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  1. I'll never cheer for Bos. Not because of this year, but because they've been our historical enemy. That said, I have no ill-will towards Chara. The way he congratulated our troops looked sincere. They're just a better team in every way. We have to respect and acknowledge that. And if your excuse is "we didn't show up," well, they forced us out of our comfort zone. Outplayed, and probably outcoached too. And they did it without Pasta (mostly) and Rask. All we can do and hope whomever they face in Rd 2 beats the living shot out of them.
  2. I thought Pasta was gonna score on that one 100%
  3. The way CBJ lost in OT is exactly how we lost gm 4: We leave their guys open. Maybe our guys are so focused watching the puck that they forget how to play without it. You take your eyes off of DeBrusk, Carlo, Krejci, and they'll burn us. We need to force them to play on their heels. We can do it for minutes at a time, but we have to sustain it. That'll be difference.
  4. So CBJ, CAR, NYR are trending up. PHI looks to be the powerhouse. WSH, PIT are aging and sinking. NJ remains in basement.
  5. Let's hope it ends in OT1 so we can get it on!
  6. Win or lose, I'm supporting this team. Have been for 30+ yrs.
  7. They're simply better. All 5 guys are always moving. And we're standing around mesmerized.
  8. Yup. It's over. they only need 5 min to beat us. Embarassing
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