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  1. I'm not sure how the ratings were in the NC area but the ratings for the series were the highest in 12 years.
  2. I'm still in stunned disbelief but there is something that I need to get out of my chest. It might be popular with some and might not be with others but this is the forum to say it. Carolina wanted it more, not to say that the Devils didnt want it but Carolina was hungry for win while the Devs were playing countdown to the second round and got burned. Congrats for your series win.
  3. When the Devs scored the Pru Center roared like I never heard it before and I've been to plenty of games to know that it was a different sound when they scored. EVERY arena has those kind of fans.
  4. You would think that the people that made the ECHL playoff schedule would had seen this and try to remedy the situation.
  5. When any team scores a goal, you announce its a Carolina Hurricanes goal WOOOO WOO WOO WOOOO!
  6. Hurricanes 10th anniversary DVD, Thank you Softball Mom Three Hurricanes programs from the Greensboro Era, Thank you Greensboro Hurricanes Hurricane Watch Magazine with Sami Kapanen on the cover.
  7. Its my second home as well. So many beautiful memories there.
  8. How are the concourses and everyone's favorite question, how is the food?
  9. I know the Rats had the special RR jersey and now they have the ALBANY going down but which other one did they have?
  10. I wish I can get down for that game. But I have to admit that the Rock is 100 times better then the CAA. This is true but the Isles might lose there franchise which is terrible because no fans should go through that but there owner is asking for too much, IMO!!
  11. I'm going to try to fish off of Nags Head Pier. Thats always been busy with a lot of catches.
  12. I just inquire about Durham because its usually with Raleigh as far as being a safe area.
  13. http://www.myspace.com/russelljlydon Please send some requests!!
  14. I wish they would re-air the old TWC documentaries.
  15. I'm interested in the 1997-98 Inaugural Season Yearbook, 1999 Inaugural Playoff Game Program and 1999 Raleigh Entertainment and Sports Arena Opening Night Program. Do you accept Paypal? Let me know!
  16. Just checking again to see if anyone has any early Carolina Hurricanes items from the years they were in Greensboro. Pretty much just looking for programs, pucks, media guides, and yearbooks.
  17. Does anyone know if this DVD is available to the public?
  18. Islanders fans have little to cheer about in general.
  19. As long as these storms spare the Outer Banks from major damage, I'll be ok.
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