was just a small private plane - a little two seater or something. My parents went to bed and I stayed up watching the news until about 1:30, probably would have stayed up later but I was ridiculously sick that day, I was just on the coach in a daze. It was crazy watching it all unfold, I couldn't believe the plane was so big. I graduated high school with the girl who lived in that house - her and her mom were able to escape, her dad died. We were never super close friends or anything, but she is a nice girl, I feel so bad for her and her family. I can't believe any of this happened, it's so surreal, so horrible.
  7. Yes I believe what happened was that the Stars are going to be affiliating themselves with a new team in Texas once the arena is built and left the Chops this season. The Ducks, who were affiliated with the Portland Pirates last year, wanted to move their prospects closer (due to the whole being on completely opposite coasts thing), so they got involved with the Chops. And the Pirates are now the Sabres farm team - the Sabres split the Rochester Americans with Florida for the past couple seasons.
  8. I was at this game in the 2nd row (but cheering for the Pirates of course), hopefully today or tomorrow I will have my pictures uploaded if you guys are interested....
  9. The All Star weekend is supposed to be fun. I mean, hockey is a GAME, afterall. Who cares if a guy puts a hat and sunglasses on in a competition that is completely meaningless and only intended for entertainment's sake? And of all the things he could possibly do, it was hardly offensive.
  10. Quince brought up the Sabres Pittsburgh game from Monday night, and I am going to throw in this article because I think it's very interesting... Miller says official used profanity By Mike Harrington NEWS SPORTS REPORTER At the end of a routine 5 1/2-minute session with reporters Tuesday in the Amherst Pepsi Center, Buffalo Sabres goaltender Ryan Miller dropped a bit of a bombshell: The Sabres
  11. The Sabres finally won a game last night. haha Against the Bruins, thank god, I can't stand them and Tim Thomas bugs the heck out of me.
  12. Um "dude", Rory played for the Sabres too, man. Seriously though, I can't remember which fans actually started it. But before he signed with the Canucks he was in Buffalo/Rochester for some time (he is actually from Rochester), so a lot of Sabres fans jumped on board.
  13. Oh I agree actually, those were just easy examples.
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