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  1. Fri 9/27 v. Buffalo (Pre-Season) -- 7pm Sun 10/13 v. Phoenix -- 1pm Tue 11/5 v. Philadelphia -- 7pm Sun 11/24 v. Ottawa -- 5pm Sun 12/1 v. Vancouver -- 1pm Fri 12/20 v. Washington -- 7pm Fri 12/27 v. Pittsburgh -- 7pm Section 112 -- Row L -- Seats 1 & 2 (directly above where the zamboni enters the ice) Face Value = $85 + General Parking Pass = $15 will sell both seats and parking for $150 Email Brian jones.brian70@gmail.com
  2. Section 112 Row L Seats 1, 2 January 11, 2011 Calgary Flames $100 and includes parking pass Brian Jones umpjones@aol.com 201-2639
  3. STH seats Monday November 29th 7pm Section 112 Row L Seats 1, 2 $110 general parking pass included Brian Jones (919)201.2639 umpjones@aol.com
  4. SOLD Nov. 20 v. Predators
  5. I have a few of the November home games for sale. Section 112 Row L Seats 1, 2 behind the goal we defend twice $110 per game (includes parking pass). $75 face value Sat. Nov. 6 -- Florida Panthers Thu. Nov. 11 -- Philadelphia Flyers Sat. Nov. 20 -- Nashville Predators Mon. Nov. 29 -- Dallas Stars contact Brian Jones umpjones@aol.com (919) 201-2639
  6. any interest to moving to section 112, row L?
  7. there are numerous reasons why parking is the nightmare it is 1. entering off of edwards mill is a) 3 lanes converging into 2 to go clockwise alternating with Premier parking people having to go across multiple lanes c) Raleigh PD intermittently closing the east-bound exit off of Wade Avenue d) the new stoplight prior to reaching CG HS e) having to stop to allow people to turn left onto EM from Ridge (i think) 2. sometimes free parking at the fairgrounds, sometimes not 3. counter-clockwise and clockwise traffic flow 4. having Premier Parking folks entering from all points In developing a fix for the parking situation, they need to spend time analyzing what the problems are. Then from there, one addresses them.
  8. Diane, To each his own...I didn't go this year but have been in the past. I have had a good time (the year I went to NYC and Times Squares was the best). To me, it's an enjoyable way to spend the evening. If you're looking for an all-adult, wilder party, then go to a club. Depending on your definition of packed, it could be. the past two times I've gone, it's been crowded and can be difficult to move around. don't expect to drink more than a couple as the line at the bar stations is usually pretty long. The band has been good in MHO. But overall, it's all subjective.
  10. News Conference: WHAT A JOKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JR says the players had no confidence and poor team chemistry JR says MO has matured since leaving Carolina, likening it to attending Harvard or Yale by coaching in Toronto JR says we gave some games away - DUH! That would be the players doing that JR says at least this is a "this year" test. How long before a multi-year contract comes around? JR says possibility of player moves but didn't sound confident that there would be any. MO talks about consistency. Good, his teams consistency lose. So no change there. MO talks about the fan base and how loud it was. He's right, it's never been that loud since! MO talks about the clutching/grabbing style that was can work but that the game is a hybrid of that today. DUH!!! MO talks about 3 phases - tough schedule in Dec./making friends with the players/no style changes RF says this is something he wants to try. How nice, I want to try a lot of things in this world too. JR made this decision and re-hiring MO based on emotions and not based on 'business' (despite what MO says). This organization has become synonymous with the Steinbrenner's from the Yankees and Al Davis with the Oakland Raiders. It also smells of the players running things which is not uncommon with professional sports teams (look at Barry and Tampa).
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