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  1. Adding my 2 cents on the McClement/Nash debate: I agree Nash is the better player, however, this team is going to be one of if not the youngest team next season. You have to have some vets sprinkled in to help the young ones. With that said, McClement plays that role far better than Nash. Yes we still have JStaal, Hainsey, and Wiz as vets, but it can't hurt to have McClement's presence in the locker room. You have to have that balance between young and experience. With McClement already signed, it's actually a pretty easy decision on who you keep. They aren't going to buy him out, and trading him now, would be pointless. The deadline would be a better trade time if we are out of the playoffs. The other thing we need to think about is this expansion draft. I'm having a real hard time finding guys that the Canes can expose based on the rules, without giving up our core forwards (JStaal, Skinner, Rask, Lindholm). With being a young team, we will have a lot of guys that will be exempt due to be 1st or 2nd year pros (i.e Aho, Teuvo, Slavin, Pesce, Hanifin). Or guys who are upcoming free agents (i.e McClement, Hainsey, Wiz, Bickell). Francis has to go out and sign a Free Agent or 2 for at least 2 years and be able to expose them.
  2. This is where we disagree. Rask and Lindholm are not ready to face a teams top defensive pair. They can handle it for a few games, but to ask them to go up against a team's top defense for 82 games will only hurt them. They are still young and still have growing to do. Right now they are playing well with Skinner because they are getting the other's team 3rd pairings. They still need to be sheltered in a sense. Asking them to go up against the top defense pairings night in night out is too much. Let them grow and put them in that situation when they are more ready. As for Jordan, his game is better suited being that defensive forward. The guy should be in the voting for a Selke this year (he won't) and in years to come. If you ask Jordan to change his game to be a #1 C, offense focus only, then I think you see production going down from him. Let him continue to be that #2C checking line who can also put up offensive numbers, ala Brind'Amour. He is way more comfortable in the role he is playing now and it shows. As for your comment about other guys will win more face-offs, regularly go to the net and hit more, that's just not true. Out of the 4, only Jordan wins more at 58%. Followed by Eric at 54%, Rask at 51% and Lindholm at 50%. The team as a whole leads the league in face-off wins and Eric is a big part of that. And you can seriously say that we have guys that regularly go to the net? Please enlighten me. Hasn't that been the complaint year after year that there is never anyone in front of the net. They are starting to get in front of the net, including Eric, but not one player does it consistently. Also, being physical doesn't mean how many hits is X player getting a game. To win board battles, you have to be physical, and this is something that Eric is doing very well. He's winning those board battles. He leads the team in possession. I know I may sound like an Eric apologist, but I'm also not just looking at numbers and salary. I'm looking at the whole picture. I'm trying to see what this team will be like losing a 1-2C and not being able to replace them. We have to remember that if Francis decides to re-sign Eric, it won't be at $9M per. This team still needs an Eric whether it's Eric himself or someone else. This team is not in a position to overpay in free agency or free agents are not knocking down the PNC Arena doors. And to go the trade route, you have to give to get. Murphy and scrubs won't get it done. This is what I'm trying to look at, not Eric isn't producing offensively so he's worthless.
  3. There is one thing you have to remember, come free agency, the question isn't 'is said player worth that price', the question is 'is there a team that will overpay for said player'. The answer to that question is YES. We see it every July 1st. There is always 1, sometimes 2 players where the terms/salary come out and everyone goes 'Whaaaaaaaat, that is overpayment'. So I wouldn't be surprised to see Eric get more than the $6M people say he is worth. All it takes is that 1 GM who gets desperate or has some extra money lying around. And it happens every single year.
  4. If you think Eric will get less than $6M on the open market then you are just delusional. He will be one of the top UFAs come July 1st, if he isn't re-signed. He is still a very good capable 1-2C, you have to look at more than just stats. This shows (http://public.tableau.com/shared/85XRW8HDG?:display_count=yes&:showVizHome=no) that Eric is still a very good player, a player that teams need/want. If Eric was going to get $6M or less on the open market, he'll just re-sign here for that much. He'll easily get $7.5-8.5M from a team. There are teams out there who need a 1-2C and will pay it. And yes, you can throw Stamkos, if he makes it to July 1st, will be the #1 UFA, but he will also be looking for a contract in the $12M range. That will limit teams that can take that type of contract on. However, I doubt he gets to July 1st anyway. So that leaves Staal as the biggest UFA and teams will pay more than $6M.
