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  1. Wow, he can drop the mitts too! Ferland who?
  2. Players usually say the right things but Dzingel really impressed me with his words. Sounds like a guy who could flourish under Brindy.
  3. Tom "No Big Deal" Dundon opens his wallet again.
  4. I was thinking the same. That day will come eventually. JW has earned a permanent place in my good books. (cross fingers for 1 more yr)
  5. Ah. Didn't know that. Thanks, Bonivan. That said, I hope Aho isn't encumbered by some undisclosed injury from last Spring. He wasn't the same player that we saw in Nov-Jan.
  6. Most of the people I know around here in the 'Peg feel the same. Laine is a one-trick pony and he went cold last year. He's slow and doesn't use his size to his advantage. Connor is a better around player.
  7. Svech is probably saying "Thanks Seabass, for showing me how it's done." Inside he's thinking, "I'm gonna play my butt off so I can ask for 10.5per couple years from now."
  8. I agree. They're all professionals and I'm sure DW respects the move MB made. The fact that we matched so quickly instead of lolly-gagging suggests that DW still has some respect for his fellow GMs and isn't going to be petty about this. It would only sour future relationships. So good on DW + TD for the quick response. I also like that our front office is showing some teeth. I don't know anything about TD but it's very likely he's no pushover. Perhaps in private, he's scrambling right now with his lawyers and accountants to try and come up with the money to pay Seabass within the next little bit. But at least he's putting on a tough public face.
  9. This validates my practice of never putting names on my jerseys. They either get traded or they let you down eventually. When I made a trip to the PNC during '17-'18, I had to choice to pony up extra for the "Aho" or not. Glad I didn't.
  10. I don't think Aho will get any resentment from his teammates. Seabass would probably confide the details to some of his closest teammates and maybe they would understand. As long as Seabass's commitment is 100% on ice, off ice, in practice, and while serving as one of the faces of this organziation, it's all good. At the end of the day, if they are professionals and take their job seriously then no one can say anything. You can be a greedy, egotistical *edit* in private. I don't care.
  11. I don't know the details about RFA/UFA but there is something valuable about this 5y deal that players want. Matthews signed a 5y contract earlier this year too. If someone can shed some light, I'd appreciate it. 5 is the new 8.
  12. As long as he gives the team 100% for the duration of his stay, and lives up to expectations production-wise, I don't care how he got his way. 5yrs of the Aho that we all hope he would become is worth 8.5AAV easy.
  13. You're paying for his potential. You can't sit around until players bring 5-6y of proven production before you pay him, because other GMs will take the chance earlier. Sometimes, $$$ contracts work out, others it's a bust (Lucic). But as an owner, you gotta pay to play. He's simply getting fair market value. 8.5m/yr is ridiculous for us mortals, but to elite guys like him, it's fair. To put things into perspective, Kevin Durant and Steph Curry wouldn't even bother waking up in the morning if they were only making 8.5m per year.
  14. That usually means those players have risen to such a high profile that demands such attention. I'd rather see MTL languish in mediocrity.
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