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  1. We need a whole lot more than size and grit to play the way we are now and win. There has go to be ways of playing with what we have that can win. How do I know? We played very exciting, interesting hockey for a couple of weeks. We let a couple of goals by Florida that we couldn't overcome, take us out of our game and right back into the old way. Regarding grit, it's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's that size of the fight in the dog. Or is Ruutu 6'-4 and 235 lbs?
  2. When we play well, we are hitting appropriately. When we play well, we are in control of the puck. When we play well, we look like an NHL hockey team, not a beer league club getting drubbed. When we are not playing well, we are not hitting period. Our guys skate off the hits instead of delivering them. I'm not on the ice but it's as if they've been coached that way OR they don't want to hit, OR they are afraid of retaliation. I hope to high heaven it's not the latter. When we are not playing well, we are not controlling the puck. What are the signs and symptoms? Long diagonal passes that Are intercepted OR We wind up in a 1v2 OR Our skater takes a big hit on the boards. Vertical play that is SOOO predictable Resulting in turn overs No opportunity scrums Standing around watching Defensive panic with "get rid of it" attitude that is not a part of good hockey I don't get it. We are right back to playing the same uninspired hockey we were playing before, what I thought, was going to be a new day. Mo said "No dump and chase" but that's all I saw against Ottowa (except when Samsonov or Corvo had the puck.) I can see why Seidenberg spent so much time in the press box as a healthy scratch, now. His reckless passes and play with the puck that is so not what we are capable of. His play is top notch beer league right now. Why in this world would he leave Dany Wheatley uncovered to "help out" Joni Pitkanen? That bonehead play set the tone for the Ottawa game. How could his teammates help but be dejected? HELP !!!
  3. You guys need to have some mercy. It's hard enough keeping up with the UNC Wolfpack and the NC State Tarheels without being expected to keep up with the Florida Hurricanes, too.
  4. What I had to say wasn't aimed at anyone in particular. It was a general memory of, not only what you said but also what has been said by others on PGA on game day thread. I do appreciate your clarifying what you meant. I wouldn't argue that Mo has a system, but instead, his selection of playing style reflects a philosophy. As some others have said, he is installing a style of play from the defense out. We do seem to be doing more dump it in and dig it out but that could be lack of implementation of any philosophy than an opted style. My minds eye seems to remember less of that with the Staal line and more with the the 3rd and 4th lines. That would make sense with the lessor skilled lines. I also believe that an over-simplification or narrow characterization of what Mo, Ron & Tom are doing with this team would be short-sighted. I thought our passes had more steam last night than I can remember. Not only are our boys getting more confidence in themselves, but more confidence in each other.
  5. Let me see if I got this straight. Some fans are saying that dump and chase, frequent icing, losing hockey was exciting while responsible, play it out of the back winning hockey is boring? Nice try but I'm not convinced. Someone else thinks that dump and chase, frequent icing, sling the puck blindly around the boards, hockey played the same way with a different body behind the bench would somehow miraculously turn into winning hockey. There is a wealth of hockey knowledge on this board and many posts are gems. Unfortunately one has to sift through a lot of rubbish to find those gems. We aren't playing "Mo style" hockey. TomMoRon are installing a sound and responsible game of hockey that has been the winning formula for successful hockey since before most of us were born. It's the same hockey that has thwarted us and defeated us for the last 2 years. And no, you won't see it in places that are perennial losers like we had become. IMNSHO
  6. Oh, so you don't think JR rewards hard work by lavishing money on the player at the end of the season? Me either. I like the work that Chad is doing, but reward him with more money and keep high draft picks in the minors makes no sense to me. While we are handing out Kudos, does anyone think these 2 guys did it all on their own? Coaches Tom B. and Ron f. had something to do with their success.
  7. I know which lane to get in off EM and traffic flows smoothly until we get to the left turn onto the loop that circles the RBC where we experience a few glitches. When we get to the first General parking lot (past the Premier lot) the trouble starts. It's a *edit* shoot whether or not you get in the lot nearest the West Entrance or get sent down to the lot on the north side. It's a long walk for my wife who has a bad ankle and I'm huffing and puffing. It used to be we could make a request of the gatekeeper but recently he said the guys on the roof would make trouble for him. See my previous post for what dastardly thing I did. Could a monitor please tell me what is so terrible about a "c r a p" shoot? Do you really think that warrants an *edit*
  8. My post wasn't an argument for keeping Kaberle, my post as an argument for saving the ridicule -- perhaps for your own job performance. "I assume that this is said with an attempt at humor, but honestly, this kind of cheap-shot disrespect for a player of any skill level fundamentally upsets me." Please don't insult my intelligence by trying to pass off what dj had to say as bonafide critique of Kaberle's value. It was the kind of comment that could get you a long-neck broken on your head in some places I've been.