  5. All valid points, TS and Jon. Eric said yesterday, unless he was lying, that Francis has not asked him to waive or if he would waive his NMC. I personally just think a decision needs to be made either way. This status quo is not helping anyone. I'm sure Francis hasn't been getting much sleep wondering what he should do. Should he trade the first 'franchise player' of the Canes org or keep him, and if so, at what cost. I'm pretty sure Eric wants to stay. He really does love this team/org/area, plus his brother is here. I don't know that Jordan signed a 10-year deal only to get 1-2 years playing with his brother. The way Jordan is playing now, do you want to piss him off that he requests a trade? I don't think he would, but it's almost as with we are playing with a double edge sword. Like Forslund said that other night, the Canes aren't in the position they are in now if it's not for Jordan's play. The guy has been carrying this team. As far as trading him, it sounds like it will be pretty hard, and maybe another reason for the 'status quo'. Bob McKenzie was on during the 1st intermission of the Hawks/Rangers game and actually had Staal as an option for the Hawks to play with Toews/Hossa. But he thought Eric's cap will be hard to take on for contending teams.
  6. I know you dislike Eric, but you need to put your bias aside for a second. It doesn't matter if you are an athlete or an every day joe, not knowing, weighs on you. What if your boss came to you and said "so TS, we might transfer you in a month, where, we aren't sure, or we might decide to keep you in this office, but at a significant pay cut", that *edit* will weigh on you, the unknown, especially if you are the provider of your family. My fiancee does contract work and whenever his contract is a few months from being up, he starts to stress on whether it will get renewed or if he should start looking for new work. It's life, the uncertainity of where you'll go or be is stressful, it's human nature. And his actions today lead me to believe something is up. He came out for practice early taking shots on Ward. And then when the rest of the team left, he stayed out on the ice by himself. Something is going through his head and yes can affect his play. They keep saying the unknown isn't a bother, but it clearly is. A decision needs to be made NOW. They either re-sign him or he/the team go different routes. Sign now, or trade, none of this trade and re-sign July.
  7. Luke has an axe to grind with the Canes. Someone either killed his dog or pissed in his cheerios one too many times. Don't let him fool you into thinking he actually pays attention to the Canes, because he doesn't. He says we should trade Skinner or Jordan and how Jordan's contract is probably unmmovable. Um Luke, every team needs a Jordan type player and the way he has been playing, any team would take him and that unmmovable contract. As for Skinner. Right. Last I checked this team has a hard time scoring, so yes, let's move one of our best offensive guys. He wants the Canes to trade-off all the vets and be what Edmonton, with a bunch of kids/prospects. That isn't what Francis has in mind. Francis wants to re-tool, not do a full on re-build. To re-tool, you still need vets sprinkled in with the kids. To re-build, you need at least 4-5 years to become competitive, this is time the Canes do not have. If Francis plays it right and does the re-tool in the correct way, this team can be competitive in the next year or 2.
  8. Anyone else think that maybe this up in the air thing is weighing on Staal. I know he's said he doesn't think about it, blah blah blah, but come on. Here it is,2 weeks till the deadline and it's all 'status quo'. It's not like the guy is single, he's married and has 3 kids under the age of 6. It's got to be weighing him down wondering what his future holds. I don't care what anyone says. RF needs to decide to keep him or trade him. The sooner the better for both parties. I just think this wait and see is not doing Eric any favors and its showing these past few games. He was looking good, or shall I say better, then within the last week when Curran was asked, he said it's all status quo, wait and see. Then it seemed to me that Eric took a step back.
  9. It's going to be a different realm with Francis. JR used media to leak stuff. Francis keeps everything close to his chest, hence Francis being known as 'Fort Knox'. The deadline is what 3 weeks away. They can't still be sitting status quo as Curran says. I think Francis may have a lockdown on any information getting leaked.
