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  1. anyone know why they only play Rock you like a Hurricane once? would be great to have heard it at some point during the 3rd last night! Also - is there any way to suggest songs to them? I would LOVE to hear Motley Crue "Shout at the Devil" Sunday night!!
  2. as far as I know they are - planning on going myself!
  3. thanks! they had another name listed on the game summary I think, and unfortunately I was not able to listen.
  4. guess I was blind - it's on the website now. gosh darn it all!
  5. I was at practice today and I swear I didn't even see Justin - in fact there were several not there. I was about 10 minutes late though...
  6. that was great - thanks! YES - cannot wait until the season begins. went to practice Thursday and am just completely pumped!
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