  9. I assume that this is said with an attempt at humor, but honestly, this kind of cheap-shot disrespect for a player of any skill level fundamentally upsets me. Kaberle isn't playing all the badly now. The guy gave up his body and played thru injury in the Cup run and to top it off, he hit the game winner in game 7 of the finals. Without Kaberle's goal, none of us would enjoy the bragging rights we enjoyed during the cup year. I don't know if the rest of you are laughing at the ridicule piled on Kaberle, but I for one am disgusted and embarrassed by it. It would be a just fate if we NEVER moved Kaberle. :angry:
  10. To those who took the time to post -- and many took more time and gave more thought than I expected -- thank you. I enjoyed reading all the posts... except those that were critical of my Sufi story. Were I to do it over again, the Sufi story would not be in there. It missed the point all together or the point of the Sufi story was missed all together. Either way, I regret it was included. For those who might be interested, the Sufi story is a parable-like story that is illustrative of "transformational learning--a form of education that, to simplify, involves distinguishing fact and one's own opinions of fact--a concept which while seemingly obvious is one that often requires years of intentional practice to master and transmit effectively to others." (Mike Klein, flightKL18 blog) Fact: the Sufi was beating the sick man with a stick. Opinion of fact:.... well, you get the point, right? Fact: I don't have years of intentional practice distinguishing fact and my own opinions of fact Opinion of fact: ?????? (This is an opportunity for some such as my friend, frozen tadpole, to have the last word.)
  11. How do you think the NY fans are going to like "Dump and Chase?" Ask the Islander fans what they think. Peter coached the Islanders, you know. I think if you'll hang tight, the Lavi opinions will start to roll in from you folks. I wouldn't trust our opinion on hockey too much. Many of us didn't want Joe Corvo, Sergei Samsonov or Tuomo Ruutu and look how they are doing. Be sure to check back next week for an entirely different opinion.
  12. You people (that's how the parking gestapo thinks of us) seem to think that the parking is operated for the fans. When are you going to get it straight that the parking is operated for the attendants. There are some suits (men in charge) located on the roof of the RBC and they radio down to the 'gatekeepers' when to stop letting the cars into a certain lot. The gatekeepers are scared shirtless of the Suits on the roof. I really PO'd one of the gatekeepers when he pulled that "move along to the next lot" thing on me. I went right on by just as he was directing me to and then turned up the second lane. My wife said he was having a hissy fit. She wasn't too pleased that I had disobeyed the parking attendants but not as displeased as when I disobey her.
  13. The good news is that the PK and the PP are next on the list. First should come the work on the 5v5, then and only they does the special work begin. 4v4 is a different breed of cat as well. Seems Mo has a plan. What a concept. Do you like his cool demeaner? The lack of panic is carrying over to the play on the ice as well.
  14. Well said. Defensemen don't need to be over on the boards hitting to be hitting. I like our forwards doing the hitting. Out of position? No real cost. Defense is about responsibility and postition or so it seems to me.
