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  1. Adams + Adams there......they may have a great new PK unit next season
  2. ok people.....here are some PMs I have received in the last 15 minutes about what is going on. maybe some of you need some motivation to speak out...maybe some of you dont care...either way...check these out.... message 1: dude dont get banned. ur like the only cool person on here. i was pissed at everyone when i first joined for some unfair treatment but then i just ignored it.. message 2: I know you dissagree with the mods at this current time, however arguing will not help. Please calm down. You say many people are against you right now and you mentioned people being in the same situation. I am one of those people but you just have to calm down... please, many people don't want you banned. message 3: I just wanted to commend you for speaking out. smile.gif I've gotten in so much trouble for speaking out about my hate (yes hate) for JG. But it is such a double standard because we have a thread to discuss the players in the NHL we dislike. rolleyes.gif Then I got in trouble for posting overly nice things about him...it's lame. If they ban you they just prove you are right. laugh.gif
  3. thats the problem...your opinion doesnt matter if it isnt what they want......they tell you that you can have an opinion, but then tell you it is bashing, or PM warn you, etc.....but whatever....
  4. oooooh you are soo right!!!! see everyone? I'm not psycho or anything.....
  5. trust me. if you knew all of the BS going on that has been completely turned around by these mods,, you would feel the way I do....i would suggest not listening to their meaningless banter.
  6. first off. WITHIN AN INCH OF THEIR LIFE?!?! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!?!?!? WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?!? please, oh please post somethign to back that complete BS up. please. plase please please because you are just fiswhing for CRAP, like always. and I never received an explanation, only a message that said I was suspended to my e-mail after I was. no explanation. secondly the game day predictions were MUCH more than just scores......MANY intricate parts were included, and because it was so intricate, it was obvious when someone was doing something like they were. I didnt screw anything up. nothing that I did caused it to be closed. thank you very very much. if I ahd kept this to PMs? when I PM anyone, NO ONE ANSWERS!!! hence why it was brought out here....where EVERYONE could see it. as far as getting banned.....why does it matter? is it not obvious that that was kinda expected? get over yourself FM, TSA, 300, Ref107
  7. you know, you probably will be writing another BS response to this one so try and save your own image, if not that of the other mods. well it doesnt really matter. and I know this doesnt reflect well on me, but that's why I ahve waited until the last straw dropped (almost 2 months ago now) and I still have made excuses to not post all of this....until now.....now, i just dont care anymore.
  8. I am 21.....the only ones having a mid-life crisis are the mods as they have resorted to acting like high-schoolers in the way they have bullied people around and started drama over NOTHING. this is just my reaction and rant this is just me speaking my peace. I am done and over it and I will nopt be respondnig to any more replies. if you have any other questions, please see the other threads I wrote.....thank you
  9. like I said, no idea why they wouldnt. just sayin, if they didnt...someone else could, including us...
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