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  1. it's not their players that worry me as much as the kind of defense they play. they block a lot of shuts and always seem to have sticks in the passing lanes.
  2. all i know is if either the pens or canes play like they did tonight in the SCF, then detroit is going to steam roll over them. it will be another 1997 or 1998 stanley cup final.
  3. they have to figure out a way to break their defensive coverage. i don't want to say the pens trapped but it was almost like a left wing lock type of thing. every time the canes moved the puck into the offensive zone there were three penguins there to cause an easy turnover. i knew the canes were in trouble after the first 20 seconds of the game once the pens started to clog the neutral zone. they have to figure out how to get quality scoring chances because they are not going to beat fleury from the perimeter. is there any way we can inject some size into the lineup? how about brandon sutter? he can't play any worse than brind amour.
  4. i'd rather listen to them talk about the Staal brothers than the Mannings.
  5. i think you hit nail. this hawks team reminds me a lot of last year's penguins team. remember how shell shocked they were after the first two games of the SCF? they eventually settled down but it was too late. this young hawks team is also dealing with playing on the big stage for the first time and are having jitters. i really think our 2006 team would have matched up well with the Wings. We lost too many players like commodore, recchi, wesley, etc.
  6. can anyone beat detroit? i sure as heck don't want to play them if we make it that far. they can roll four lines, capitalize on mistakes, have a great defense and solid goaltending. i don't see anyone left that matches up well with them.
  7. i was right. khabi sucks. on top of that, the hawks have no tough players like Anaheim does. The way to beat detroit is by hitting when they have the puck and hitting them when they don't have the puck. it seemed to me that the hawks were trying to beat them with their speed and skill which won't work.
  8. i agree. but i think it will come down to goaltending instead of defense. if khabi plays on his head, then the hawks can win. but i'm not so confident in khabi right now.
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