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  1. Nice throwback moment to see Patrick Poulin. He's aging very well.
  2. Would be hilarious if PHI, MIN, and FLA weren't gonna take Soderstrom anyway....
  3. And we'll just draft 2 more Aho's with those picks.
  4. Tens of thousands of players dream to make it to the Chel, and these Prima Donnas with zero big league experience are dictating where they wanna go.... Adding Fox to my Shiet List, where he will sit comfortably next to Orpik and JJohnson.
  5. How's the mood here tonight? Lol WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
  6. According to TSN, Babcock will start Andersen against the Canadiens on Saturday. Hopefully, we won't have to rely on that outcome for our playoff dentiny.
  7. We're the 3rd or 4th best team in the league Jan 1. Nino is clicking and we got Staal back too. So momentum carries forward, we could go deep. But let's just focus on the Kings tomorrow.
  8. From NHL.com: "Rask, who slumped to 31 points (14 goals, 17 assists) last season after he had 45 points (16 goals, 29 assists) in 2016-17 and 48 points (21 goals, 27 assists) in 2015-16, has one goal and one assist in 10 games for the Wild, averaging 12:11 per game. The Wild are 4-4-2 with Rask, who sustained an unspecified injury on Feb. 12 and has not played since. Minnesota (30-27-6) holds the first wild card from the West." And the most lopsided trade of the year goes to.......
  9. Fair deal for Teuvo. Good job on both sides.
  10. I'm not going to surf Minnesota's message boards, but I'll bet there is a lot of head-scratching right now in the Twin Cities.
  11. In the article, Dundon refers to Waddell as having more experience than the candidates he interviewed. If I read between the lines, that might suggest that no big name GMs were interested in coming here. We're still early, but it appears that Dundon's hiring from within is working. Nothing fills seats faster than a winning team so let's keep this train rolling!
  12. We're all tired of losing and I know we all want Svech's development to happen, like yesterday. But let's be real....He's not gonna change the face of this team and have his name spoken alongside the NHL elite at this point in time. That's gonna take 1y or 2. In the meantime, he's not looking out of place, so I trust RB to nurture his growth. Necas needs a year in the A and probably more time than Svech to peak. It's taken Aho 3 years to be a true force. Laine, Eichel, Hall all needed to be seasoned. I'm not seeing Rasmus Dahlin in the headlines. I've dialed down my expectations for young Svech since the summer.
  13. He was a solid and important cog in Chicago's run. But did he live up to #4 overall draft status? Doesn't sound like it to me, but I fully admit I'm not a true student of the game. There are of course numerous ways to value players, more than just points. Based on what is said in the media, Svech has a higher ceiling, so I just hope he can exceed what Ladd did.
  14. I hope Brind'Amour is wrong about Svech resembling Ladd. Maybe just in size, stature, and strength but hopefully not potential.
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