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  1. I don't know how things will fit, but I wouldn't mind if Marc-Andre Fleury did a stint with us. Maybe Mrazek or Reimer will find greener pastures. If they both go, Ned will have to back up The Flower.
  2. That's a pretty decent AAV. He hovers consistently between 20-30pts per yr. Nice, low risk piece to add.
  3. There is a Harry Kane, BTW. Different sport, though.
  4. You are class personified. Thank you for all that you've done for the Hurricanes and the NHL.
  5. Get him into the gym with Bill, ASAP.
  6. thanks KJUNKANE, GO.
  7. How did they pull that off? I missed it.
  8. I really thought Minny would have taken him.
  9. Don't worry guys. We already got a Russian goalie from last year.
  10. If he turns out to be a Marner, then some of us will be eatin' a shat ton of crow.
  11. Earn?!?! I prefer "suffer for."
  12. Looks like it hit the post and stayed out.
  13. The following quote is from Scott Wheeler of the athletic: "6. A shoutout to the Hurricanes The Hurricanes already have a top-five prospect pool. They didn’t pick until 28th overall in the 2019 draft and still walked away with Ryan Suzuki, Jamieson Rees, Patrik Puistola and Anttoni Honka — who are all top-100 prospects a year later — as well as the 5-foot-7 Domenick Fensore, who is one of a kind and might just make it. They acquired the supremely talented Dominik Bokk by trade to give themselves another high-skill roll of the dice. Their depth on defence is so strong that Jake Bean, another top-50 prospect, can’t even crack their NHL lineup after injuries to key pieces. Now, a week after having swept the Rangers, their fleece of the Maple Leafs in a salary dump for Patrick Marleau has resulted in a top pick in a deep draft. I have more faith in the Hurricanes using the Leafs’ 13th overall pick effectively than I do in any team’s amateur scouting operation hitting in that range (and it’s a tricky range)."
  14. The NHL is jumping up and down. Me, not so much. i didn't want him in the Metro. But it's better than him going tor Edm, Tor, or Pit.
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