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  1. Hello Canes fans. I'm a Pens fan, yes, horrible I know. I'm on the pens board too but under a different name, I felt like changing it up. Just thought I would pop in and introduce myself before the series got started. I'm really looking forward to this series and being able to actually talk hockey with an opposing teams fans without the whole Crosby is a crybaby/whiner/diver/whatever else you want to come up with being thrown around. To tell the truth the Canes scare me a bit. It looks like both teams like to play the same aggressive forecheck style. An aggressive forecheck tends to give the Pens fits, but I noticed that small forwards who are strong coming off of the boards gave the Canes a little trouble also. I'm seeing two evenly matched teams here. Yes we have Crosby and Malkin for game breakers and you guys have Staal, but sometimes the pens can be beat by neutralizing Crosby and Malkin because sometimes our wingers don't show up, although we didn't have that problem last series. We were able to shut OV down because he isn't a make other players better kind of guy, but the Canes have a more balanced team so if they focus too much on Staal they definitely have wingers that will step in and fill the void. I give the Canes the edge in goal, Ward has been a beast in these playoffs. Fleury can be a beast at times, see Game 3 in Philadelphia but he hasn't done that since so I have a feeling fans of both sides may be in for some near heart attacks this series.
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