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  1. I haven't been keeping up other than listening to Checking in with Tripp. Will Hamilton be ready to go?
  2. +1. No offence to David, but putting any feel good story on the Cup will begin to dilute the privilege of earning your rightful place on the chalice.
  3. We might have tried, but other teams have to want what we're offering too.
  4. I gotta disagree. McGinn brings both speed and grit. Nino has not lived up to the standard he set last year.
  5. I like MSG. I've been to about a dozen arenas now, including the PNC, and MSG is my fave.
  6. It's sad to read so many comments online (not here) that Aliu should just grow a thicker skin, "it's 10yrs ago, let it go", he's a disgruntled player who never made it, or that locker room talk should remain sacred and immune to scrutiny. I'm not advocating crucifying BP until proven guilty, but to continue to sweep seedy issues under the rug to protect what they think hockey's image should be is unacceptable. Some people are just set in their ways and those dinosaurs just need to die off.
  7. Not only that, but I think until you've been victimized, it's hard to appreciate how difficult it might be to speak up. I can only imagine all these thoughts swirling in your head, trying to make sense of it all, replaying the incident in your head, and even justifying it. He probably talked himself in and out of speaking out a thousand time before finally doing it.
  8. E Staal has 0 pts and -7. Rask is not even on their roster. Poor Minny.
  9. TB is taking it out on TOR tonight. hahaha
  10. From Sportsnet: "In which we use the trends of hockey's first seven days to wildly and confidently extrapolate season-long conclusion: A resurgent James Reimer registers a sparkling 41-0-0 record with a .940 save percentage, cementing himself as the greatest backup goalie to ever walk the earth."
  11. Another factor that only the team knows is the whether the player himself wants the C or A. It doesn't suit everyone's personality. I don't think I would want it, if I was a player.
  12. I don't think anybody won this trade. Maybe St.L in the short term. They knew we couldn't sign Faulk for 6.5per. Rask for Neiderreiter straight up? Now THAT's a fleecing.
  13. From lowest payroll to the 2nd most expensive (as of today) in one summer.
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