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  1. I can't believe the management has split the training camp into a vetran and a probable rats group. That is so discouraging to the rookies and worse off having vets and rookies together allow rookies to see what it takes to be a pro, and compare themselves to the vets to see what it is they need to improve on. I think the mananagement should allow some rookies like boychuk, bowman and sutter a chance (even tho there pretty much handcuffed with old vets now). But in something I read it said these 3 would make most other NHL teams but instead they are not being given a chance. I loved sutter at the start of last year, he was one of our best players. But then MO came in and played him maybe a shift or two a period, making it very hard to create any momentum or really be in the game. I can't help but wonder how these rookies feel when all these older players are signed, really giving them no cance, with JR saying last year how all 3 of those would probably fill roster spots this year
  2. I agree he needs to get bigger but its not like he's getting pushed around, in fact i think he has been one of the more physical canes
  3. gotta love sutter getting 3 goals in 2 games. crazy what happens when the kid actually gets a chance to play
  4. I definately think the stint in Albany is a great move, there he will play a ton and get some confidence back. I'm sure the kid has a great head on his shoulders throught his family and support system, but at the end of the day he was on top of the world at the start of the year playing like 14 minutes a game to be demoted to little to no minutes, and doing little to nothing wrong. In my opinion I don't think we have gotten to see what this kid can do. At the start he was doing great and i didn't see much change. It would be hard to get good momentum in a shift when you have sat for 10 minutes, thanks to maurice, and seeing his time on the pk taken away can't be good for his confidence either. Hopefully he goes down, gets his confidence back and we'll see what happens after that
  5. I think one major problem which may seem irrelevant but is actually a major factor is how little our fourth line plays. At the start of the year sutter was playing a tonne and playing really well, bayda and eaves have both had time up on 3rd and even 2nd lines so they have had times where they play more. In the last couple games these guys have been given only around 5 minutes of icetime. Bayda and sutter arent even penalty killing anymore, which was kind of their specialty at the start. This may not seem important but that means the top 3 lines are playing more and more. The guys playing are never gonna admit it but they ahve to be tired, and even if they don't feel it that definately hurts the guys when there playing there regular shifts, powerplay, and penalty kill. Every top team in the NHL plays 4 lines, you have to to give everyone rest so at the end of the game they still have gas in the tank. Another point from this is how hard is it for the fourth line guys. They sit for 10 minutes after an intermission so really half an hour or more, they go out for a shift, finally get there legs going, and then sit again, and then sit again for an extended period of time. That makes it very hard to get in a game, and you have to think for a guy like sutter who was playing close to 13 minutes at th the start of the season to go to this it is very frustrating and gives him low confidence, something not great for development. If we want to make a run for the playoffs and deep into the playoffs we are going to need ALL the players to be in the game ps. in my opinion when the fourth line is out there they are not a liability and often create energy so whats holding them back?
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