  10. Neither is ready next year to take on that role. Rask was good there for a bit, but then he started to regress, hence why he was moved off and now centering Skinner. Lindholm is clearly not ready. Peters already alluded to that fact when he said that Lindholm came into the league too soon. Peters said he is just now 'getting it', that's not someone you throw into a 1st line center role. So again, who do we have to take that role? Also, we aren't talking about Eric at $9M so we can stop referring to his current salary b/c that won't be his salary come July 1st.
  11. I saw this come across yesterday and found it quite interesting. Why? Because I continue to see/read how people think Eric didn't do his job here because we only made the playoffs twice while he has been with the team or how he hasn't earned his pay. And because I see mention of these same names as players people would take on their team and who I've seen mentioned (not particularly on this board) as being better players than Eric, but seeing the numbers like this, kind of makes one see that he isn't as bad as people portray him to be. I think and can understand, people being frustrated since we haven't seen playoff hockey since 2009, shoot I am, but to call out someones character or saying they are dogging it, etc, is wrong. If they were truely dogging it, ok, but it's clear Eric is not. No, the goals are not going for him, as we saw yesterday where had seriously had like 3 grand opportunities and missed on all 3, but it isn't for lack of effort or dogging it. I'm just not sure who people think can take his place if he does not return. Here's a list of the Top 10 skaters from the 2003 draft class, ranked by points: E. Staal G-321; A-451; P-772 R.Getzlaf G-212; A-500; P-712 T. Vanek G-312; A-325; P-637 C. Perry G-317; A-320; P-637 P. Bergeron G-225; A-370; P-595 Z. Parise G-291; A-303; P-594 J. Carter G-296; A-261; P-557 J. Pavelski G-253; A-283; P-536 M. Richards G-179; A-303; P-482 L. Eriksson G-197; A-283; P-480
  12. Pittsburgh doesn't have their first this year. You forget who is now their GM Their prospects are pretty bare as well. JR has only been there for about 1.5 years, but he's already doing more damage than good with that team. Which I am not complaining. If EStaal is traded, it should be for no less than a 1st plus an A or B level prospect.
  13. I'd rather Murphy in the lineup than M.Jordan. But I think it's more that Peters likes to have an equal number of lefties/righties. M.Jordan struggles as is, but he's pretty awful on his offside.
  14. I'm with Coastal and SD, in that we can't go full blown young, i.e Oilers. Look how many #1 draft picks they have and they are still missing the playoffs year after year. Why, because they really don't have any veteran presence. It was one reason they went after Sekera as hard as they did. I think most people are fed up with Staal because he's making $9M, well blame JR. When that contract was first signed there were questions about the last 2 years of that deal being so high. We knew he would be 30 heading into those last two years and that's usually when forwards start to decline a bit. Staal has been doing everything else he's supposed, the scoring is just not working for him. But you want him to contribute and be a valuable piece of the team, which he is. He wants to stay here, so he probably would take a discount to stay, what that discount is, I don't know. But what if we did something like $6M with incentives? This way, he can make more, but it will be based off his play.
  15. Here's an unbiased E. Staal article that I think needs to be read, if you haven't already: I think that first paragraph I quoted is pretty telling. Stats don't lie. Is he scoring like he used to in the past, no, but dang on it look at Getzlaf....lol. He is still a good player and a valuable player, just being valuable to a team in a different way and not just by scoring goals. He doesn't have to be scoring 30 goals to be a valuable player to this team. I have no clue what will happen or what Francis is thinking. None of us do. But I don't look at it as Francis delaying negotiations because he is going to offer him a low amount or trying to find a trade. I really do think that Francis/Staal both wanted to see if this team can make a turn and improve. For Francis, is it time to turn the tide and let Eric go or is he still valuable to this team going forward. For Eric, does he see this team being a cup contender and making that turn to being a competitive team year in and year out. Eric has mentioned that he wants to be a part of the turn around and he wants to get this team back to the playoffs. Peters, during one of the interviews he did last week, made a comment that the team wants to stay together and do this together as a team. So he said the team was challenged and to prove that they want to be together. Well, I'd say they are making a case for themselves the last two months. Another comment that Peters made in regards to Eric was....'he is big, strong, every team needs that type of player, WE need that type of player.' It seems Peters/Francis are working together to build a competitive team. If Peters feels they need Eric, are we really ones to say he doesn't belong on the team?
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