  15. I tend to "take the high road" too -- when it's somebody else's financial future.
  16. Froggy, Thanks for taking the time to reply. As you can guess, I'm trying to stir the thinking up and give us a place to look from at what's going on besides making the players out to be bumbling jackasses. Looking from where the coaches are looking or trying to figure out what the coaches are thinking, would be for me a welcome relief from reading our opinions about what's wrong and hoping coaches are reading this board and so they can get the benefit of our brilliance as we attack players like wild animals on a feeding frenzy. You say, "Just like the players have to fake confidence, many times, the fans have to fake support. It's difficult to get excited when the team's down 3-1 and there's 5 minutes left in the 3rd. Some games, it doesn't seem like all the support in the world will change the result on the ice. If the team wants fan support, give them something to cheer about. Blowing a lead won't get the fans off their feet, nor will taking a penalty in a tie game." There's no arguing that it's difficult to get excited when the team's down 3-1 and there's 5 minutes left in the 3rd. But that has not occurred as I recall since Mo's first game back. We are having a difficult time faking support with the scored tied in the middle of the 3rd. I have experienced people standing, making noise and creating energy in the building. The noise was to cause something, something that was not going to happen by waiting for the team to inspire us. I agree you can't do that all the time. My point is with all the negativity we are creating, we are bringing that with us into the RBC and IMO it is affecting the fans ability to generate positive energy at all. I'm amazed that you see it is the teams responsibility to fire the fans up. Most fans think that it's the other way around. If you are right about this, we are in deep doodie. I'm not against criticism, but an entire thread designed to enroll others into running our captain out of town on a rail, is way beyond criticism. We, the fan base, are developing a keen eye for everything we think is wrong. Threads that demand to know how JR had the audacity to make a decision the fans with money did not approve of, are way over the top. LaRose fans can't just be for LaRose, they have to attack Brind'Amour to make their case for more time for LaRose. Pitting on player against another is divisive to say the least. Brindy is 2nd on the team in assists for God's sake but all some can see are mistakes. I contend that this type attitude carries over to the RBC and ultimately is a vicious circle. The more negative attitude we bring to the building, the less inspired the team is. The less inspired the team is, the more negative our attitude becomes. We can justify our negative attitudes or we can transcend the tendency to be negative. Which will empower the team? I respect your right to be negative and your right to defend negativity, but I don't have to agree it is in our best interest just because we are fans. Our passion as fans properly channeled is a definite advantage, but left to run wild can be a destructive force. It really is our choice and a tough choice to make for those of us who are addicted to arguing and being critical of the team.
  17. JR doesn't read my posts explaining the personell we need Mo is the wrong coach Brind'Amour has lost it We should have kept Lavi LaRose should be on the 2nd line instead of Brind'Amour and play 3 wings and no center Kaberle stinks Babchuk should never play again Brind'Amour does nothing but make mistakes. Bench him. Staal should be captain Ruutu should be captain if he could speak 3 or 4 more languages Samsonov is a bum and I told you so last year We coulda won if Brind'Amour hadn't played Corvo is a disaster waiting to happen. He'll cost us games and I told you so We need to use our speed more Staal needs to hustle like LaRose We're too slow We will never win with Cam in goal Brind'Amour needs to hang up his skates We lost the season when we sent the River Rats back to Albany Seidenberg is out too much Williams is too injury prone
  18. He's centering the 2nd line. Did you not notice that shifts are usually by lines? News flash: it's a little more complicated than checking the plus/minus when filling out your depth chart. Brindy is 2nd on the team in assists, which is 13 more than Cullen, his likely replacement on the 2nd line, has. LaRose is a center, perhaps you want LaRose centering the 2nd line. Bindy "hanging up his skates" would cause a huge ripple effect though out the Canes team. Brindy is put on the ice to take the FOs in our zone when the opp has the momentum and is pressuring our goal. Thus he's out on the ice at some of the best times to pickup a minus. Some of you who have nothing better to do than demand Brindy be benched, need to give it a rest. He's not who he used to be, but he's still better than he is given credit for by the observers looking through their +/- filters.
  19. It's fairly easy to see where the power comes from -- and I ain't referring to his tats.
  20. What do you base this remarkable statement? PP is more efficient, the defense is tighter, the effort is more consistent, goal tending is up a notch. We are in the game even when we lose. The team as a whole does not take shifts off and the team spirit doesn't drop down after a goal.
  21. I really didn't take as being critical. Pls read me again and notice the self-deprecating humor. Thank you for bothering to read the original at the level you did. And I appreciate your thought as relates to number 10. My number 4 was upgraded after a comment early on. Remember writing in haste can sometimes communicate a terseness that is not intended. I encourage you to continue participating and pls don't let something throw you off. Hint: I frequently PM someone I want to clarify something with. I didn't this time because I publicly want to let you know I appreciate your remarks and took no offense. Happy Holidays, Phil
  22. I've got a weird mind as you already know if you have read anything I post, AND I was just curious, if it was so crowded you couldn't get near the bar, how were the people getting drunker by the minute?
  23. As the author of the piece, I was thinking of the interaction/cooperation between GM and Coach and definitely not AGM. My number 10 is not the strongest point in there, OK, but how 'bout cutting me some slack. It wasn't easy making the line items come out to 12. Honestly, I had forgotten about the Jr. K coming back. Let him handle the day to day heavy lifting of the paper work. Can you tell how little I give a hoot about the day to day of running a hockey club? I just want to be in charge of the Storm selections. :wub:
  24. I guess I'm just old fashion but I'm not particularly inspired to get cute with the National Anthem -- unless someone can tell me how that is going to help us win. Then and only then will I be willing to even CONSIDER it. Likewise I'm not inspired to wear the Stars and Stripes for a garment because it's red and white like the Pack and the Canes.
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