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  1. Legace has been awesome. Absolutely great in the locker room and great in coming in and playing at a moments notice. My biggest criticism of the current coaching staff is that they havent played Manny more often. We ride Ward like a rented mule and his body is starting to break down. Keep Manny, his veteran presence has been a welcome addition. Stick with the Red Wings method of letting Peters develop in the AHL with a lot of games before you bring him to the NHL and let him flame out like Leighton did with the Canes.
  2. Easy there big guy. Legace has been winning in the NHL for YEARS, and Peters has looked good for a couple of games....... Nothing against Peters but the Canes need to take a page out of the book of teams like the Wings and let their goaltenders get some seasoning in the AHL instead of rushing them into the big show and letting them get rusty or hang out to dry ala Leighton.
  3. You signed Legace for the following reasons: 1. Because if you watched this last game he has a never say die attitude which the fans definitely appreciated as they practically gave him a standing ovation. 2. He earned the job by beating out your backup goal tender Leighton and while Ward was injured he took the team lead in wins. 3. Because he is presently outplaying the goalie that we are presently paying $6 million a year to. So if you are so quick to let Cam off the hook for how he is playing then you should be thanking the Lord above that we were able to get Legace in here.
  4. Hey ACAMP, You sound like "Let Ins" mother, girlfriend or agent........
  5. If I am not mistaken, didn't Cam lose 12 in a row before he got hurt. Cam wasn't exactly standing on his head. And if it wasn't for Legace pulling some saves out of his !*#! the score would have been a heck of a lot worse than it was. So maybe it isn't the goaltending......?!?!?!?! I think Legace is a HUGE improvement over Leighton, and even if we had a Cam and Legace tandem, I still don't see us winning a whole heck of a lot of games with the defence we have in front of our goalies.
  6. The fans in St. Louis loved Legace when he played there. I think he will be a great addition to the Carolina locker room and I think the fans will really appreciate his effort, determination and the way he battles in net. The St. Louis message board is lighting up with their fans wishing Manny the best of luck (except if Carolina plays St. Louis). http://fans.blues.nhl.com/topic/9277
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