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  1. Thank You!!! Finally we can get this debate started. Since 2006. How many times have both our clubs made the playoffs? From my understanding during the off-season I remember JR talking about moving forward and looking into the future and securing picks and prospects so that the organizing can and will compete for the cup on a consistant basis. If they keep taking steps backwards, how long will you guys have to watch the canes " re-build?" I don't know if you guys notice this but your starting to follow the Oilers consistantly inconsistand trend. Where every season is a "re-build". Then you keep acquiring old players, for us ( Petr Nedved, Marty Reasoner just to name a few). Then trade deadling theres some acquisition only to watch that player walk during free agency season, for us ( Samsonov, Spacek, Peca) then because you gave up a bunch of draft picks to acquire those players all of a sudden you gotta give up your heart and soul to gain your future back, for us (ryan smyth). Then when you think the re-building is done this year, we're still battling for that 8th spot like we do for the past 9 years only to hear the exact same excuse in the off-season when our team just sucks. " uhh.....we're rebuilding for the future".
  2. 1. The topic was named the way it is because it's a title that will definetly get alot of views and get alot of response, but i never thought you caniacs were so sensitive these days. It's kind of like making a topic title " Evgeni Malkin to Carolina ", and then when you open it it reads " On saturday to take on staal and the canes". It's how you get views man. Aint my fault some people judge books by their cover...or in this case " titles". 2. What i'm trying to say is did Jim Rutherford really needed to throw in O'sullivan or that 2nd round pick for Cole. Don't you think our gm out smart him in a way that only to Jim Rutherford can you get alot for Erik Cole. You see what I mean when i said only one GM thought this deal was fair? Like i said Cole was not worth much to any other teams, I don't care what you guys believe, but the way he has been playing we were not gonna get a whole lot of return for him. I know many oilers fan who would of been happy with just O'sullivan or just a 2nd round pick for Cole. I think many fans would be also happen with even 3rd rounder for Cole. As for O'sullivan. I hate how you guys keep bringing in this " oh, o'sullivan won't play for hurricane because of this and that". What i'm trying to say about O'sullivan was why didn't you guys try to get more from him. I wonder if you guys know how much of a return you could of got for a 24 year sniper who's probably gonna have a break out season in a year or two. Did you guys even know that Oilers wanted O'sullivan for a long time?? and because of that Did you guys even know how much value he had to our staff alone? Did you know last year before acquiring Cole we inquired about O'sullivan and we were offering Pitkanen & 1st rounder? I'm guessing not that's what MY debate is. Like i said before it's like trading Sakic for Hemsky. Sure Sakic puts up points and can produce, but it does not mean you should give up your future. Not saying o'sullivan was your future but that 2nd round pick might be a regret a couple years from now because I look at the list of players heading in the draft this year, it'll suck to miss out on those high picks. That's of course unless your Detroit or San Jose. That's my debate. How much research did JR do to acquire Cole from us. How I see it, again just my opinion. JR thought he needed to do whatever he could to get Cole back. But waht he didn't know was that he ended up giving more than anyone would expect. That's what I'm trying to say. If you guys don't agree, go on to the flames board, the ducks board, the sabres board. They all agree just like me, It's a good thing Cole is headed back to Carolina, but it's pretty bad what they had to give up to get him. Because if things don't work out again and Cole does not resign. What was that Acquiring Pat O'sullivan and sending us your future pick for? Sure wouldn't be to help out your franchise at all. So stop bringing up this O'sullivan situation ok, i understand why he can't play I just don't understand why he was traded so quick as if JR didn't even do any research as to what he could of gotten.
  3. Oh believe me. We'd be open minded and discuss views & opinions, and you would actually enjoy a healthy conversation. But just like any other msg boards they got people like you who decides to look at things as a insult point of view, and i'll explain to you this. If you ever mention Patrick Kane being a goalie at all you'd get laughed out of any discussion board, in fact say it in your house and I bet your own mom would be laughing at such a silly comment. Sure Mact Likes to put people out of their natural position but noone is retarded enough to throw a forward into net. You may not like our team but there's no need to exaggerate just to make yourself look good. And just so you know this topic was created to help your other fans who do not support this move to have a healthy discussion about it with fans like you who support this move. That way everyone can disagree with everything and agree on one thing. That is the canes is your team no matter who or what comes along and you gotta be faithful. But it's people like you who takes things and blow it out of proportion and create havoc in my topic. I only come here once every 6-7 months. I remember fans here being more polite and welcoming and open to healthy debate. All of a sudden the canes haven't perform up to expectations that were set in the off-season now some caniacs got their panties in a bunch and is all of a sudden so sensitive about their team that just another fan from another team can't even create a topic title without you getting all offended. I guess next time I'll just brown nose your organization and start my title with " Canes GM the Albert Einstein of the NHL". If you DO NOT want to debate this because you already have a biased opinion. Keep it to yourself and let others who are still uncertain discuss about the trade. Plain and Simple. If I was a mod. I'd have lock this topic a couple posts ago. Because clearly some people think this is a Bash Canes or Bash Erik Cole topic.
