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  1. I would think Aucoin signs elsewhere, unless a deal doesn't show up. While the 2-way deals w/ Carolina are ensuring a comfortable living, he wants to play in the NHL...so if a team w/ some room on the 3rd line shows up, he'll be gone. r
  2. Right on, thanks for the clarification on that. r
  3. To answer my own question a little bit, with Aucoin's "veteran" (sorta) status, if he stays up in the NHL too long (something like more than 96 hours at a time), then gets sent back to Albany, he gets put on waivers and other teams can pick him up (or force Carolina to pull him back up on a more permanent basis). Of course, that is entirely dependent on his contract. For all i know there may be a rookie-contract-esque clause eliminating waivers from the equation. r
  4. With a 2-way contract such as the one Keith has, don't they just pay a prorated salary based on the number of games he plays in each league? So, when he's in Carolina, he gets $450k/82*N (N being the number of games he plays in the NHL)....and vice versa in the AHL? If what you say is true, i didn't realize there was a threshold number of games that could be reached where he was automatically paid his full-NHL salary. r EDIT: On top of that, his AHL salary is well over $100k now...not nearly as big a difference as $50k-$500k would be.
  5. Congrats to 'Coiner on his first career NHL goal. So, he plays 11:33 in a 1-0 win in Beantown Tuesday....gets shipped back to Albany, and has 2 assists in a 3-1 win over Manchester Wednesday, then gets called back up overnight, and scores his first NHL goal in the 'Canes terrible game against NJ Thursday. That's quite a week. Throw in last Sunday's game, and the fact that he probably has absolutely no idea where he'll be playing this weekend....quite the roller coaster. But congrats anyway...it's well earned. r
  6. He's definitely not happy bouncing back and forth, and he does believe that he has what it takes to be in the NHL for a few years, at least. The problem is partially attributed to the Canes' depth, but also partly because of the systems that Laviolette runs. It's always been a team geared toward bigger forwards. Ray Whitney is the only smaller guy that's really excelled in their system (and he's at least 2" taller than 'coiner, despite what the roster stats say), but Aucoin's not really the same type of player as Ray. If you look around the NHL, most teams are starting to develop smaller players, and *I* think he has a place somewhere in the NHL...just not with the Canes. Hopefully we'll see after this year, or maybe following a mid-season trade. In the meantime, hopefully he won't get down on himself -- hopefully he'll keep working hard on the areas of his game that he knows need work.
  7. There are two main reasons to do drills like this. As was already stated, a lot of teams have the penalty killers flip their sticks over, so they have to kill with the butt end of their stick...it's interesting to hear that the 'canes have special sticks for this purpose. The primary reason for doing this is to work on power play system fundamentals. Working against a less-effective kill, the PP can work on their lanes, routes, and the more theoretical portions of their system. Let's face it, all these guys are good enough to execute (though perhaps they don't always do so to their potential), but knowing the system like it's second nature is incredibly important, and running the system with less pressure allows them to do so more fundamentally. Conversely, the PK also has a system or two or three, and using the disadvantaged sticks forces the PK to stick to those systems. There is a lesser chance of a killer to get "lucky" by intercepting or deflecting a pass. It MAKES them play the system. Obviously, in game-time situations, hard work on the kill can sometimes counter a poorly-executed system, and be effective -- but having the players subconciously aware of what they're SUPPOSED to do always helps. Higher level hockey (College, Juniors, Pro, *some* high school) is all about the systems, and most of the practice time is spent on making those systems second nature. r
  8. Excellent -- i hadn't heard that. I saw on hockeydb (or somewhere like it) that he was a UFA after this season. Hopefully he gets more than a handful of games w/ the Canes next season. Good luck to the Rats the rest of the way...let's hope they can take out the defending champs. r p.s. why are they playing their home playoff games in Glens Falls?
  9. People in the know: Do you think Carolina will resign Aucoin, he's a UFA at the end of the season. Honestly, i hope he goes elsewhere...i don't think Carolina's system works well for his type of player. I'd like to see him end up in Tampa (maybe he and St Louis can talk about what a b*tch Vermont winters are), or somewhere else where smaller forwards are successful. 99pts in the AHL should = NHL time. Who knows? We'll see. r
  10. I'm wondering if there's something about the systems that the Canes play that isn't very compatible w/ Keith's size or style of play. Or they're just too front-loaded to allow new guys into the lineup. Who knows? I wouldn't mind seeing him go back to Lowell/NJ or to Providence/Boston...just so he could get a chance in the N. I'd love to see him wheel w/ Gionta or Bergeron or something! And of course i've voted... r
  11. I really wish the 'Canes would move Aucoin to a team that will actually pull him up, and keep him up long enough for him to get adjusted and prove what he can do. Granted, I'm biased (I went to college w/ him), but it seems like a tremendous waste to watch a guy dominate in the AHL, and not get a solid chance w/ the big club because of a full roster, or whatever their reasoning is. I'm sure the Albany fans are grateful that he's where he is, but for his sake, and respect for his development and accomplishments, he needs to go somewhere else. Any thoughts? r
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