  4. LOL *edit*. Of course your not hicks. Who said that? Or is your head still stuck in the stanley cup year that you think any Oilersfan is here only to bash your team? Of course you understand the game it's pretty clear you do thats why i said I don't believe I know any better than you guys. It's my way of saying " If you don't agree it's cool, just don't assume things about me". And read my first sentence again, it also says this is my perspective. I didn't say " I'm the prophet from a hockey town and I will tell you what's what".
  5. LOL. I read the response and i think you guys believe this is a Cole bashing topic. Hahaha. ROFL.
  6. Sorry, I did not read every posts so I apologize if what I'm about to write has been discussed already. Basically I always thought the Issue with the Carolina Hurricanes Marketing is that they target those already interested in the Carolina Hurricanes. I may be wrong but I don't ever recall a Carolina Hurricane Commercial during a panther's game. For example.......assuming you guys are on these boards you like the Carolina Hurricane. How annoying would it be if I kept preaching to you " Watch The Hurricanes"? You'd be like " What the hell does this guy want? I already have like 5 friggin tickets only to watch my team lose!" But if you never heard of Hockey but I fed you info on the Hurricanes Impact in the first 3 years of the NHL, and especially show you clips of the Hurricanes Performance during the 05/06 season you would be interested and consider buying tickets. I'm just saying I haven't seen the Hurricanes organization doing that....unless I'm wrong, I don't live in North Carolina But in the hockey world, If I hear nothing of the Hurricanes then noone else is. Come on, I follow hockey 24/7 the only time I see a Hurricanes advertisement is if I heard of the team myself and go search them up. Don't let your Canes performance make you lose faith. If you are able to see that the Hurricanes don't get enough fan support, can you imagine the confidence level they'd have knowing that little fan base they have are starting to drift away? Where's the support? I say It's only 20 games, we tried taking unsuccessful shortcuts but we atleast found the right path again. Let's stay on course and floor our way to that finish line that reads game # 82. It's a long way from now but that shouldn't stop you from cheering GO CANES GO the whole way.
  7. hahah just remember one thing about us Oilers fan. We only hate teams when we're playing them. We boo Players when they play against us. But in the end, Hockey players are all human, we understand the ambition and determination it took for these players to be where they are today. We applaud them at the end of each game. Not to showoff our passion as fans, not to be on the news and have them say " Edmonton's fan is the most electrifying in the world ". But for them to know that we know, they have worked very hard to be where they are today. Every outcome is deserving. Living here in edmonton I cant stop hearing " we should of won the cup" everytime an oilers 06 season highlight come's on. I always respond to my friends and say " we should of wanted it like the canes did , then I'll agree that we deserved the cup ". Anyways I'm gone for another 6-8 months from today and I hope to find the time to come here and communicate with you caniacs. Nothing is more important in life than knowing those around the world. Not just those around you. We're so seperated by everyday events, cheering for one place, one type of people, that we forget we're all the same. So again, all i can say before i go on a long trip is, Let's appreciate eachother. Just remember to keep your thoughts as positive as possible. I've been told repeatedly many times by my mother to think positive to have a positive outcome. Or else just keep thoughts to yourselfs because obviously negative thoughts bring negative outcomes which not one person in the world is looking forward to. Therefore; keeping the thoughts to yourself means your willing to give up a couple headaches in order to stop a couple of heartaches from happening, It's a risk we, as humans rather take for eachother because we all know nothing's worst than a heartache. LOL. Gotta love momma.
  8. Hey I'm terribly sorry cuz i did not read any of the post. just the first one and i want to give my opinion if it matters to the question. How i see it, you're city is just adapting to it. Now i'm a canadian so i may not be correct but the biggest sports in US is football and basketball. I might sound bias but thats all I know thats why i have an account here to get to know you good americans and to prove me wrong because i hate being biased. But anyways all I'm trying to say is even though you won a stanley cup, you have to remember the hurricanes havent been here that long so it does that a while and maybe even a few more stanley cup wins to build interest. Thats why i love the nhl, they're in a progress to make ice hockey more recognized and like i said before in many posts. Congrats on you canes for winning the cup over us, we worked and thrived hard but you guys had the ambitions which in my mind makes a 25% difference in the outcome of a game. Just be patient and I'm sure the carolina hurricane organization will achieve standards beyond our imaginations. Don't believe me? You should read about Oilers history. We were like the broke *edit* ghetto nhl club before the salary cap lol. Why you think we had to give up Gretzky, Messier etc . Plain and simple, too much expectation too little time.
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